GCSE English Literature Revision – A* Writing about poetry

right hello you look I'm going to do a quick screencast here about showing you a model of a star writing at in the GCSE literature exam particular I'm going to show you a model of the poetry right well first of all I'll show you where I got this model from actually very easy very straightforward to find if you've gone google you google aq8 English GCSE English literature you'll get to this page here this top page click on that and it'll take you to this the AQA page and then you can go to well get past papers there or you can get exemplar material okay so if you open the hi paper you'll get to this document oops sorry that's not it this document and that will tell you I'll give you five scripts that will show you what marks they all got and then you can go look at them basically right so quickly then why this one is an a-star this one is actually full marks so let's have a look to see what's so good about this it begins mother any distance havisham the laboratory and my last Duchess all use a first-person persona which gives us insight into the personality of the speaker and with that their relationships now notice please that this as an introduction is really straightforward you don't there's a temptation I think if you're going for a and a star to be over complicated sometimes this very successful candidate has quite simply introduced the poem said what four poems they're going to write about and find one point of comparison between them in in the in their introduction you can also what they've done is they've use the key word of the question in the introduction so they've answered the question straight away there's no messing around you know giving background to the poems or whatever it's straight on it right here we go in mother any distance armitage uses a variation on a sonnet form Armitage uses a loose structure in his form which doesn't conform to the features of a classic strip Shakespearean sonnet for example there is a short fifteenth line which provides the climax of the poem it parallels with the boy leaving his mother's home and shows how at the end of the poem the relationship is breaking apart now why is that a good quality a star piece of writing well I mean it's it's the basics really it's getting the basics right and then being sophisticated within them it's a clear topic sentence it's showing understanding of form not just what the poem means not just the imagery but showing appreciation of form and structure that that is an a star indicator and you get students writing about form pace intensity these things that are specific to poetry really rather than just writing about imagery and alliteration it's fine to write about imagery alliteration of course it is and this student does go on to do so but an a star indicator I think is the ability to write about form and structure with with real confidence so think about that in your revision and think are you prepared do you know what you're going to say about the form and structure of each poem before you go into the exam room let's have a little look on I've got a couple of minutes left so Havisham uses four four line stanzas which are very uniform in line length this could show how cold and calculated she's become as a result of her soured relationship after she was jilted by her lover John John Berman and caesura through the poem shows how like the poem she's become mangled and broken by her relationship see that's that's just a nice point isn't it personally I'd like to see an example in there but you know the example give him full marks or her full mark so you know nice phrasing isn't it it's well phrased and it and it relates to the previous point so we've talked about the form of motherly distance and we're moving on to a comparative point about the form of Havisham and then it goes on the two poems by browning about long dramatic monologue so we're still talking about form here you can see how there's a real coherence there picking on that aspect of the poem form and then they're looking at all four poems systematically to to explore that – Duchess has a very positive masculine rhyme scheme which shows how the jika Ferrer is thinking positively about the counts daughter whom he wishes to marry in spite of a horrible fate his last wife has suffered he therefore sees relationships in a very callous way look at the way that points developed he doesn't let go of that point says he therefore sees relationships in a very callous way right i mean i would suggest now that you guys good have a look at this essay yourself and don't investigate what it is that makes this a successful piece of writing

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  1. have y literature exam at 9:00am tommorow , im going to fail ….

  2. Because I got fucked over by the exam board last year with language I only had 2 weeks for poetry . Hopefully I can pull through

  3. i watched these videos last year and they helped me to get an a* in english!!

  4. Omg..Exam at 9.00pm on 20th May D: FREAKKINNGG OUT. It's so weird! Time has flown by :'( x

  5. I thought if you mentioned key points you would still get marks, never mind got an A* anyways 🙂

  6. they have updated there site and as they frick everything up this has gone :'(

  7. I have a re-sit in one week and have been procrastinating like a MOTHER FREEKING BOSS! time to get real <3 thank you for uploading means a lot that people give a rodger

  8. in my literature exam, I mentioned the poem had five syllables in each line but it had ten, do you think I will still get some marks?

  9. you'll be fine! you can only do your best :p minimum I want is a B, a C for me would mean I haven't even tried

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