gamecube poem

gamecube poem 1.24788117409 lauren just came into my studio 1.83184409142 and talked about 3.7917869091 sleep luxury horror 3.75192499161 and I told her 0.663686037064 that 4.13569498062 I had a fever four days ago 6.1276049614 and she said she could use it. 7.87941098213 Then she showed me 2.24785399437 little 7.56742405891 owl 4.23168706894 earrings 2.8397090435 that she was wearing 3.76782512665 and they were made out of bone 3.4477660656 and then 3.28776097298 she sat down on my rug 4.70348596573 and I told her that she could sit 8.74353194237 in a chair if she wanted, as I motioned to move my backpack 6.25558781624 but she declined. 16.1826980114 She said words are like paintings for the ears. 10.5191349983 Then she got up and ran to the door because 4.17595601082 it was time for her studio visit 2.67181992531 with Nathan. 4.73566198349 She didn’t want to miss him again. 2.19515109062 today 2.22383499146 in painting class 9.15922307968 i talked too much 4.25551605225 georgie just called me 11.2795751095 “did class end at 11?” 5.32758116722 “yes georgie.” 8.27136111259 “see you later georgie.” 7.95947885513 during the last critique 5.47956085205 i reclined 1.74382400513 in a hammock 6.98355388641 which was inside an art studio 8.53537297249 the girl who’s hammock 1.89590191841 it was 1.59970188141 is married 12.5193309784 I wonder if she and her husband hang out in the hammock together. 16.334444046 I almost went to get a burger 7.39187502861 but instead I didn’t 4.92751717567 and got coffee instead. 13.8710031509 ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD $7.50 6.90348696709 “Hey John…” 3.10378885269 PBR 17.7187349796 Winking 2.37573885918 comes naturally 2.44792699814 do you 4.15966796875 do 4.43977999687 a 2.39984297752 summer brew? 7.48719906807 CHIPS $.75 8.77539992332 DESSERTS AND 2.52795600891 PASTRIES 3.7028939724 ARE MADE FRESH 2.32862615585 DAILY 2.37143492699 Just 1.22392511368 woke up 3.19965195656 with a cough still. 5.51161789894 Rachel’s in the shower… 10.8312840462 or maybe it is her other. 9.03932189941 Danced in a living room last night. 7.43149709702 It was Stuart’s birthday. 9.17534303665 Stu Art He Art 13.6070539951 Toilet Tissue In The Wind 6.4634180069 My shoes are across 1.15197491646 the room 2.33586597443 from my bed, 7.75142598152 and they face in the same direction. 9.32733297348 I hope Rachel cleaned the kitchen… 7.15152192116 The shower nozzle just turned off. 6.15159416199 I can hear it through the walls. 5.13558793068 I had sex last night. 9.92726993561 It was pretty great. 6.65555691719 She had a runny nose. 2.83978509903 I had a cough. 4.30365991592 because I enjoy structures 10.7913060188 and I enjoy mexican foods 6.98347401619 and I enjoy my backpack 7.39968395233 but my other backpack used to be purple 5.79954504967 and that feeling 1.23193001747 that comes 2.85581994057 just barely 2.51173400879 is coming. 1.13591098785 Angry Bush Little Punk Kitty The Warm Sun Romantic Daytime Evening Lots of Friends / Friends / These are Friends This is like a magical sun. Powerful Sky Lonely Tree with 6 Raindrops What the fuck is that? Oh this is weird. Apple orchard in heaven This tree has a shadow. Lost souls going in space The butterflys making the flower cry Alice and johny depp, thats dumb, sorry This is brain sucker Aww I would have drawn something like that. Pretty. Aww. Thats nice. Going from the cemetery to her house or something. That lamb is an angry cloud. Well thats autumn. Emotional Puppies This is about serious drawing skills, and showing that you can also be a kid drawer and serious drawer at the same time misty morning, i hate talking jaggedy grass, direct / you just need to know the grass, the sun, and the sky sun butthole thing north and south i guess are the only directions exclamation mark, oh its the raindrop? grown-up spyro, thats my friend aww, i don’t know what to say serious angry misunderstood creature that is angry that the sun is out or something, cute though its cat food, its a cat food container thats running away from the cats kennywood park? looks like kennywood, i think they went overboard with the stick figures i love all you guys new hampshire, i think thats what that means attack of the cacti ahh why did the cactus cross the road, to get to the girl cactus, see she has a bow, thats a wolf swimming in the sand jeez this is another one? wait, the chicken is drunk spirit rocks haas, blissful i guess zorro or something, zorro is pulling his butt off, very angsty shh, (kiss sound), can’t do that babbling brook on a summer afternoon day oh god i can’t do this, i can’t, i can’t, i can’t do this a day in the life of a V bird i guess looks like he’s gonna pop a bubble or something little lover kitties little dreaming fish gravestone hello I’m black hello I’m a chihauaha and i like lemons im a lemon I’m a cloud running into a waterfall rest in peace shark attack! happy halloween! meow! kitties in the sky! im a lemon rainbow lemon I’m a fox with an opposite tail. I’m happy that I’m a daisy. rushing wind on the ocean i’m a frying egg Camp is my favorite place to be and i wish it was camp right now. Thats what they’re thinking. When I say that thats what they’re thinking. (You’re making me do what I hate, which is probably a good thing. You’re gonna have to listen to this all over again, don’t do it in front of me. So mortifying. So embarrassed. The horse is next.) Bashful little pony. The last living animal in the world. Oh this is like poetry. Oh man that’s really inspirational. I love hiding? I love helping the neighborhood. Thats really sweet. A girl, those three girls? Two girl? 2 Girl. Okay. This is really weird this is making me think of my dream last night. This is really gross. Oh wow thats a nice drawing. I’ve been there before. 0.8399851322174072 1 3.13917899132 Hello 2.88040304184 Hi 1.42337012291 Ho 2.1359910965 HO 5.99961209297 / 1.10393977165 . 1.5518450737 1.551845073 1.55184507 1.5518450 1.551845 1.55184 1.5518 1.551 1.55 1.5 1. 1.0 1.00 1.000 1.000 1.0000 1.00000 1.000000 1.0000000 1.00000000 1.000000000 1.0000000000 1.00000000000 what is a type? are her eyes liKe o o are her eyes like – – are her eyes liKe , , are her eyes like==are her eyes liKe her ears are her ears like C C are her ears liKe P P are her ears like D D are her ears liKe d b are her feet like her ears are her eyes liKe her feet are her feet like _ _ are her feet liKe ~ ~ are her feet like . . or are her eyes liKe . . her face like 9 her face liKe 9 her face like 9 like her face your pigtails looked so cute today i wanted to grab them and pull off your head i’m just a kid i actually wanted to take you to a swingset and watch you drink from the water bubbler we could kiss with the metallic taste on our mouths thats basically sucking energy out of the wall, all day long. thats a graph showing it πŸ™ πŸ™‚ : ) : ) : ) : – ) cmon carnegie mellon school

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