Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Is PROOF D&D Are The WORST WRITERS In History

bad season ever goddamnit we want the zombie polar-bear one boom we did it we did it well Danny kind of forgot about the iron fleet and Euron's forces they certainly haven't forgotten about her you haven't done the foreshadowing for that you haven't laid the foundation for just in order to surprise people I mean it would ruin the series you well my friends it's that time again welcome back to my series regarding dumb and dumb is descent into meme hood as any shred of credibility they once had with this once-great series before we discussed the final episode I want to give you a quick overview of how this video will be proceeding firstly it would be nice to relish in the dumb fuckery that transpired for the final season of this once-great show and hopefully we can add just a little more to the discussion and as we continue please don't lose sight of the fact that this season took two years yes two years to make which is twice the time it took to write and film all of the other seasons which were way fucking better let that sink in also of up until the final episode of Game of Thrones as a viewer you have remained quite happy with the show I'm honestly thrilled for you because I wish I could find the same enjoyment however if you're like me and several of your friends are actively trying to convince you that this was good writing the conversation shouldn't stem past this I have an army we have a mauler hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a critique seriously try it it works wonders and has won me many arguments over the past 12 months now the first part of this video will be a short overview of episodes three four and five and where I feel I should have been more thorough in my earlier videos and regards to the heavy mistakes and inconsistencies that were made the second part will be the breakdown of season eight episode six and the third part of the video will be discussing how the channel will be going forward regarding Game of Thrones and other things as well I've left it to the end of the video so it's not to bore you in case you have no interest in it and when we approach part three I will put a time code to skip the segments of the video if that's what you would prefer and that time code will take you to the very end of the video where I've just left a little small something for you guys but with that said if you'd like to skip to the episode 6 breakdown specifically skip to the time on screen now and it'll take you straight there so finally let's now rehash all the bullshit and dive further in depth on the incompetence of dumb and dumber starting with episode 3 now we all knew these two moronic nutsacks had fucked everything up big time with the death of the night king at the hands of iose stocks aerial assassination deus ex machina not to mention bran just sitting there like an idiot after the Wi-Fi cut out in that episode the biggest battle in the show's history took place and we couldn't see shit and the cinematographer told us to fuck off you're not even joking apparently we don't know how to adjust our televisions which is the sorriest excuse for make for I have a degree in cinematography and I don't know how the fuck lights work the constant cutaways when characters were in danger teleporting carriages which is just par for the course at this point in the series and once smart very intelligent characters were all turned into the equivalent of ho doors padawan learner in order to create fake tension and force a nonsensical chain of events not to mention rendering Jon Snow a useless husk of a character in his own story with absolutely no purpose and from here on out is predominantly just staring his screen time away until this disaster of a show finally ends but as bad as episode 3 was we couldn't have predicted that episode 4 would arguably be worse especially after how low the bar was set with episode 3 dinero's willingly a legit contender to her throne dumb and Dumberer cutting away when John reveals his parentage to his siblings which Aria responds to by running away to the hound and begins the six week journey to King's Landing which takes her approximately half an episode for fuc or pay off Varys admitting to possibly be trained in arrows in front of her most trusted advisor despite Varys being so cunning as to have risen up from a commoner left for dead mutilated into the master of fucking whispers of Westeros the wildlings returning to the frozen wasteland of the northernmost lands of Westeros despite the wildlings having been trying to get south of the wall pass the fucking Night's Watch for thousands of years so that they could live a better life for themselves south of the wall John pissing off ghost like a stray puppy never wanted because he's been infected with dragon sickness despite John being the one who vouched for the dire wolves in the first place when Ned Stark wanted to have the mercy killed and John did this after ghost was loyal to him in life and even still in death really not so much as a good boy or a swift pat on the head fuck you dumb and dumber although that mistake has since been very partially and very forcefully rectified but we'll get to that the butchery of Jaime Lannister's character development after he knighted and shacked up with the woman who always believed in him and helped him regain his honor he fucking leaves her to go shack up with his sister again because even a giant tits can't trump the allure of incest I guess seriously fuck these show riders Jaime's through eight seasons of character development away to return to the woman who almost had him killed as he left King's Landing and who tried to have him killed by hiring Bronn to do just that but nope fuck all that shit he still goes back to Cersei then of course we have Daenerys who apparently developed Alzheimer's and forgot that there's an entire fucking fleet after her hiland buy your own fuckin Greyjoy himself and apparently despite having an aerial view can't see a dozen ships hiding behind a couple of rocks which even if they were hiding behind rocks how the fuck do scorpions curve those massive bolts around rocks and land three consecutive shots on a moving dragon all the fucking way in the sky fuck this show then Daenerys forgets her dragon can flank the ships which take a shit-ton worth of time to turn around as I only fire the Scorpions from the front deck of the ship so she flies away which is her staple at this point in the series and lets her fleet get massacred all the while her ice-cream friend who no one gave a shit about managed to somehow teleport herself to the fucking enemy to be captured proving once and for all just how useless she fucking is how useless she always was and how useless she always has been and of course the scene at the end of episode 4 where King's Landing is all of a sudden a desert not surrounded by lush forests this isn't dawn you clueless cunts this is King's Landing the capital city everyone is vying for why does it look like shit anyway Daenerys knocks on the door with a handful of coccus wonders and her stumbling dragon who looks to be drunk and chasing a butterfly there in the open field across from a wall of fucking scorpions with dragon killing capabilities filmed by the sharpest aimer in the galaxy and the craziest bitch alive or so we thought we have no idea how they all ended up here there is no establishing scene to show us this and nothing whatsoever to justify this stupidity but dumb and dumber think we are dumb enough to swallow that everyone makes it out alive except for the ice cream bitch thank fuck episode 3 was a disaster episode 4 was an eptas all fuck but episode 5 was the equivalent of mind rape Vera's despite having extremely high regard for his own life and being one of the most cunning men in Westeros gets himself caught for treason and casually resigns himself to his own death you watch my men being slaughtered it did nothing and again I was unarmed unarmored and surrounded by Lannister swords when you look at me do you see a hero you might be disappointed in the results storms come and go the big fish eat the little fish and I keep on paddling jay has been noticed so I'm guilty of being seems my own wife's handmaiden my father will ask you if there's anything more and you'll tell him some clever lie no I will not how long do you imagine your father and sister would let me live if they suspected me of lying I have no pets else or to protect me no legendary brother to avenge me despite him being there in the show since season 1 and despite the fact