like guys right okay okay so what am I doing with mommy's what a March oh my god is the audio okay Sol Sol Sol Sol Sol y okay okay right okay try not turn that right wait hold on can you hear your voices in this or not because you shouldn't you shouldn't be able to you can't oh my god it's Meg okay so so okay let's revise I'm okay so so let's go through yeah right that's right you don't feel bail inspired me to do this shoutout to my five viewers thanks Joe della thank you very cool um okay so shut up Jackie Yeah Yeah right hey so basically we're gonna we're gonna what am I doing with my life honestly I'm gonna fail so ah we're gonna start off with characters Macbeth oh okay so I got four viewers yeah Oh Meg no no Matt Meg you know you should just be quiet okay so clit some it's fine it's gone no she's not love you Meg no makes my arm makes my English buddy uh I hate it sorry who's this Joe Della guide man come on not cool not cool I'll put you on timeout bitch yeah you jack wait hold on am I allowed to swear ad moderator AB mother and not Jack though cuz Jack's gay alright fine thank you fine but can't become become muttering okay so yeah I did I did I did meg is jackal that is no oh my god right K so I've got I got views now I got used I get these bear views yeah about you yes it's Felix this is it's my um okay shut up we're learning we're learning we're learning be quiet be quiet so um according to Phil Bell Phil Bell well in about Macbeth here and my breath oh my god doc I'm on it I'm gonna kiss you in a sec so oh wait so I learnin um right now I'm sorry guys but I'm one of the moderators is being very rude Jack so just be you and Phil McDuff forget it no no mechs there makes their no uh yeah hold on you know you still count as mods you don't you don't count as viewers now cuz you menthe ah right shut up well their name let me oh I can't do this can you shut up please I'm actually trying to learn here he's a loud okay so yeah according that's okay it's okay it's all gonna be over soon bye Mike love you okay so so what do you think what about you in what do you mean Oh Oh Jack you're an idiot idiot right now right Jack Jack Jack you going on timeout what is it oh no this is mister thank you I am mr. Bruce so well learning about here English exempt so according to Phil Bell um this isn't this isn't happening this actually isn't happening okay so according to know so according to Phil Bell I hope he's watching this we've got this isn't even working oh I can't deal do you know what Jacqueline let's let's read some Jekyll and Hyde okay right okay so yeah Jack night-night so oh my god Ignatz oh my gosh oh my face who even is respected mic madness what does that say hmm as bad that shut up don't even be quiet okay so we've got um Jekyll and Hyde is is oh hi Emerson actually John Emerson give me a call give me a call give me a call yeah because you cannot even noisy better be Kahn women I am so we're revising today Jekyll and Hyde we will go over the give me a minute actually write Macbeth terminology in act 4 it's not the what is that yes you to be honest um Macbeth terminology act 4 scene 1 foreshadowing I can't even write yeah Jack Schaap yes you need to actually revise this so oh my god shut up ruin stop taking the spotlight Rowan and so Macbeth is full of hubris hubris is a protagonist excessive pride and overconfidence and Macbeth off man Macbeth oh my god oh my god okay hold on hold on excuse me um I'm trying to push through the trolls okay um good a hot right ignosi a handful on cider today I ain't no lightweight so let's see that's how well makes me look like a trump just okay what love you a class okay see mama Chinese not Indian Chinese Vietnamese the boys off off good ham Macbeth hubris is filled by oh my god there's an actual viewer I'm doing a QE EQ it yeah probably I don't know thank you it's the part I don't even know that I think it's it's it's a cueing it is a QA it yes it's some sort he see I see junghwa it's a QA yeah it is oh well uh I am I am in year 11 yes that's correct I'm not very useful though I'm like I'll be honest I've got eight viewers oh my god [Laughter] well I wish I could do that you know English is I might even bother English I don't want to it okay so yeah Leighton honesty English is easy easy just just write like random stuff but don't listen don't listen to Ross David in the chat because Ross David failed and now he's doing a level 2 course at college you want to do 3 as a college like him no you don't just leave it just just whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa right okay so let me talk about Macbeth please so hubris is excessive pride and overconfidence and it ultimately leads to your downfall so Macbeth hubris is caused by the fact is piss afraid of the witches he also believes is a bit like a moral he's clearly not as you can see if you read the booth could you pray didn't cuz uh who did know okay go on and gone I've got time for you isn't like okay should you've done yeah yeah um you from son don't be something bad sorry you castle better so the hubris is shut up here's oh no no oh no no who this I am rising but who this I'm trying anyway I really am I know so many people obviously yeah that's right Newcastle team written by the Newcastle guy oh my god I'd call I keep looking if you account here's oh no no excuse me rude it's fine don't worry about it okay um oh off Jax I'm on modern Jack type of fact I'm not tie them up Jack spent time al Ignace so you don't need to wait so oh my god is that Kenan out Jack Schaap Jack's game you'd okay right sure I'm revising yeah so excuse me I'll go back to turn yep stop are you actually taking viewers oh