Game Of Thrones writers are losers!!

okay check one two brand the broken wait wait [Laughter] Brenda broke it man if you don't get the fuck out of here with that bullshit are you fucking kidding me enough okay before before I get into my rant alright before I get into my rant okay first of all let us say goodbye to what is we're going to be one of the greatest television saga sagas in the history of sagas the show was fucking brilliant here's what happened Brenda broken may if you don't get the fuck out of my face with that bullshit fucker first of all I don't salute no handicapped King first of all he got like access to free parking and shit what is this the Special Olympics Brenda broken let me tell you what happened let me tell you what happened the show was brilliant why was it brilliant because george RR martin is a brilliant fucking writer that's why the show started going all over the place because they ran out of fucking material why because this fat fuck doesn't want to finish the books why cuz he got a writer's block didn't let this be a lesson to all fuckin writers that want to take books and make them into hit TV shows you may not wanna fucking now what is gonna be called the game of thrones curse hey let me tell you something there hasn't been a TV show this popular that for the final season is getting such fucking heat why because it's such a loved show now let's let the ocean oh shit happy birthday to my boy Jake want his his birthday tomorrow we gonna shot him out tomorrow morning lovely but salute to you sir saluté good to see you brother okay let's just get started okay the writers got lazy their losses I got nothing to do with HBO well it does because they want to cash out but we're not gonna blame the actors they only do what they the writers tell him to do the writers got lazy because there was no more material for them to build on now all this shit in the beginning with Tyrion fucking walking through the wreckage climbing rocks you know the guy's a midget he's a dwarf now he's climbing hills of fucking rocks picking up fucking boulders trying to get his brother's sister and killed that fucking noise we already know Cersei and Jaime Lannister's dead fuck Hollywood all that bullshit losses brother jae-in ain't trash the show is phenomenal the last season is trash unfortunately because the writers ran out of ideas that they couldn't see listen the writers weren't inventing anything they were taking already that something was old you know you know like taking other people content and just critiquing on the content like other platforms do you know saying shots fired but what I'm trying to say is the writers had had the books that's why the show's phenomenal because the books are phenomenal as soon as they ran out of material they ran out of fucking steam now all this shit with the fucking dialog etc etc I was hoping Jon would fucking die but at least he did one thing right he killed Daenerys so Arya didn't get a chance of course we'd all love to see Arya kill Daenerys John kill Daenerys Bravo okay of course of course in the beginning Tyrion it gets arrested finds himself in jail again which is fucking irony because he broke out of King's Landing just to go back there and be imprisoned by Daenerys good evening Jamari ah good evening I am playful Chris good evening didn't make the cut what's poppin Anthony Petraglia said just watch burying pretend I never saw that garbage I hear you I hear I am playing for good evening alright so anyway I know it's Sunday night a lot of people still haven't seen the show they don't want to come in they don't want spoilers I don't blame you bran the broken cake rocks with that shit come on in come on now I was hoping the dragon was gonna burn John up too but the dragon can't do that because John is valerian we know that so they are burnt down I mean Targaryen thank you Lyla and they burned down the iron he burned down the Iron Throne for which what I thought was nobody was gonna get the throne that shit was fucking garbage you got seven seasons of pure fucking warfare and now you want to get all democratic and we're gonna vote man King Crocs with that shit let me tell you some of the writers right now are losers you better hide and run because I guarantee you tomorrow morning the heat that's y'all gonna get for that being the last fucking episode is going to be historical bomb a bomb soprano curse this is worse than the soprano curse if people were upset about The Sopranos who hate till tomorrow morning and look out for the article that's gonna let you know how many people just unsubscribe to HBO now you understand for the subscribers in HBO winter is coming because everybody's dropping out tonight it's done they did numbers tonight but I guarantee you for all the numbers they did and only because it's the end of the season the critiques and and the negative remarks will be twice as much what holy shit Brenda broken you telling me a handicapped kid is running the Seven Kingdoms and all of the sudden just because she's your older sister the north is bowing out so now it's the six of the six kingdoms of the realm here get the fuck out of here they should have ended the last year episode episode 5 in episode 6 should have been a three-hour fucking war fest everybody covered in blood and one person remained standing on the fucking throne should have been John right but now he's a her being a happen at