with a single newspaper you can fold india’s
national cap called as gandhi or nehru cap. take a single sheet and fold this into half.
now on the fold, fold a strip. lift it up and push it down to make a channel, a channel
which runs water, its like a gutter. you can see the channel, fold a screw triangle to
the right and one to the left of the channel. now lift the bottom and fold it twice up over.
now upturn the paper and similarly fold two more skewed triangles on top edge, one to
the left and other to the right. now shut the two doors. now amount you shut depends
upon the size of your head. once again fold the bottom edge twice over and then you will
see two pockets and tuck the flaps of this edge into this pocket. this is like a lock.
now the cap is ready. you see it from inside and you can see that you can spread it and
this is the indian national cap. now open the cap and put it on. this is called nehru
cap or gandhi cap, the indian national cap.

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  1. Wear Gandhi Topi whereever you go. TO commute, office, shopping, get-togather. A topi is more effective than 100 lines spoken.
    I do … Do you?

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