my god see I'm learning together so I must forget it I'm actually gonna seriously revise now because if I do I'm gonna I'm gonna fail this really badly okay so you failed everything okay so so I'm revising my path so Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde so right now we're going through why Mac that's like you know not very good it's a bit of an idiot to be honest so in Macbeth we're gonna learn about the semantic fields because they are good to talk about when you're talking about the structure and the techniques used I feel like what I do in right so the somatic fields in Macbeth you can use the color red you can also use the color red linked to blood you can also use the Select fields of violence and sex because they'd be mud baths like a bit she's a bit you know she wants it always wants it that's a good word Welsh well you see the thing is she's just not want to become a buzz soul so Lady Macbeth she's all like but that's summer up real quick stall Ross I swear I'm actually gonna put you on a timeout no because Lady Macbeth's just saw like oh I want I want to look like a woman on wear dresses and I feel like mm but then no because what happened her like fatal flaw because she has one believe or not it should things she can have all this power but then because it's all like I forgot one the police said I've actually for my god um mr. TSM ninja we're doin Macbeth and uh Jacqueline high tomorrow that's right yeah well right that's right Mac yeah English literature paper one is Macbeth in Jekyll and Hyde and our paper two is in spectacles and the power and conflict poetry and thank you power and conflict is very chill um so I lost three viewers all I'm not interested enough so because you distracted me yeah if I could actually put using like the bottom I must begin to myself [Applause] so yeah we're also talking about her the peripeteia in Macbeth and that is the definition or the definition for that is a certain reverse in fortune and circumstance so you know one like Kevin Keeley I swear why oh I can't even ask you can't I'm trying to live right Ross I'm gonna be on time out in a sec right okay okay okay no hold on I get on the big boys out where's it going stop this right okay Kevin I know you're with me I know you're with me right you're with me right kealan Ethan I think you and left oh so okay so we're looking now which we'll skip to hey we have an entire mess bath folder yeah it is well this is useless thanks Ross stop distracting me okay oh my god this is a think this is actually all useless right y'all do Jacquelyn hikes that's easy honestly this is it's going great what I've lost loads of viewers next everyone everyone wants to learn and I'm not I'm not teaching them see what you've done this is what you've done right mister oh no no I am talking to you it's Kealing right dawn then um oh wow Wow so in Jacqueline height well then about the characters because the characters are all like men it's the patriarchy how do I not sound like a feminist here it's a you know if he shall be mr. Jack I seek I shall Oh oh yeah no lah so the key themes in Jekyll and Hyde are science repression uh rich versus poor and psychology / duality of characters so because I'm oh my god this is right now we're getting we're getting mr. Bell's case on give me a min I sweat someone put Ignace on timeout 300 seconds oh my god so actually don't know what to say after get girls Aloud is pretty educational I use a piece of being quiet now this is bark you know right so here we're doing um Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde but right now it's not going very well because honestly I think I'm just having a mental breakdown to be honest I'm having a seizure just Thank You kealan that's right so I have here right now we'll still do we'll still do what I was gonna do um what oh sure okay so we're gonna go through my fuse because they're helpful I hope were striking fine we'll go from out over from a book cuz that's us no because obviously I can look at my quotes guess the books useless thanks Caitlin I'll try and do my revision although it's not looking good it's actually kind of looking bleak um so context that's an inspector calls never mind oh my core this is of my sim no that wasn't oh I did not have this right so I'm in there I'm in one of the holes key then so I've still got eight years it's pretty good so now we're gonna look at mr. Ellison who kind of know rates like every single thing about the shmita I'm making up random now so mr. Ellison boring curious repressed he's quite intelligent yeah respectable and reputable and he's quite loyal so that's pretty good when you like I'm good gambling in my stream you're allowed to do that I think you don't have to do that I like can tell my Alexa to play something I like sir don't play copyrighted music we do play copyrighted music music Alexa no no okay so I've got like chapter trackers for all of the stuff so oh yeah okay so chapter 1 in Jekyll and Hyde the story of the door is when mr. Ellison's introduced and you know he's a bit born he's all like nah just some normal Victorian gentleman and is one little girl gets absolutely stomped on merked by mr. Hyde and um yeah this is so I like the set in here it kind of Arriflex hides put like personality like right at the beginning so there's like no light and it's not clean and uh honestly not have any quotes for this cuz I'm actually useless thank you oh no I okay well in the sinaitic fields of evil because he's described as a damn good juggernaut and kinda satanic and hellish and detestable new cuz uh that's not that's not used in Chapter one but I call this he's only used in Chapter I think