that Varys passing on Jon's lineage is merely stating a fact and it isn't by definition treason and he was exposed by Tyrion his best friend who somehow lost 80 points of his IQ since season 4 and he himself got infected with dragon sickness not to mention he betrays Varys and barely has a word to say about it despite the fact that Varys is his best friend and despite the fact that Varys saves his fucking life a decision the actor clearly despised as much as we did Jamie gets himself captured whilst on the long walk to incest despite him having just fought with the Northman and knowing the southern lands much better than the Northman ever have or ever will yet somehow gets himself captured by fucking northerners Dany orders the attack on King's Landing and tells Tyrion that they captured Jaime because the riders were too lazy to actually fucking show us everyone I'd like you to meet someone his name is off-screen and he is dumb and dumb his best friend he plugs up all the plot holes and writes all the smart dialogue for scenes meant for riders way above their fucking pay grade anyway like I said Daenerys mentions Jaime is captured off screen and this is done to force a scene for Tyrion and Jaime's final goodbyes then at the crack of dawn Joran and his whole fucking fleet all of a sudden forgot how to aim their hundreds of scorpions at a single fucking dragon flying straight for them even though bran accomplished this successfully with one scorpion that wasn't as effective as these ones and Euron specifically doesn't man one of the hundred scorpions even though he has the aim to shoot starships out of space seriously if urine was on that scorpion drogon would have been fucked and we all know it but Noah Daenerys with a single fucking dragon performs a feat that makes you wonder why Game of Thrones had a seventh and eighth season to begin with she with a single fucking dragon destroys the entirety of kings landings defenses with expert precision avoiding all civilian casualties fucking law remind me exactly why the fuck season six didn't end with her doing exactly this for fuck's sake one dragon no one Sully no Dothraki no Highgarden no dawn Northman or Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys wins the Iron Throne just fuck this show all that careful strategic planning every single fucking delay every single episode from season 7 episode 1 onwards is rendered pointless in regards to Danny trying to obtain the Iron Throne and my god all that buildup in terms of gaining allies what fucking allies they're all dead and you didn't even need them in the first place however that's not the only buildup wasted not even close Davey Gerry City Bay lost our Jamie Lee Melissa de Villiers mother toriel drop onto city man marraige mei vestra astra plot do–it rasa c renewing gaudy horsy diary address me mark endow or it'll rain on makan never does was that aside from the first your enemies did not lie go on your father said their towns and castles aflame he murdered sons in front of their fathers he burned men alive with wildfire and laughed as they screamed I'm not my father now your Christ thank the gods that the Mad King gave his enemies to justice he thought they deserved and each time it made him feel powerful and right everyone looks happy enough from up here what I was thinking about all the times your brother made me go with him down from the red keep into the streets of King's Landing why we like to walk among the people they like to sing to them he's saying to them go Sebastian sing a song for me your grace this is the same fucking Daenerys who slaughters every man woman and child and ever eat it sucker under the age of 18 that resides in King's Landing go fuck yourselves I don't care what was teased and everyone saying oh well it's just like in the book she's clearly turning mad we aren't discussing the damn book we are discussing the show on its own merits and own character consistency and the character development of Daenerys Targaryen culminating with this act is beyond fucked and yeah like I said John just spends his whole episode watching the clock offset waiting for time to run out and then just decided to put the camera on him while he was doing just this because he had a look of utter disbelief on his face likely not because of what was happening in the script but because of how the script was written by these two lazy retards also it turns out you're on swam across the entirety of Blackwater Bay right to Jamie at a hidden tunnel he somehow knew about despite it being a secret to have the most for boss fight in history okay maybe the second most forced boss fight in history if you don't count the cleganebowl and the fucking chicken –less staircase what a missed opportunity also I had traveled six weeks to tuck tail and run at the very last moment rendering her pretty much useless for the entirety of this fucking episode and she just spends the latter half of the episode stumbling over old ladies and watching people get burned alive despite running through White Walkers straight through them to strike a last minute killing blow to the fucking night King but a crowd full of old ladies is what stops her not to mention and once she decides she needs to get out of the city what she's in she's in the worst possible place you can be but she's got to get from that central point all the way outside the longest hardest journey anybody has to make in the entire episode she's not in the center of the city she's on the very edge of the city right next to the safety of the ocean what was i point in this episode you empty egg-headed rat she could have literally just climbed the wall and jumped into the ocean she was trained by the faceless men to parkour all over fucking Braavos but she lacks all of this training and common sense when King's Landing is getting burnt to a crisp not to mention since when the fuck was dragon fire made of dynamite buildings and rooftops are just exploding and dragged on chopped down the towers of the red cape made of stone like he was knocking down a fucking lego set harren the black thought this castle would be his legacy look at it now a blasted ruin dragons happen harren and all his sons roasted alive within these walls Harrenhal was attacked by three dragons not one but three and it still remains relatively intact but no we need the red cape to collapse so we can make the staircase fight look cool and awesome and so the biggest villain of the entire show has the most anticlimactic and unsatisfying death imaginable because subversion seriously not even a knife to search his heart I don't care where it came from but some character should have benefited from Circe's death instead none of them do you manage to ruin Jaime's arc with this pathetic death and strangely enough provided a tiny bit of simple for Cersei Cersei is the character who benefited from her own death because she's now a terrified pregnant woman who died underground after the city burns to the will of a foreign psychopath making Cersei only the second most evil bitch alive seriously all this is just worse for Daenerys fans for which have my utmost sympathies at this point oh yeah while aya was running through the streets Dothraki horsemen are still alive and kicking and riding through the city under attack by a dragon killing innocent civilians left right and center what they see is just the end of the Dothraki essentially apparently not those motherfuckers seem to just spawn randomly as do the unsullied who somehow managed to instantly reproduce despite being eunuchs not to mention the pointless horse scene with aya which goes absolutely nowhere as we now know from episode 6 but it was symbolism you see the symbolism of look at the pretty fucking Pony and remember what absolutely atrocious riders we are dumb and dumber you fucking suck and that brings us to season 8 episode 6 the final episode of this near decade-long television show because I thought there were lazy talentless and retarded before but then I saw this episode and dear God I don't think I could sum up this whatever the fuck this is in one word so let's go through it beat by beat firstly let's get the positives out of the way and before I start off yes I am aware that Dumb and Dumber held the fucking camera for this episode but any retard with a camera can make a competent shot of Tyrion shifting chairs for goodness sake but we will get to that the episode looked gorgeous from a cinematography standpoint so well done to the cinematographer and for the third time in a row we can actually see what the fuck was happening and of course the actors were amazing well done to all