Gardner Minshew | Before They Were Famous | Biography | Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback

Before Gardner Minshew would come in for an
injured Nick Foles and take over the Jaguar’s Offence Before Gardner Minshew would admit to trying
to break his hand in college with a hamme Before Minshew would get an endorsement offer
for 1 million dollars from Camsoda, a popular adult cam site Before Minshew would be considered a front
runner to win the Rookie of The Year award, behind Daniel Jones, Kyler Murray, Marquise
Brown and Josh Jacobs Before Gardner Minshew would spawn hundreds
of memes, mostly dedicated to his 70’s pornstaresque moustache Gardner Minshew seems to have come out of
no where. After being drafted 6th round, 178th overall,
Minshew would take over for an injured Nick Foles toward the end of the opening quarter
of the team’s first game. Following a 35 yard touchdown toss by the
former Super Bowl MVP, Foles would be taken out of the game and it would later be confirmed
he broke his left clavicle, a season ending injury. In a year that the Jaguars we’re hoping
to improve after their 5 and 11 2018 campaign, it seemed all hope had been lost. But when Minshew saw his opportunity, he took
advantage. Currently Sitting at a 1-2 record, Minshew
is on pace to throw 27 touchdowns, and just under 3700 yards in his rookie season. If he does reach the 27 touchdown mark, he’d
tie Baker Mayfield’s record for most TD’s by a rookie, set just last year. And although he’s only three games in, Minshew
has already set NFL records, with the highest completion percentage (73.8) and the highest
passer rating (110.6) through three games (minimum 30 pass attempts). We’re here to tell you all about Gardner
Minshew’s rise to success and becoming the Jag’s go to guy, here for you on before
they were famous. What’s going on guys I’m your host Jarred
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cover next, and today’s trivia question is who’s inspired a lot of Minshew’s style? Let us know in the comments below, we’ll
have an answer for you at the end of this one but let’s get into it. Gardner Flint Minshew II was born on May 16th,
1996 in Flowood, Mississippi. Although he was almost given the name Beowulf,
which was a suggestion by his grandfather, who wanted to name him after the old English
poem about a warrior who travels to the ends of the world, often alone, fighting the world’s
most fearsome enemies. Something I think he could’ve lived up to. Gardner is the only son of Flint and Kim Minshew,
and a brother to his younger sisters, Callie and Meredith. Flint Minshew grew up playing football and
would make a name for himself at Millsaps College in Mississippi, especially in his
senior year. In 1991 Flint would be a part of the First
Team All-SCAC, win the James Ray Hood Outstanding Defensive Lineman Award and be a member of
the 1st SCAC football championship team in 1991 season with 7-2 record. He’s also 2nd all time in career ranking
for quarterback sacks with 21.5 sacks, and recorded 289 career total tackles for 5th
all time and 179 career solo tackles for 4th all time. He was inducted to the Millsaps College Hall
of Fame in 2011 and currently runs Fast Twitch, a sports performance training camp. Kim Minshew was also an athlete, playing basketball
at Mississippi State, and their youngest, Callie, plays volleyball at Mississippi state. So I think it’s safe to say sports run in
the family here. Although he was born in Flowood, Minshew would
grow up in Brandon, Mississippi, and had a love for sports from an early age. Taking part in all kinds of sports, from basketball
to baseball to soccer and of course, football, Flint knew his son had an analytic sports
mentality. At just 5 or 6 years old, he would change
his style of play in a basketball game to not make the same mistake twice. Once his church league team would win a game
by 58 points, a score of 60-2. And his father was there every step of the
way, telling Yahoo We were way too competitive. I never knew who was going to get kicked out
first, me or him. Once when Flint was out of town, he got a
call from his wife, Kim, who claimed Gardner was stomping his feet when he found out he
didn’t make one of the league’s all star teams. After his mother told him “ You don’t deserve to be an All-Star. Every time Dad tried to get you to do something,
you wanted to stay inside and play.” It awakened the dragon. Gardner then found himself in the park every
day, according to Flint, He was going to be down at the park working,
taking extra fly balls, taking extra shots on goal, whatever it was. Gardner always wanted to be that guy. Although he did well academically in school
and played on every sports team he could, usually dominating, it wasn’t until his
freshman year in high school that he would fully commit to football. It definitely helped that since he was in
grade 6th, Minshew and his father were drilling a version of the Air Raid offence into his
head, a playbook that would catch the attention of Wyatt Rogers as well, who would just so
happen to take a coaching job at the same high school Minshew was set to attend. As a freshman Minshew would be the starting
QB for the Brandon Bulldogs Junior Varsity team, but just 6 games in, the varsity team’s
starting QB went down with an injury, leaving the coaches no choice but to turn to 15 year
old Minshew. He’d lead the team from that point on, finishing
his high school career with 9, 705 passing yards and 88 touchdowns through 52 games. In his senior year, he’d lead the team to
the South 6A Mississippi Championship and was rated 70th best pro style QB in his class
by Although he looked amazing in high school,
he wouldn’t get any commitments from big colleges. Even though he was a hop, skip and jump away
from schools such as LSU, Alabama, Mississippi State and Ole Miss,
no one came knocking. Even smaller schools didn’t show much interest
in the soon to be legend. He’d receive an offer on May 17th, 2014
from the Akron Zips at the University of Akron in Ohio, as well as an offer on June 27th, 2013 from
the University of Alabama Birmingham to play for the Blazers. After graduating early from high school, he’d
attend the Birmingham Nike Football Camp, where he’d
run a 4.47 shuttle with a 30.3 vertical. He’d be named MVP at the camp on March 30th,
and on December 16th, 2014 he’d commit to the Troy Trojans, at the University of Alabama