it's like I don't know the one I think it might be the Internet the window where they describe the smoke going over London cuz London's a shithole nonsense I still can't believe six people are watching this cuz honest I'm um I'm really uninteresting myself um what I'm pretty sure do uh uh yeah so chapter two the search for mr. Hyde I'm gonna give like a plot rundown of all of them sitting on my help so chapter one why why are you laughing right okay chapter on Oh price break chapter one story of the door so this is where everyone meets mr. Essen and he's taking a walk with mr. Enfield is dear friend I think he might be his cousin I don't know actually don't know um in this war that you kind of represents like the normal Victorian gentleman like morning stroll kind of represent and obviously he sees the little girl gap you know milked by Hyde um I've repeated this before this is honestly the only quarter no is damn juggernaut but kind of describes mr. Hyde is an unstoppable force of evil he the chunky boy yeah that's right so a chapter chapter to the search for mr. Hyde is kind of like well in a rundown of this is how do you revise okay so don't do what I'm doing because all this I'm a discord right now and I'm actually I'm trying to learn I really am but some people you're right so actually we're gonna we'll finish we'll finish the chap like the chapter going over the chapters and then we'll go over some characters cuz there's a lot to say about the characters so chapter two um uh oh soon you know sees jackals will and it says if Jekyll dies then everyone's gonna go to mr. Hyde and uh you know Oh Ross strategy health on the top oh I didn't even really stood chapter two so in Chapter two uh Lanyon said that Jekyll's like research is unscientific which is you know self-explanatory we all know his site is scientists bad and lanyons kind of like the little silkscreen over all he knows what's up but obviously he gets nicked in the end because uh yeah since plagued by hide you know he doesn't like the these easily haunts his dreams and that kind of sees like that could be a supernatural element to hide you he could be been there the creepy boy so chapter three is dr. Jekyll was quiet ease the most boring chapter in this book so this is my ma first meet dr. Jekyll and he's described as a well-liked and respected sociable sociable and pristine and quote unquote a large well made man of fifty but also described this something of a slide cast which is because he's obviously ed secret a bit of a spooky perv it's maybe a bit gay but we don't have anything about gay we don't have anything bad about gay people hmm at the end to what towards the end of the chapter though dr. Jekyll's described is something a blackness about his eyes and you know kind of juxtapose is the beginning of the chapter to the end because you know something Bad's probably about happen which it kind of cuz I don't know I feel like how how Jacqueline hides structured is it's like one chapter will be read like it'll be full of drama and then the next chapter will be really boring like this chapter because obviously in the chapter before they were looking for mr. Hyde because he just stomped on this girl's head didn't kill her though and then chapter freeze just like Jekyll chillin at home but then and then from that like Reba chill thing we get to chapter 4 the Karoo murder case which is when it's perm on this poor old man it's clubbed over the head by mr. Hyde right in the street from this lady in the window and uh obviously that's not very good so you know so the crime is described as a crime of singular ferocity which is obviously also self-explanatory it's not it's not a good crime it's sudden I feel like to the Victorians that would be watching this it would be like wow would this it would make them think about watch she happens in their like society because most of them I probably used to like knowing about these things whereas some of them probably quite shocked in it so uh I'm gonna answer that question I think to be fair mr. overlord I can't say Lord for some reason the way to pass he can't just you need to know like the content more man what what I've done oh off you feel sharp I'm saying you need to know what you need to know more of a content and like you need to have a structured argument you can't just like cuz obviously you don't get marks for like a plan you only get marks for the Conte like what you write you just need to make sure it's structured because you get you get marks foot well you don't well you obviously do when you get marks for how its structured which is where you think you need to focus on I like if you look online you can find the marking schemes and uh obviously if you are taking the exams next year it will pro be a lot easier because probably to be fair every once we're gonna do like really pop this yeah and then yeah it'll be really chill chapter five we've got six years chapter 5 is have myself a crew yeah I did the career murder case um so I think cou room is there to like create a another view of their like Victorian gentleman there's obviously other men so the fact he might be sub like repressed homosexual that went out to go get some you know bad bad for the Victorians like to be fair if you were right if you got a question about like like why the say if you got a question on why the play was written like Stevenson even know this point this yeah Robert Louis Stevenson don't worry about that that's just my mistake um I think his like if you had a question his motives you could see you might want to expose like the darker side of society because he's using like good car like Carew's described as a beautiful