those people but that is where the praise ends unfortunately this is one of the slowest overindulgent draggy boring and retarded if not the most retarded episode in the entire series and this is the series finale the series finale we have slow shots of people walking even slower shots of people staring more walking shifting fucking chairs and even more staring walking sitting this was a 75-minute episode and it honestly could have been done in the time span of a regular episode maybe even less the episode begins with Tyrion walking the streets of King's Landing looking like a clueless fool not a shred of sympathy or sadness in his eyes like he didn't even know what the fuck he was looking at and then some fool covered in terrible makeup resembling first-degree burns just waddles past him and everyone is just trying to hold their laughter and while he does it anyway more slow walking then Tyrion decides to stroll off on his own for some hidden purpose and John and Davos link up with grey worm grey worm is now a murderous psychopath just like Daenerys not the freer of slaves but a ruthless killer because that is all he is now after he lost his icecream he is still slaughtering defenseless surrendered soldiers after the city has been destroyed Davos even points out and I quote how much more defeated can they be there on their knees grey worm then says as the Queen's orders but how the fuck can it be the Queen's orders when she hasn't even fucking landed yet as we soon see but no apparently Daenerys is telepathic with some bullshit and is ordering her troops to slaughter the rest of them without him and fucking talking to them anyway John puts his hand on grey worm to stop whatever the hell he's doing and to fight almost ensues but then John remembered that he has fewer balls than a fucking eunuch and then he backs off well done dum and Donna just continued to ruin John it's the only consistency you seem to prize but it's not the worst disservice to this character not even close and then cuts the tyrion wandering on his own to the red cape and down into the dungeons into the secret passage that he told Jaime to take Cersei I have no idea why he should think there's anything down there there's no reason to think that they died down there and if they died at all they could have died anywhere and for ulterior noise they could have successfully escaped just like he planned but no the writers force him down there crawling through rubble and he immediately finds Jaime's golden hand because of course he fucking does despite the entire lower level caving in and flattening them but dumb and dumber needed to shoehorn in that Tyrion grieving for his siblings scene despite him having no clue where they should be so they could prep him for his own upcoming face turn admittedly the scene despite being nonsensical as all hell did elicit a tiny nudge at my heartstrings which I credit to Peter Dinklage's acting ability and seeing two characters dying each others arms that have been on the show since season one but there was no catharsis to be found here not to mention Tyrion if you knew about this secret fucking passageway why bother sending ten good men to impregnate Casterly Rock instead of sending the entire unsullied army to put a thousand Spears through Cersei rendering season seven and most of season eight completely pointless so he can focus on the true villain of this show or so we thought then we get more shots of people walking and staring this time it's ire as she looks at they're still very much in tact unsullied army and a full-fledged horde of Dothraki what is this the fucking Empire from Star Wars these armies are fucking infinite and then we get a long shot of Jon walking slowly towards the long steep staircase of the red cape seriously 90% of what John does in this season and in this episode is walk and stare he has become almost entirely useless unless the occasional box has to be ticked and yes we are going to get to that also John walks up the stairs to see Daenerys but somehow grey worm had the time to execute those Lannister soldiers and teleport to the top of King's Landing before John got there seriously this is so blunt and in-your-face I could have sworn Dumb and Dumber were fucking trolling us Daenerys finally parks dragged on and walks out onto the tall staircase to marvel at her handiwork she then Pat's herself on the back telling grey worm and the Dothraki what a marvelous job they did raping and murdering the innocent while she burned them all alive please keep these two men in mind when I say that then Tyrion slowly approaches Daenerys from behind as Daenerys says to her entire army that she's going to do the same to every single Kingdom in Westeros which in her words would be liberating them again this makes no fucking sense and I don't buy for a second that Daenerys has gone insane when she was the one liberating slavers Bay and fought the army of the Dead alongside the living just a few episodes ago Daenerys then tells Tyrion that she knows he set Jaime free and Tyrion gladly admits it quote yes I freed my brother and you slaughtered a city which is probably my favorite exchange in the entire episode tear is so disgusted with Daenerys that he openly defies her and tosses away the badge which he once prized as hand of the Queen as it means nothing to him now however this is just further cementing the stupidity of Tyrians character it's not that he's inconsistent as he openly defied people before but he is just so blatantly sealing his fate like it's nothing he didn't even try to write the wrong or conspire against Daenerys he just resigns himself so casually the same way beerus did it's not often you see Danny defied so bluntly so maybe I have a soft spot for that but fucking hell Tyrion what happened to your intelligence Daenerys decides to take Tyrion prisoner instead of killing him instantly in the open for all to see also Jesus I don't think Danny could be any more inconsistent than she already was not to mention Terrans plot armor dear God it makes beric Dondarrion six lives look tame by comparison as if Danny wouldn't just kill Tyrion right there and then either with Drogo nor her a thousands of troops but she takes him prisoner so that he can give John a pep talk on how not to be a pussy later on john watches all this transpire without a single word still staring at the clock as always aren't you John and then I assassin's creed's her way past Daenerys his forces and right beside John without him seeing it why the fuck didn't she do that when King's Landing was burning I er anyway i er and John have their fourth exchange yes just their fourth exchange in the entire series despite them being two of the closest siblings this is only the fourth time they've shared screen time together ayah also tells John to stop being a pussy and to man the hell up John again just remains a whipped little bitch and tells his beloved sister that Daenerys is everyone's queen now I reminds John because she's the only one who still has any semblance of intelligence left that John is the true heir and he will never be safe he will always be a threat to her it took us 20 minutes of the last episode of Game of Thrones to establish all of this John then goes to see Tyrion in prison who tells him how much he regrets betraying Varys and remaining in denial about what a monster Daenerys is okay first off Daenerys was never insane she was brutal sure but now she's just on straight-up retarded and yeah betraying Varys was stupid but it's too late now you dumb fuck the real Tyrion would have never done something so moronic anyway John insists that he loves Daenerys and then he can't betray her because he loves her okay first off fuck Dumb and Dumber are still carrying on thinking that we still buy the whole John and Daenerys love story secondly John betrayed ye grid for far far less this is the same John Snow who bent the knee to this psychopath and then sat idly by as she disrespected his sister's murdered Varys without justifiable cause and no she didn't know about the poison so don't throw that in my face and now she's just burnt an entire city alive but John fucking snow still won't do what's right John also opens up the conversation with tyrion saying i can't justify what happened and i won't bother to try obviously referring to the massacre of King's Landing yet thirty seconds later when tyrion is trying to tell Jon Snow that Daenerys has the nature of fire and blood in her and that he was a fool to believe that he could counsel her John immediately starts making excuses for Daenerys she's my queen I love her I bent the knee she did what