GCSE English Literature – Exam Questions – with themes! Eduqas WJEC #GCSE2019

hello and welcome to English or experienced ret tutor and this is a revision video for we took educast students and it's the section be where you are doing your own thorgy poetry so lots of people spend a great deal of time annotating their work getting loads of helpful notes down but then they don't actually have a go at practice questions and this is because there aren't a lot of path papers yet and these are a little bit harder to come by so one of the things you can do is make your own so what we've got here is the exact text from your exam paper with the blanks so this time we're going to take this Emily Dickinson poem as the example read the poem as imperceptibly as grief by Emily Dickinson in this poem Dickens urn explores ideas about and then what you can do let's take a mind map and if you like this for a list of different things that you've thought about themes that you do know are actually in these poems and just select one so for this one I think you could go for maybe just time so ideas about time or it could say the passing of time something like that and they're filling the gaps and then all you've got to do is try and select another poem from that anthology where you feel time is one of the themes that have been covered time passing of time changes anything along those lines would involve the same type of analysis and needs the same type of poet alright if you're struggling for ideas try and use the comment section below and hopefully you can help each other out all right there and bye for now

2 thoughts on “GCSE English Literature – Exam Questions – with themes! Eduqas WJEC #GCSE2019

  1. Just think about it…
    The examiner says "please put your pens down" in the last exam for your GCSE (physics for me).
    You leave the exam hall and ask a few of your mates how they found it when your collecting your bags.
    You go and collect your phones and meet up with your mates excited about the summer ahead.
    You get home and do NO school work/revision for 13 weeks… 13 weeks that's 91 days.
    You have an amazing summer until it gets to results day.
    You go and collect them from school.
    You have exceeded the grade you were hoping for and can do what ever you wanted to do.

  2. did you change exam board aha, i used all of your videos for edexcel but it seems everyone has realised how useless they are!

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