man and to be fair this code like represent a feminine image and it could also show like how he's not math like he's not as masculine as other characters like it could also be like uh uh you know just a way of kind of showed he's vulnerable to what's about happened to him because obviously does get murked the case we'll talk about the attack actually Stephenson can be how does Stephenson convey the brutality of the attack so I've got written down here I don't actually remember writing this down but he says well I said he related to a storm the maids description was to kind of cuz the maid beat the maid beanthere like it was irrelevant at the end and Ross listen yeah we should put we should put Ross on a timeout so someone's trying to actually learn about English and you ask them if they're watching Gnomeo and Juliet rock paper so um the attack well so I've got in my opinion the the idea of the lick female maid sitting in the window is to kind of represent a calm before the storm thing so it's like you know she's there she's all calm she'll pre if I could find this on his feet it would be so much easier but I'm trying not to look in Buch because that's bad according to some people um I don't know she's kind of there to make the reader calm and like make it seem like nothing's happening that it's just like a normal society then obviously it's clubbed over the head and killed and it kind of disturbs the peace just like Jekyll's unscientific balderdash does that's an actual quote proud of that so but I think chapter four is actually really important because it kind of it gives like background on to parts of society like the theme of innocence and evil and one so it could also it could also featured reality as well but not so much so because it's like a female and then some like beautiful male who gets killed if you're gonna describe kuru before he gets murdered he's described as innocent and old an old world will old world kindness of disposition he's clearly well respected needs upper-class but then it also gives you like a a question of why is the outside at this time because he's pressed and he wants to get it all out um also another thing for the maid is a physical for her and it's she was romantically given and that's got themes of femininity and when she faints insights the innocent and that she's heard nothing because she's sent behind a window so kind of indicates her symbolically being protected and obviously the second is it's a dark or it's a dark Street and it's not you know not very safe I've got the streets described is the gloomiest die which is kind of evil elements of death and reinvasion of darkness which is the shadows kind of creeping in on soho don't think so hose a nice place rowan might know it's so okay so the set n as well for chapter 4 it's also described so there's there's a quite few quotations says a gin Palace penny numbers slightly passengers Haggard children women of dition different nationalities passing out key key in hand for a glass and a swirling wreaths of chocolate colored ports this is this is when pathetic fallacy is introduced into the into the book the the novella because um well first of all it's describing the people and the people are described is like dirty unkept like obviously Haggard children and the women of different nationalities it's obviously representing the prostitutes and it's kind of Stevenson's give an insight on like the background of all the feyza lovely people in this lovely town london this could I know it's what the same quotes but having an idea of what London's like in these times would also be good if you have to study the poem London for the anthology in the conflict detention one because it's it's the same thing just rapping like the negative dark parts of London and then just define why the the writers set them it's works in the same way really so I feel helpful I kind of feel a bit helpful I feel like I'm not I'm not bullshitting as much now which is quite good I found curve yeah so so I've also got the pike fallacy because the fog is like negative energy the chocolate-coloured pall is representing the industrialized London as well as the fact that there's supernatural elements like it's the fear of the unknown because I've literally wrote a mating which me crap like doc just like height great but it's no it's seriously it's describing how London can hide the unknown really and use DX plays I've heard of you before swell house I don't know my knob um chapter 5 is yeah I'm going to explode that I've kind of spent a long time on that so the chapter 5 is the incident of the letter and a Jekyll kind of what okay Jekyll Jekyll look sick in this cuz you know s goes to visit them and then uh soon obviously cuz he he's like their detective and this he has his doubts that Hyde is being protected by checkol because of all of the things like the well-written just to hide and to be fair to us it kind of sounds nice it kind of sounds obvious well we obviously know that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person and it's kind of I've got the word for it but it's like what is the word we know it but the the audience knows it but the yeah I forgot the word is so that is so that is the word for it if anyone I know that six people watching if anyone knows what that is that please say that you don't know um so for this yeah sure try again II that's it so um the laboratory which is obviously where Jekyll chills out and it's described as gaunt and silent dingy and windowless and it has connotations of a foggy gothic setting it's obviously really negative which is what Stephenson wants us to think about Hyde's abode well sir Danvers crew