she thought was right Cersei left her no choice she saw her friend get beheaded she saw her dragon gets shot out of the sky yes these are the excuses John fucking snow is making for this mass murdering psychopath who just slaughtered a city what the fuck happened to you Jon Snow yes but we're not done yet all no Tyrion even asks John that if he was the one up on the dragon if he would have burnt the city alive and John can't give Tyrion a straight answer do you have any idea how insulting this is to the fans of this noble character who would never ever ever fucking do such a terrible thing snow would never burn a city alive you fucking I'm running out of words to call these guys it's like when Dumb and Dumber actually tried to pass off the stark sisters wanting to kill each other in season seven as something that the characters might actually do when they were trying to build tension for Littlefinger's pathetic death anyway Tyrion finally gets some of his intelligence back and tries to convince John by saying Daenerys killed the masters and slaves Bay and crucified them growing stronger and stronger and winning and winning all the while thinking that she was doing what was right do you really think that she will stop at King's Landing she'll keep raising every city that has a ruler in this world Daenerys even explicitly says this to her soldiers and John still sides with her John leaves Tyrion to his fate and Tyrion finally gets through to him when he brings up his sisters saying that ire and Sansa won't bend the knee but John insists they will have to and that they don't get to choose but then Tyrion insists that Jon can be the one to choose he can choose to do what's right and then John begins his long slow time-wasting walk up to the throne room which is guarded by drogon who lets him through because he is of Targaryen blood and a friend to Daenerys I mean John walks into the throne room to confront Daenerys meanwhile Daenerys slowly approaches the iron throne while the roof of the throne room has been completely destroyed and all by the way I thought to mention when John went down to Tyrians chamber it was cloudy skies and King's Landing was in ruin and it was burning covered in ashes when Jon walks out of Tyrians chamber King's Landing is engulfed in a winter Blizzard a blizzard a fucking blizzard out of nowhere winter arrived in King's Landing when Jaime left in season seven why is winter Arya riving in King's Landing a season later it's like Dumb and Dumber realised that Danny's vision in season 2 consisted of snow and na – so they shoehorn in a last-minute blizzard so that they could be like I'll see see it's snow it's not ash see it all makes sense this is all justified Dany was going to turn mad from the very beginning aren't we smart if only you put that much care into developing the character you lazy more monic dogs and now finally after 32 minutes 32 minutes of the final episode of Game of Thrones John and Danny have their one and only exchange the point I'm getting out with everything I've discussed so far is John didn't need this much convincing to confront and kill Daenerys if the writers had been true to John's character now while watching this scene I was fully aware of what John was going to do as I knew every single one of the league's leading up to this episode so you can imagine the boredom on my face as i sat there waiting and waiting and waiting telling John to hurry the fuck up because Danny needs to die and if John was the character he was previously set up to be he would have done this with in a much much sooner time frame John was never in love with Daenerys in a manner that was convincing so all of the love and loyalty mumbo-jumbo they were spouting off and absolutely no effect on me whatsoever not to mention I didn't quite care for the acting in the scene either it felt very non organic and I don't think it's the actors fault necessarily I thought the writers and in this case the directors too had just done a terrible job anyway that aside the death of Daenerys Targaryen is actually very insulting she is literally killed after five minutes of screen time in her final episode it's like they purposely dodged flushing out her madness it's just she's mad now and we have to deal with it and we have to have John kill her and it has to be in this specific way I know that Daenerys fans have lost investment in her after she committed that terrible crime but Daenerys deserved a much better death and this was coming from someone who has never liked Daenerys Daenerys Targaryen the unburnt the mother of dragons the breaker of chains and arguably the most important character in the entire series dies like an absolute fool in the blink of an eye almost as casual as a disposable Walking Dead character fuck these two abominable riding hacks and then drag on as if mirroring the audience's frustrations shows up in the throne room and instead of frying Jon Snow to a crisp bobs to instead melt the iron fucking throne and pick up dinner his dead corpse and just flies away with her just book sit the fuck out of town because he's fed up with this shit show just as much as we are first of all fuck you for ripping off Return of the King secondly where the fuck is drug ongoing is this a sequel bait of some kind is she gonna come back to life in a later episode what the fuck is going on now the excuse for the night Kings retarded death and for all the dumb and dumber apologists is that Game of Thrones has always been about the Iron Throne and the politics and they have been laying the foundation for that for years the night King was never supposed to be that what this show is about this show isn't called the White Walkers the show is called Game of Thrones this show has always been about the throne and I was perfectly happy with them ending the night King and the White Walkers stuff killed by the girl with no name which I thought was perfectly appropriate and again they revealed that had been planned since like season 3 they had plans this like season 3 that Arya was gonna be the one to kill the night king so that had been laid out a long time ago oh is that right oh god I think it's probably three years now or something with no one knowing that it was gonna be Arya who delivers that fatal blow and drogon just burns it to the ground so I guess nobody gets the throne almost like Dumb and Dumber we're just taking one last shit right in front of us and then drogon flies away instead of going on a murderous rampage after the death of his mother okay well thanks for flying to a peaceful City to liberate it and then flying off what was the point of all this seriously King's Landing was just fine until Daenerys showed up hell King's Landing and all the Seven Kingdoms were just fine before this foreigner and her fucking dragons showed up on their Shores Westeros wasn't perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than what's left also why the hell didn't I just kill Daenerys before John even got to the throne room she's been bickering about killing the Queen since season 1 and she left that Queen to die in a firestorm when she found another more evil queen who massacred an entire city she could have gone after her but no it had to be joined it had to be in the throne room and and it all had to transpire in this specific way ire could have made the choice for John she's an experienced assassin with no emotional attachment to De Niro's and she could have killed her without getting caught and I wouldn't mind John killing Daenerys if it wasn't for what comes later so after drogon flees the show because it's so damn terrible at this point Tyrion is woken up in his chamber and judging from his beard it looks like some time has passed since Daenerys is murder why do they keep time cutting for fuck's sake let us see what happens instead of filming walking and staring and sitting grey worm who I now dub as the head of the unsalted escorts Tyrion with the biggest butthurt face I've ever seen in my life to an audience of lords and ladies from all corners of Westeros including Yara Greyjoy Edmure Tully Dawn's new leader who doesn't even have a name Robin Arryn Samwell Tarly Sansa bran ayah and Gendry and they're all there to reach a settlement for how to proceed after Daenerys is death for some reason despite Tyrion having committed treason he's still alive after Daenerys is death and Jon Snow somehow became a prisoner – despite nobody knowing he killed Daenerys and there not being a body there to incriminate him he could just walk out of the city and back to the north a free man but he gives himself up apparently it's because he feels guilty