Troy, knowing he’d be going on to the team as a back up QB, and given a scholarship for
his academics, not his game. Shortly after committing, the school’s football
program would vanish due to a lack of budget. After attending Troy for a semester, he would
transfer to Northwest Mississippi Community College when the spot for starting QB opened
up. He would take advantage and lead the team
to a junior college championship, throwing for 3,228 yards, 28 TD’s, a 60% completion
rating, and getting the attention of East Carolina University, where he’d transfer
for his sophomore season in 2016 after receiving an offer on April 25th, 2016 and signing on
May 3rd of the same year. Heading into the season, Minshew was sitting
behind two senior quarterbacks, and wanted to make sure he’d get 3 full years of playing
time on the team. With the idea of proving himself out of the
question, he came to terms that if he couldn’t play due to injury, he’d have the eligibility
to play for three seasons instead of just two. With this in mind, Minshew actually went home,
drank some Jack Daniels and tried breaking his own hand with a hammer. God damn what a legend. After hitting it three times to no avail,
he took another swig and three more swings. Although he didn’t break his hand, his luck
would change when the back up QB would be moved to a running back position. The starting QB would go down with a concussion
as well, giving Minshew the opportunity he never thought would come. Playing a total of 7 games with a swollen
throwing hand, which he told coaches was the result of closing a car door on it accidentally,
and starting two games at East Carolina, Minshew would throw for over 1,300 yards, and 8 TD’s
with a passer rating of 124. In 2017, he’d split the starting job with
Duke transfer Thomas Sirk, and would really show off his talents late in the season. Although he’d have a 2-8 record with the
team, Minshew would throw for 2,140 yards, 16 touchdowns and 7 interceptions with a passer
rating of 129.1. He’d throw for over 350 yards in three consecutive
games, and over 440 in two of those three. He would receive his bachelor’s degree from
East Carolina in December of 2017, and following his graduation, would let everyone know he
was available to play for their team. According to Minshew’s father, When he left ECU, he sent a release to everybody
in the nation that lost a starting quarterback, to draft or graduation. USC, UCLA, Wazzu, LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee. We talked to a lot of people. And some of those skills came calling. But it wasn’t until Alabama showed interest
in the kid that other schools really wanted him. Following their national championship win
over Georgia, Nick Saban knew he needed a back up QB, assuming whoever won the starting
job between Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts would have the other leave town. However when Minshew spoke to Bama, Hurts
still hadn’t left, and he didn’t want to sign on being a third string guy. So when Washington State’s coach Mike Leach
called, and asked him this simple question, the deal was sealed. In his first and only year with Washington
State, Minshew lead the team to a school record of 11 wins, where he threw for 4,776 yards,
38 touches downs and 9 interceptions, with a passer rating of 147.5. He broke multiple school records as well,
including posting a 78.9% completion rate against Eastern Washington and seven passing
TD’s against Arizona. At the end of the 2018 season, Minshew led
the FBS in pass completions, attempts, passing yards per game and was second in passing yards. He also finished top 5 in touchdowns. If that’s not impressive enough, in the
teams win over Iowa State at the Alamo Bowl, Minshew beat Jared Goff’s record for most
passing yards in a single season in the Pac-12. Although he didn’t win the heisman, he was
5th in voting, was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and was named Pac-12 Offensive
Player of the Year. ‘ Of course, Minshew’s success lead to fans
of the team, and him, to go into a frenzy. Between his game play and style, which includes
his signature moustache and disco style suite, which he wore to a bowl game, Minshew quickly
became a fan favourite. So much so, people started wearing fake moustaches. I should’ve worn mine for this video. S***. And speaking on the stache, Minshew explained
it was a joke that started at camp as Washington State, but when everyone bailed on it, he
just stuck with it. And apparently he’s sticking with it moving
forward. On april 27th, 2019, Minshew was officially
drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 6th round of the draft. After not leading the team to a single touchdown
drive in preseason, he stepped up in the first quarter of the first game of the season after
Nick Foles went down. It was determined Foles would be out for the
season with a broken left clavicle and the legend of Minshew started to grow. Although the Jags got destroyed against KC
in his first game, the team lost by only a point in his first start in the NFL. Following the game, Minshew was offered a
million dollar endorsement from the popular cam site, Camsoda, an offer which he turned
down. But I mean c’mon, smart move on their end,
the guy totally looks like a pornstar from the 70’s But the real reason, Minshew was
known for working out in his college days in nothing but a jockstrap. Although he doesn’t do it in the big leagues,
it’s something CamSoda offered him a million bucks to do from home. Or naked. I don’t think he’s interested though. I’ll do it for a million though. Now to answer that trivia question, who’s
inspired a lot of Minshew’s style, well none other than Burt Reynolds. I can see it. In a phone interview with USA Today Minshew
proclaimed his love for Reynolds, citing his films as a big part of his childhood I’ve watched `Smokey and the Bandit’ about
a million times growing up. Seeing him in that Trans Am, that was a big
part of my childhood. As for the rest of the story, well we gotta
wait and see how this one plays out. I’m sure we’ll have to do an update because
it seems like the legend of Minshew or Minshewmania, whatever you want to call it just keeps getting
bigger and bigger. As always let us know who you want us to cover
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and we’ll see you in the next one.

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