least he redeemed himself by killing the merits all that shit with kissing the nervous and all that shit you want to sleep he chant it's all good your Targaryen Targaryen but yo he killed Daenerys fuck he did one thing right one thing right now of course John is our tragic hero and I understand now why I was reading an article that Stephen King enjoyed and agreed and liked the ending cuz Stephen King's a cocksucker in the sense where he loves the hero to always be miserable that Stephen King's Forte so John hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo led the army against who led the fight against the dead who went to the north who warned everybody who killed his way through the battle who was killed then came back a life has to go back to taking the black he's fuckin abolished from the six or seven kingdoms it was a fucking complete fuck fest it was a nightmare you know area can do no wrong of course so they made her a traveler fine but the fact that broke a I can understand that brand being the three-eyed Raven is the most logical choice because it's he's like Spock from Star Trek but you know again it's just it's just a cop-out from the fucking writers what you want to do is you want to end the show like this with the Battle of all battles that's what the game of Thrones is about even George Double R Martin he said I'm fucking very sad that that's how they're ending the show they weren't in true to the books etc etc well that's what you get for not finishing the books I think bran was a good choice he grew up nicely yeah I think bran was the logical choice only because he doesn't he didn't want the throne everybody else would have wanted the throne for their own reason etc etc John didn't want it and Brandon wanted John they want to kill for killing Daenerys and I'm surprised he even stayed after he killed the nervous and the dragon took her away which that was a cool scene with the dragon I'd really thought he was gonna burn fucking John alive but bran was too nosy from the beginning that's right he's a peeping tom you know I'm saying I can't brand the broken you gotta be fucking kidding me man are you kidding me are you kidding me you have war after war battle after battle you want to let Cersei and Jaime Jaime Lannister die in a rubble Cersei need to be fuckin whipped or chained skinned alive burned alive brought back I mean we want I want to see Cersei doctor suffer what a lazy way to take them out the story complete fucking garbage I mean again great saga great show but never if you thought that the people that were critiquing Sopranos were upset wait till tomorrow morning people are gonna be very upset of course a lot of people were betting on brand as to get to get the throne not me I was hoping Arya would do it you know yeah yeah yeah all the kids had our life absolutely absolutely brands are broken then if you don't kick rocks with that bullshit are you fucking kidding me and then sun's out of nowhere that's all I know the North is not gonna buy we're not gonna be part of the kids and brands just go see ok no problem for caddie hit with that shit I really thought Tyrion was gonna stab Daenerys with the little hand pin I just king you know jiggering the gut that sure would have been funny holy edge exactly jamario he ain't even a person and here's the Bren knows everything that was gonna happen he knew Daenerys was gonna destroy the fucking city because they showed you in one scene his season six when he's learning how to be the fucking three-eyed Raven they show a scene of a dragon flying over the city whoo one dragon by herself by itself that was a dragon that destroyed King's Landing and of course when the nervous walks into the throne room that's all destroyed we see that the prophecy in the vision that she seen in season two came through but she did not expect John to kill it nobody expected John to kill her everybody said that Daenerys was gonna kill John and area was gonna and REO is gonna kill Daenerys right what a fucking disappointment man what a disappointment great show great show disappointing way to end the show of course there's a lot of symbolism there's a lot of feel-good shit get the fuck out of here with all this shit that happened in seven seasons all the losses all the death all the blood all the battles were ending the show democratically and now we're fucking voting you kidding me that is not how you end the game of Thrones not at all it's fucking embarrassing the writers should be ashamed of themselves for what they try to pull off as the last season which is the most important season because you're gonna close the story that you started but the truth of the matter is neither one of them writers started the story so how do you end someone else's story you guys should have thought of that shit before taking on such a huge project and again still seven seasons of complete fucking crack rock eighth season final season you want to just do six fucking episodes you should and just like George George George Martin said you should have made it 1012 you let 13 episodes and do it fucking right but even George RR Martin's said ah we want this characters to have more lines because he's getting you know in the ratings and they want to see him more and it and it fuck's up the writers thing but then again that's the double it's short if you're a writer and you're gonna sell your fucking idea to another person and give