or some bullshit and there's no establishing scene to confirm this off screen still still working his magic there so Jon and Tyrion are prisoners of grey worm who is a salty little bitch also for some reason Yara Greyjoy is all butthurt about not getting too fucked in areas before she died and she's all like the Ironborn were loyal to Daenerys Jon Snow deserves to die first of all the fuck do you care and you do realize Daenerys burned an entire city alive right are the Ironborn that retarded and secondly the one line that I loved from this entire exchange is when ia threatens to kill yaaaa the instant she finishes talking ah I never change despite all the terrible writing I just can't bring myself to hate I add the adorable little killing machine not to mention why in the world are the unsalted keeping him prisoner instead of just killing him and why wouldn't the unsalted get fucked up by the combined might of storms end the Vale and the north since all of them are allies and where the fuck did the Dothraki go Daenerys isn't around anymore they just stop pillaging somewhere also Davos hilariously tells gray worth to start his own house in the reach with the unsalted as grey worms batter men what's it gonna be called grey worm of house caucus fuck now they're turning Davos into an idiot goddamnit Dumb and Dumber then Tyrion proposes that the king or queen should decide what to do with him and Jon Snow but the leaders of Westeros say they have no king who's gonna make the decision and then Tyrion insists that they just choose a new king or queen and then everyone just agrees with Tyrion and does exactly what he says Tyrion is a prisoner and they all want to do what the prisoner says then Edmure Tully gives a very cringe-inducing speech seriously what a fucking worthless character go back to Walder Frey's Cell please and then Samwell is ridiculed for proposing a democracy which was pointless and moronic and I'm pretty sure it's the riders laughing at the idea of a democratic ending and then someone actually has the dumbassery to ask Tyrion what he thinks about having the throne um need I remind you that Tyrion is a prisoner for fuck's sake and one of the leaders actually asked him what do you think about being king it's just so fucking stupid Tyrion tells him that it's a terrible idea to have him on the throne but then Davos really wants to know from the man who killed his son who he would choose to sit on the throne antarians reasoning is so retarded I don't know if I can do this level of retardation justice in this video this goes ryan johnson levels of retardation Tyrion decides brand is the best choice because he has the best story because he survived the fall from the rooftop traveled beyond the wall and came back alive despite the fact that Jon Jon Snow is the rightful fucking heir to the throne is alive and well has fought many battles has led people as king of the north has come back from the fucking it dead and United all of them except Cersei to fight against the army of the dead he'll John Killington Arras shouldn't be considered murder he was just in a sense doing exactly what Daenerys was doing taking back his own birthright but for some reason he's a prisoner and for an even more convenient riding reason is excluded from this council meeting so yeah Tyrion selex brand and everyone just agrees yep just go with bran I guess ah Tyrion are you fucking delirious do you need to lie down or something maybe it's the heat I've been to Croatia I know how hot it can get do Dumb and Dumber not give you fucking water on set Oh awkward anyway back to the council meeting Bram is now King despite them having been killing each other for the throne these past eight seasons yes that's what they call him bran the fucking broken the wheelchair that would mount the world Lord of the two wheels the father of Ravens the keeper of the dial-up connection this motherfucker is now king but wait it's not over Sansa insist that bran doesn't want the throne and now he can't father children Tyrians rebuttal to this his sons and daughters of kings can be terrible and that the rulers should be chosen not born now I can see the argument for that but it's still worded very piss-poor tyrion says the bran I know you don't want it but will you accept this will you take responsibility and rule the Seven Kingdoms and bran who hasn't opened his fucking mouth this entire fucking time he's been on screen has this to say why do you think I came all this way bland futile so wait brand knew he was going to be crowned king he could see the future and he knew that Daenerys was gonna Massacre an entire city and did nothing to prevent it what the fuck are you sure this motherfucker hasn't just been playing you all this entire time how is bran not now the true villain of this entire series this useless fucking character clocks out at the Battle of the night King lets Theon run to his death knowing I would stab the night king the back he keeps his mouth shut letting people who should be dead live much longer than they should and shuts his mouth and allows the massacre of hundreds of thousands of people and he knew by design this would lead to him being on the throne we even get further confirmation of brands intentions and the writers disrespect later and I'll point it out when we get to it anyway brand chooses Tyrion to be his hand and grey worm tells him that he can't and then bran says fuck you I'm King okay then also by the way Sansa tells bran that the north will only bow to her and that they're done being subjects of King's Landing the north or remain and independent kingdom and bran agrees I'm honestly perfectly fine with this I got a soft spot for Sansa's character and I'm sure brand being her brother would agree but Lord this dialogue is rushed but then again what wasn't rushed in this shitpile of a season but anyway before all this is concluded grey worm insists that Jon needs to be punished the solution and again bear this in mind I saw the leagues and I knew all of this was going to transpire and also keep in mind that they had two fucking years to write this show to avoid war with the unsullied and the northerners and the reach and the Vale and storms end John must take the black and rejoin the Nights Watch first of all what fucking Night's Watch there's no more threat from beyond the wall and Jon helped save the world from the fucking White Walkers and the White Walkers were defeated and vanquished the wildlings are allies why the fuck is there a Night's Watch for anyway it's just so fucking stupid are they guarding the snow and secondly you're telling me Sansa queen of the north are you're a Master Assassin and bran the king of the now six kingdoms would honestly stand for this I have no doubt Jon would agree to taking the black again since it was basically his job for five straight seasons but Sansa and aya would butcher every one of the odd salty to free their brother from prison he deserves better than permanent exile but no Jon Snow savior of the world and rightful heir to the throne from now on is ashamed man who was sent to a life sentence on the wall at the edge of the world that's pathetic for his character whether or not this is true in the book is irrelevant because the execution is honestly just disgustingly terrible in the show and why wouldn't they just free John snow on the way to the wall or once he gets to the wall what the fuck of the unsalted gonna do and not only that but it was brand apparently it was brand who decided this convenient that he sends the true heir to the kingdoms away to the coldest place in the world where he's no longer a threat to brands rule but I'll get back to that momentarily after Tyrion and John have their final exchange which again was extremely rushed although it did have some lines I enjoyed we then have John going through another stroll through King's Landing so much walking and staring in this episode as it's being rebuilt he crosses eyes with grey worm the head of the unsalted who gives John a stare that makes me want to punch him in the face seriously grey worm looks so but hood it's actually cringe and then we get to see John say his final farewell to his stark siblings who loved him more than anything two of which are the most powerful people in Westeros and need I remind you are still letting John go to rot away at the fucking wall get fucked sure just get fucked Sansa asks John if he can forgive her and he doesn't bother to answer it since he would never blame Sansa for his predicament he says the north is in good hands with her he hugs Sansa and then he goes to iya this part both made me sad and angry