he's mentioned to this briefly and he's described as well he was described it's important that he was important and relevant but because people did care about his death and it creates tension because people think Jekyll's situation worsens and this has happened and it kind of it's all starting to build up just like in Macbeth when events like pile on and on to each other until it all gets revealed um oh one second what's chapter six coughs um Mack that's pretty chilly ow oh yeah they're remarkable nope that's not right Chapter six yes they're remarkable incident of lung dr. Lanyon so what do you find hard about Jekyll cuz I'm I'm pretty good at describe like character character described in I guess this is some really good um Jeff got notes on that I'll go through them that was this lease did anyone know that was a sneeze a sneeze is it like we what do you like just the general themes of like the novella or is it just general quotes on like like what kind of quotes cuz I got this swanky revision guys I got for free I have this book and it's so useful oh ok I'm quite good at that one I guess um c34 have you got this by the way because it's quite helpful it's probably it's definitely too late to get it now but um the dual nature of man starts like with cuz Jekyll believes that there's two sides of every individual he does he does mention that and I think this is why Guan Yin thinks it's like unscientific and it's bad because he obviously doesn't believe in that and like the reason lanyons such a foil to jackal is because uh the scientific views clash so much besides I think it's common sense to know that the sides like one side civilized and good and then one sides sinful and evil and Stevenson who is this bold Martin so I've got Stevenson uses what is this Roy Bryant ruins fill in the chat with memes I swear excuse me bright so a walk thing right no don't tell me joke um so I I'm revising Jekyll and Hyde at the moment it's a tribe revising Macbeth and she wasn't happenin really wasn't happening um so like I said before to DX um the dual nature of man it's one of Stevenson's like motives for the for the novella eases it to criticize the respectable society and um yeah I'm doing Macbeth tomorrow on Jekyll and Hyde um I'm also also struggling I'm kind of just making up as I go along to be honest I'm reading from a I think another thing about dual nature is because one of the key themes is repression and like reputation you know reputation is obviously a really good thing for Victorians that's all they care about really and repressions like the other side of that it's the stuff that they want to keep away and do they wanna just don't want to cut to come out just realize my teas cold outside um so you could write if you were doing a question you could bring up like the dual nature that you could talk about in one paragraph you could talk about how one side is civilized and you know normal like Jekyll and then you could use quotes about Jekyll and like how he's described and then in the second paragraph you could say like we're ours um Oh some was picked up by daylight don't know who that is you can also talk about the second side where it's either sinful and obviously bad or did it come up last year I don't know that um okay if I'm not gonna do second I might do think I don't know what else what else do they could come up I'm I'm quite I don't actually know what could come up I'm kind of just revising everything and I'm hoping cuz you know the thing about mitosis today mitosis was gonna come up didn't it didn't come up at all Jonah I mean yeah I'm revising Lady Macbeth mostly I think she's probably most likely to come up rawski not funny you're not funny wha oh my god that's so good um well I'm definitely I probably won't revise Banquo Banquo is a sudden that baby no and he's definitely probably won't come up I'm a big Lady Macbeth I spoke to my English teacher and my other teacher said that Lady Macbeth would probably come up most likely yeah but I think they were all wrong I think question Warner says it should spend 45 minutes on a question to use 45 minutes question see that's all wrong that is literally that is all wrong I've I think I've gotten the wrong all right that's for my trial exams always Eric see how I have I feel like at struggle with Eric Oh show us past up that's really bad i watch you know why else I can cover now so I feel like I've done all of the chapters and the characters are could go over like a little milk served on I don't need to revise that now though I'm not doing a-levels I'm probably gonna do an apprenticeship or TV and Phil I've got a spot College new TV and film but I'd like to do an apprenticeship another fight for quite a few of them so hopefully it'll go well Rossiter what angle this is by Corey any of that so chunky Ross's Road here what a chunky chunky boy oh yeah but jawline that jawline is really you saw a track of me here I've lost like six viewers now all of you are still watching mr. last person that comrade um my English teacher said I should take English is an eighth level sorry I've interrupted Ross can't even hear Ross so that's true for an hour Rowan do you think this is a little for like dumb people English all that Ross Ross has a cute little folder of our life's falling apart okay so I feel like I should end this dream now I feel like I'm embarrassing myself at this point all right guys end in this dream cuz uh I hate myself and I'm gonna fail so thanks for watching uh right careful I was gonna end up I clicked the wrong button so that's quite embarrassing at you why you wanna anger oh right okay bye

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