them the right to write you rewrite your shit well then you deal with that shit but from what I thought fucking bullshit bullshit bullshit listen what what else can I say what I'm not gonna just keep rambling on did was to show us that was that was the final episode everything that everybody was hoping it would be or were the critics right that the last episode was gonna be a disappointment to me it was a complete fucking disappointment okay a complete disappointment they could have did them so much better you know come on we're talking about a fantasy story we don't gotta get politically correct everybody's kumbaya we're fuckin making peace it's the Special Olympics we're gonna give the fucking award to the guy in the wheelchair get the fuck out of here with that shit again bran is logical because he did not want the throne he has no ego he has no lust he is like Tyrion said the holder of all memories of all stories he would be the best candidate to lead us into the future it makes sense it makes sense but how you get there is fucking wack that's fucking wack come on come on you wanna you you you what you wanted to do is just just you know create a battle to the end to the throne to the doorstep of the fucking throne the last man fucking standing let's go who's gonna take the throne what the fuck you know what I'm saying so this disappointed man John should ride with the dragon Tony Soprano I hear you I hear you III hear you John should ride with the dragon but then like I like I said the writers you can't blame nobody but the fucking writers HBO again it's a business maybe they weren't intending on investing that much and making the attend season or the eleventh season show we all know the actors were already tired you know my opinion on that shut the fuck up suck it up you're part of history do it you're creating something that'll never be fucking duplicated again you're gonna go down in the books of cultural phenomenon anywhere you go in fucking life they're gonna know who the fuck you are that's how crazy this shit is that's how viral Game of Thrones is so the whole world was watching tonight I'm pretty sure most of the world was disappointed then they make a movie I gave my Thrones movie I don't know save it for the morning rich oh yeah I was gonna do it in the morning anyway Kenan I hear you but like I said we were gonna go live right after the show so did the writers live up to their live up to the hype was it tragedy what is it a new curse I don't know man for those that watch the show I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure you guys are not gonna be happy with the ending you know what I'm saying so bran the broken or while they're knocking out to do the first time yeah they're right there you go first-round knockout listen the way I see it I think Game of Thrones pop their cherry at the long night episode with the the war against the walkers because the war against the walkers was fucking pure anxiety intention and once that shit was broken how do you build an audience how do you do use three episodes to build up all that tension and you're fucked you're fucked up you popped your cherry early that's it so I could say all right anyway like I said we were gonna do a log show I just wanted to go live right after the show let people know what I thought I think it was a cop-out I think the writers Aled for the last season because they just wanted to run and join Disney and work on these Star Wars movies and it doesn't matter what they do or where they go they're gonna feel that heat tomorrow you cannot escape social media you may hide but these critiques will find you but then again you know the whole show in an entire E in its entirety it was a saga it was brilliant it was incredible fucking television don't get me wrong the first seven seasons and the first three seasons of season eight incredible fucking television episode four five and six they didn't know what to do they pop their cherry at Episode three on season eight should have just left it there you should have bought the battle to King's Landing had one of the greatest battle scenes ever between all the armies and the White Walkers and as soon as the White Walkers got defeated let all the armies fight each other in one last fucking battle and whoever takes the throne takes the throne that's what you should have dead period let you know let Arya get to Cersei and cut her fucking throat you know I'm saying let her fulfill her fucking kill list you know and again to me the greatest character in that show is fucking Arya yeah see too fast too fast you should have brought that fucking word to the fucking footsteps of King's Landing let the Lannister army join everybody fight the fucking White Walkers defeat the White Walkers and write that in there when the White Walkers defeated the army start fighting each other for the fucking throne let's get it fucking poppin last man standing the iron fucking Islands the fucking dawn you shouldn't have killed off Dorne you shouldn't have killed off fucking high water or high flower Highgarden you should have fucking had everybody calm in all Seven Kingdoms fight the White Walkers fight the ice dragon beat them and then fucking fight to the death against each other let's see who takes thrown now if that would have been a fucking great ending instead they got fucking lazy and they took the easy way out yet the howl I hear you I hear