sad because of the adorable chemistry between both actors and knowing these characters for so long but instead of doing something logical like staying in King's Landing to protect bran or returning to the north to protect her sister or spending some time at the war with her brother she's hardly seen in eight fucking years or taking up Gendry on his offer to rule as lady of storms end she says she's gonna go west of Westeros her Excuse no joke is nobody knows what's west of Westeros so I is like yeah i'ma go they're dumb and Dumberer turned ire into Christopher fucking Columbus because why the fuck not what else are they gonna do with her that people won't guess oh wait that's right subversion that's why they're like what can we do with all your that no one will fucking predict well let's literally send her on a mission to see if the earth is flat fucking brilliant but the cherry on the shit cake is when John Neal's – bran and he calls bran your grace and then says I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me like we're referring to his failure to protect bran from the ninth king now putting aside the fact that bran and John would have had this conversation after the Battle of Winterfell and remembering full well how much that pissed us all off that John was virtually nowhere to be found when the night King was killed bran says this to join you were exactly where you were supposed to be bark you dumb and dumb cunt this is basically a yeah you know that thing we did that you hated yeah well deal with it now how about you both suck a dick and crash and burn if Disney and the rest of Hollywood had any semblance of a brain you'll never see a letter of a Star Wars script for the rest of your worthless of writing lives but who the fuck am I kidding this bitch ain't got a brain does she so wait bran you turned down being Lord of Winterfell or Lord of anything but you're just happy to be king all of a sudden your Lord of Winterfell now I can never be Lord of Winterfell I can never be Lord of anything in the three-eyed raven you were the one who insisted on telling John that he was the heir to the throne the true heir so that he could take his birthright it's time to tell John the truth you're his brother shouldn't you tell him I'm not his brother he trusts you more than anyone now's the time but you're just going to take his throne and send him to the wall what the fuck is this useless character not only does he not deserve the throne not only is the sequence of events out of water not only is brand possibly the most evil person in the Seven Kingdoms for allowing dinero's to slaughter King's Landing since it's all but confirmed the fucker can see in the future but brand's motivations straight-up make no sense absolutely none and no don't pass it off as he's the three-eyed Raven and he knows what's best for everyone because fuck the three-eyed raven if that's the case brand talks about how he doesn't want to be Lord of Winterfell or Lord of anything and then he completely backtracks bran says nothing when it's convenient for the writers during the Battle of the lung and then only opens his mouth when it's convenient for the riders like after Daenerys has burnt down King's Landing and this bland boring useless character ends up with the throne I have no doubt that bran will be done justice in the books but as far as the show is concerned brand should go down as the worst written character in television history fuck this character anyway John leaves in a very watered-down version of the Grey Havens scene from Lord of the Rings then in Custer Brienne of Tarth who does Jaime the courtesy of filling in the pages of his Kingsguard profile which I personally didn't mind but she writes as his last year he died defending his Queen which is just laughable then it cuts to Tyrion who is still a walking and staring and in a desperate attempt to bloat this shit episode even further Domon fucking dumber have Tyrion shipped fucking chairs for an entire fucking minute during the final fucking episode of this decade-long series I have encountered it's a whole minute this 75 minute episode a minute of it is just shifting fucking chairs they had two years to make this episode by the way then the new small Council attends the small council meeting and it somehow possesses Sam Tolly as grand maester Davos as master of ships bran as master of fucking coin Tyrion having paid his debt back after eight seasons but what the fuck is bran how is he qualified for master of coin exactly he's a fucking soul sword just I don't even have the energy guys this episode is so fucking stupid then bran the broken shows up and says hi where's drogon and everyone's like nobody knows and he's like that's cool I'll find him by we serve at your pleasure King bran the broker I have to go now my planet needs me your grace what a great fucking king seriously I hope someone pushes that wheeled motherfucker down the stairs oh and by the way they never address where drug room went so fuck that loose end I guess I reckon HBO is gonna make some retarded fanfiction where Daenerys lives and has her own spin-off on a different Island but let's be frank every season past season five has been a bloody fanfiction they also rip off Lord of the Rings Sam brings out the book called a Song of Ice and Fire the very fucking story this fanfiction is based on which the showrunners apparently won a pass off as some kind of joke in the story and apparently Tyrion isn't even in the book despite Tyrion as far as I know being one of George RR Martin's favorite characters so I guess that's just one more fucking insult to Tyrion and then the laziest epilogue in television history takes place Jon Snow arrives at Castle black and sees his good friend tormund Giantsbane and without a word of dialogue spoken the gates of Castle black close and once again it cuts away because fuck you also tormund Giantsbane left for the wall before Jon left for King's Landing it takes six weeks to get to King's Landing without a dragon from Winterfell jon was a prisoner of King's Landing for who knows how many weeks and getting back to the war would have taken six more weeks and tormund Giantsbane was always intending to go north of the wall so what the fuck is tormund still doing at Castle black honestly why am I even surprised at this point and finally we have a montage that closes off our three main characters Sansa is queen of the north and looks like a million dollars Eyre is now a flat earther which is just fucking wonderful and Jon embraces tormund and at the very least finally embraces his boy ghost after Jon finally got over his dragons sickness and then Jon Snow heads north of the war with the free folk once more leaving Westeros behind and exiling himself for good as the screen fades to black and that brings a decade's worth of buildup and development to a final close and so ends the most disappointing and horribly written conclusion to any television show in history congratulations Dumb and Dumber we have only you to thank Game of Thrones isn't just a regular TV show Game of Thrones is the tear of Harry Potter or Star Wars for fuck's sake you took the Ryan Johnson approach of half-assing it and pissing in the wind with nonsensical attempts at subversion and you fucked it all up you do not have us Game of Thrones you lazy fucks the same way you don't half-ass Harry Potter or Star Wars for that matter I'll fuck it's already too late isn't it if you need any more proof of how this duo of untalented and lazy hacks have fucked this once great adaptation up over a million people felt insulted enough to sign a petition for HBO to issue a do-over for the entire season with competent writers also I usually use footage from the inside the episode documentary that Dumb and Dumber decides to release after every episode but as of writing this the Game of Thrones Channel and HBO have yet to upload the documentaries to YouTube probably because they're so fucking embarrassed by these two assholes and knowing that Dumb and Dumber not only wrote this episode but directed it too meaning that all that padding and fucking walking and staring in this episode and all the laziness was all on them and HBO were willing to give these two hollywood cockroaches a blank check and unlimited resources to make a satisfying season 7 & 8 & Dumb and Dumber were the ones who opted for only 13 episodes to finish up the show and this is what they gave its loyal decade old fanbase this is the Justice they did to fans of George Arman who have been reading these books for almost three decades at this point this is the Justice they did the author and his characters and his story why is it ending I don't know that's Dave and Dan when they come through we could have gone to 11 12 13 seasons but they I guess they wanted a life the true tragedy of Game of Thrones and its climax is that so many things don't matter anymore so much buildup is wasted and no payoffs are received Jon Snow was heir to the throne a plot line that was revealed to him by Sam and bran and it went nowhere fuck bran is now the one on the Iron Throne the non-existent iron throne which is another payoff that was disregarded Jon Snow came back from the dead for virtually no reason other than to yell at a dragon despite the show teasing a showdown between him and the night King multiple times and Melisandre repeatedly calling him the prince that was promised it goes nowhere Jon doesn't kill the night king and the motherfucker ends up on the war where he started great you can say he killed Daenerys but any assassin could have done that and that brings us to our yeah who said a list of names every of people she wanted to kill with the Queen who condemned her father to death being at the top of her list I is killed the Queen plotline receives no payoffs and goes nowhere her assassin training and skills are extremely inconsistent and she uses them to somehow materialize behind a villain she had no build up for and kills him without any issue dinero's a storyline received absolutely no payoff her character betrays her entire storyline for absolutely no reason just before the finale poisoning every character who aided her storyline she brings absolutely no peace to the Seven Kingdoms in fact it's the opposite and she has one of the most pathetic deaths in television history and not to mention that she conquered King's Landing with just one fully grown dragon not three not unsullied not Dothraki not a fleet of ships not the Dornish not the Ironborn not the second son's all of it was pointless she had one dragon and she used it and that's all she ever needed her entire storyline is almost pretty much pointless in this entire show despite her being one of the core characters Jaime Lannister's long-awaited Redemption lasted all of about one night before he completely backtracked on it for no reason whatsoever almost as if season 7s finale and the preceding episodes never happened not to mention his life-changing journey with Brienne but according to the riders it turns out Jaime actually doesn't care about the innocent at all he only ever cared about fucking his sister and bran as the three-eyed Raven his entire journey to the other side of the wall and all that wasted screen time amounts to absolutely nothing bran did absolutely fucking nothing for the entirety of the show and somehow landed his ass on the throne of the six kingdoms all of these storylines go nowhere receive no payoff and thus poison everything that came before it the rewatch ability of this show is all but non-existent because the payoff amounts to nothing but an insult for the viewers time invested in caring about this story I almost feel sorry for HBO because their biggest television endeavor and highest-grossing product will be were with disdain in the coming years despite HBO ready and willing to fund as much money as possible to make sure it succeeded it's just a shame that HBO didn't pay for more properly established and passionate riders for helming such a series with the same level of high quality from beginning to end they had their hands on one of the most sought-after IPS on the planet and they shat out the laziest finale to the most highly anticipated show of all time fuck DB wise fuck David Benioff and above all else fuck Dumb and Dumber I hope that fucking label follows them for the rest of their lives Game of Thrones will go down in history as one of the biggest television wastes in history Game of Thrones could have been remembered as one of the most faithful adapted and well written television shows in history but instead it will go down in history as one of the biggest dumpster fires of all time when I say DOM and diamond are the worst riders in history I'm not being hyperbolic let me make that clear like they literally don't have a fucking clue of how to write anything good on their own without the merits of someone else's coattails to ride they are absolutely nothing and Game of Thrones season 8 without a doubt proves that as fact and I can only hope that their career plummets to the ground after this terrible terrible disservice they did to the game of Thrones fans and fans of A Song of Ice and Fire right well my friends it's bittersweet for me to say this but that brings us to the end of the video it's painful because I very much enjoyed making them for you but sweet because I don't have to torture myself by watching another episode of Game of Thrones ever again now as I said earlier I have a few short things to discuss regarding my channel and the future content as well as other things so if you have no interest in hearing what I have to say skip to this time for the video's finale that I hope you will enjoy but if you're sticking around here goes first off many of you will be relieved to hear that I've decided to continue with Game of Thrones content going forward however it won't be my primary content like it's been for the past few weeks it's just that now that the series has finished there's not much else for me to talk about however there are two videos that I do want to make the first is a response to Jeremy Jones and probably the worst false equivalence I've ever seen on YouTube with how he compared the fall of Daenerys to the fall of Anakin Skywalker will be a good opportunity for me to appease my Game of Thrones audience and my Star Wars audience the Star Wars was my primary source of content before Game of Thrones happened so two birds with one stone if you will and if Dumb and Dumber ever had the balls to release the inside the episode documentary which I'm sure will be heavily edited in order to damage control the backlash you can bet your ass I'll be making a response to that – I also have grievances with seasons 5 6 & 7 of Game of Thrones so chances are I will make videos on specific episodes from those seasons but those will come a bit later now if you are after more content in regards to Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire I can recommend these three channels first black goat of qohor he makes hilarious video edits exposing the incompetence of dumb and dumber check him out the dragon demands an excellent Channel that makes long documentary style videos regarding the incompetence of both Game of Thrones and its showrunners and how they've disservice the books and how they've wasted enormous amounts of screen time and resources and finally the order of the green hand a fantastic Song of Ice and Fire Channel who we can all thank for the lovely dumb and Dumberer meme which is now more relevant than ever seriously all these channels are great and I highly suggest you check them out as for me along with Game of Thrones I'll be proceeding back to Star Wars and Marvel as well as video game related content going forward you can all expect a live stream at least once a week where we will discuss Game of Thrones and other developments in pop culture or otherwise so you can look forward to all of that but there's one more thing I wanted to discuss several of you in recent weeks have asked if I have a patreon and the short answer is yes but I advertise patreon very very scarcely I put out a community post not too long ago saying that I will post a link to patreon in that community tab once every quarter and only mention it at the end of each video series and given that this video is covering the last episode of Game of Thrones I think it meets the criteria patreon isn't a topic I'm comfortable discussing so I don't feel the need to plaster it everywhere patreon is primarily a donation service only though I am still trying to figure out ways to accommodate patrons any donations go towards the channel and living expenses allowing me to put more time to making content and there's no discrimination with the tiers patient is treated the same and has access to the same things how much you decided to donate if it all is entirely dependent on you and I thank you in advance for any and all patient edge and just quickly a very special thank you to these patients for all of your very kind donations and that's pretty much everything I wanted to say everyone thank you for taking the time to hear me out and on that note I leave you with this very heartfelt outro [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] wait me you