you sir she wasn't gonna do it but they pop their cherry after the fucking Battle of the long night with the White Walkers they popped their fuckin cherry that's it you know well you know that's it let's see let's see that what the Walker should have been the finale right Barney that's right should have been the finale he should have been you should have been a three Episode finale it should have been four five and six Episode four the White Walkers we reached fucking our King's Landing and it's a fucking battle and those three episodes is a fucking three episodes of a straight battle dragon against ice dragon White Walkers against all Seven Kingdoms as soon as fucking Arya does her shit and kills the fucking night King boom the battle now on for the fucking throne let it be you know each each you know each Kingdom whatever they want to join sides they don't want to join sides it's fucking decided right on the battlefield who's gonna fucking be loyal who's not gonna be loyal and let's fucking fight to the last man standing now that would have been fucking epic way to fucking in this show even with still two books to go to books to go Helen Hines says that was awful I fucking a grey and a way out cheap way out good morning every good evening nialaya so I like I said we got two books left to go but they still ended the show without the book so and he's still writing new books right he wrote the book fire and blood which is 300 years of Targaryen history they're already ready to shoot the prequel they over they over they got the actors they already got the actors chosen they got the script written they're ready to shoot the pilot so the prequel is on its way but you know what you guys should have ended the show correctly there's definitely gonna be spin-off stuff there's no way there's too much money involved for not to be spin-offs anybody that watches TV if it's a game of Thrones affiliated show they're there so HBO gotta I got one up Ali as long as east on this one prequel that's on its way from HBO so that's good news again sad way to do it you are only as good as your product I think the writers should have sat down with the actors and the studio and said listen do we want to do this right or do we want to just take the cheap way out what are we doing we know that the money's been made we know that the actors are complaining maybe we can compensate the actors more glad to get new contracts in let's get four more time let's finish the story off right let's finish it off right you guys could have came to the same conclusion and a much more bloody and violent and fucking murderous manner which is what we're accustomed to when we watch the Game of Thrones what the fuck you think we watch the game of Thrones for for the production value and the scenery and the costumes no we watch it for the fucking action the dialogue but most of all for the fucking battle scenes my dude these guys became famous for these fucking battle scenes you're gonna end the show battle is the whole asset of this whole last episode was fucking dialogue the first ten minutes is Tyrion looking for his brother and sister man get the fuck out here your sister was gonna kill you you sister said bran to kill both y'all cheap way out was decision right about it they're like now let's just we made our money let's just fucking you know and the writers to the writers are itching to go someplace else hey man hey man this goes on your resume so if you're gonna be known as the writers that fucked up one of the greatest shows ever put the fuck dot dot that curse stays with you and here's the craziest thing of all they put out an article two months ago stating well we hope that we don't end the show like The Sopranos did and everybody's disappointed you know why you say that because you're disappointed in the product you guys already feel you already know you're filming and you wrote it you already know is it there's no way a creator doesn't know that he's taking the fucking easy way out you're the creator you're telling yourself I know I could do better but fucking they're complaining we gotta end this shit it's too long already no man the truth of the fucking matter is you guys didn't know what you were doing once you had no more storybook so if that was the case you should have just took more time with the stories you book five is fucking gigantic why go in your own direction there's so much content for you guys to fucking film but no easy way out so hey tomorrow Wendy when people wake up and say hey that shit was trash you know I'm saying that's on y'all the writers that's on y'all the studio you know what I'm saying because the numbers will come in tomorrow as ratings were high Pete listen II people fuckin signed up tonight for HBO just to fucking at the fucking last episode tomorrow they'll be gone numbers to be back out again you know people are gonna be jumping ship especially with this type of fucking Andy they're gonna be like what the fuck was that it's like I am alright anyway guys thank you for tuning in one of the greatest shows ever just ended tonight and I think the curse is worse than Soprano all right we'll be back tomorrow morning we're waking up with ruckus thank you very much have a great evening have a good night peace I hope you watched the episode let me know what you guys think tomorrow when we do our show all right

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