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  1. "Lets Finish The Fight Shall We……… ALSO FUCK BRAN!"
    Hope You All Stay For The Outro

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  2. Dumb & Dumber should be "dracaryzed", for this MASSACRE of a once amazing TV Show!…😡😡🤮🤮 They should simply QUIT being involved with ANY script writing of any kind!

  3. How useless she was and always has been kind of the same thing lol

  4. Ok…I'm very well aware that a month has passed since you've uploaded this. 
    But the part with Tyrion and Daenerys what you've been talking about really irked me.
    (I WHOLE heartily agree that the entire season 8 was ruined, and only thanks to Dumb and Dumber, but hear me out!)
    It was quite obvious during that scene, that Tyrion wasn't simply confessing his crimes without any fight or anything, since;
    Daenerys wasn't even asking him if he knows who freed Jaime or anything that would make us think she wasn't aware of Tyrion being involved, the whole, "You freed your brother. You've committed a treason." is just a blunt statement.
    Tyrion simply repeats the "I freed my brother." cause to him it's funny that, THAT'S what she considers a crime worth of treason, yet she killed a millions of people out of nothing but pure anger and irritation she felt.

  5. So Tyrion… Im a transsexual in Iceland… What do you think about it ?…

  6. Idrk how you got to bran being able to see the future, but the rest is great

  7. A giants tits? Tits are a word men say, they are our breasts, they are natural, not a sexual only from mens perspective tits tits! and Giant? People are tall, people are short, people are all different and they are beautiful. You are cruel.

  8. Can you say your points about what you do not like in a normal tone? I can hear you just as well in a normal tone

  9. I totally agree this!!! This season was horrible to the fans of the show, so many things don't make since. Fucking dumb and dumber is right

  10. Till date I haven't completed watching the final episode
    GOT ended for me when drogon picked up my queen and flew away
    nothing else mattered to me then
    Daenerys stormborn of house Targereyen my queen now and forever.

  11. I understand that D&D are not George RR Martin, and he didn't finish the books. And I understand they were under the gun to keep the show going. But insisting on wrapping up the show so quickly, with only 8 seasons (really only 7 seasons, 7 and 8 are a single season split in two) especially when HBO was willing to fund more seasons so they could move on to Star Wars is INEXCUSABLE. If you must move on from the show, HAND OFF THE WRITING TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! This is the #1 show on television for fuck sake, and they just trashed it. I literally could have written a better ending.

  12. A friend of mine got upset because I made him a peanut butter sandwich, full-well knowing he has a serious peanut allergy. I explained that I was just subverting his expectations.

  13. "Nothing unites people like a good story" D&D didn't realize that a bad story unites people even more. Unites them against the bad story.

  14. Something I continue to find interesting with those who condemn Bran for being evil for not having intervened in order to prevent Dany from burning KL is this -when Bran is having his visions in S6E6 while Meera is pulling him from the cave, one of the visions he sees is Drogon flying over KL. We can surmise then this will happen at some point in the series later on.

    The 3ER had told Bran when he saw his father at the Tower of Joy in a vision that the "ink was already dry" when referring to the past. The implication is even though Ned hears Bran, he ultimately cannot change anything and events will always play out as they are desttined.

    I assumed the same premise applied to the future to a degree- meaning Bran could only observe the future in a vision but not necessarily alter it. As an example, it would have been unlikely he could have stopped the burning of the Sept by Cersei, which he also saw. If anything, once the visions are viewed, it is likely than any attempts to steer a course in another direction will still lead to the same outcome.

    That being said, it is likely KL was destined to burn exactly as it did. Bran said nothing and it burned, and had he "warned" anyone, circumstances probably still would have aligned for KL to burn. It is likely everyone who died there was destined to do so anyway.

    The vision would have been fulfilled either way….I'm not sure why this seems to be so misunderstood and, thus, why folks keep using it as a reason to hate Bran. There can be other reasons I sure lol but this one seems so illogical, especially since we've seen how this character's powers work before now.

  15. There must be more than just an awful Season 8. Why do I feel that D&D got pissed off at HBO and thus served it (and us viewers) uncooked steaks? Ego got in the way of honesty and integrity of the series.

  16. This guy has some good and bad takes here but he comes across as a whiner.
    (1) Missandei was a well liked character.
    (2) The Unsullied, Dothraki, and Iron Born would have decimated all of the rest of Westeros.

  17. There was snow in the end??
    I thought it was the ash still raining down

  18. How the fuck did Sam even get to be in the final shot? Wasn't he a sworn in member of the Night's Watch and had left castle black to come back to become a maester? John apparently had to die and come back to life for his watch to end.

  19. It’s the dragon rot! Messing with peoples brains! Tyrion, Varys and Jon. Poor people.

  20. my fav part of the entire show is Tywin Lannister and Arya Stark at Harrenhall

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