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I think I might be live have a gun live yet yeah I think I live have you buddy Levin if you can hear me let me know if you can see me let me know it's all working ok is it working yeah it's working and so hi everyone I'm gonna be doing a little relationships poems obviously is 15 and I can't get through them all because I'm not going live for that long well I'm gonna live like I'm live but like I can't cover all the poems cuz is literally 15 poems so lemon knows we like which ones you want to start off with I'm probably gonna go through like the like meaning of the poem and then like context for the poem then language and then form and structure obviously with quotes and stuff so let me know like what you want me to go through first I'm thinking of going through first um like lost philosophy like winter Swans because basically first of all in specification paper was a follower and that was asking for parental attitudes and comparing parents attitude so that was follower 2017 it was more than any distance and that was comparing growing up and last year was singsong and that was comparing a romantic love so there's been parental attitudes growing up and singsong and there's been follow it mother any distance and um same songs yeah follow up more than a distant singsong parental attitudes go and got and romantic love so that is why I'm kind of not gonna focus on them I'm also gonna look at like winter Swans in neutral tones a more like love and heartbreak and farmers bride / Furies lover like longing and possession stuff like that and so I'm thinking like maybe if we don't focus on what's already been as much then we might have a chance like something that comes up might actually like something we talked about today you might actually come up on the exam um I'm just gonna make sure everybody knows this a QA and put in the title this is a TA a QA love relationships yeah all right oh I've changed the thing let me change it back sorry there we go and right okay so if you look at it that's already come up obviously like we don't know what's gonna come up and it's really hard to predict what's gonna come up but things like getting older that could be like a theme that comes up romantic love came up last year so maybe that isn't gonna come up maybe family relationships might come up because family relationships hasn't come up yet and annan distance distance has a co-op yeah and distance runs through one two three four five six seven eight nine of the poems so maybe we look at something like that so I'm gonna get started in a second and decide which poem I'm gonna start with in a second and unless you want to start off with putting all of the poems into like themes and stuff but then there is like a lotta themes so we might just start with a poem somebody said I think that it's from Yorkshire hmm yeah maybe that's a good look let's from Yorkshire or maybe if we cover one of the poems did before you a monk mop maybe we should start with before your mind because before your mind comes under quite a lot of the different themes that could come up so it's really good to compare so we might start with before you were mine also I think it's a really easy poem to understand as well right so yeah we're gonna get started in a minute if you haven't quite this video already please make sure to give it a big thumbs up as it really does help me out and also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and see ya right just go through them all I can't go through them all because there's too many so I'm just gonna go through her like as many as I can but yeah give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already what grade you want in English Lit I really want an eight or a nine I love a nine but obviously like I'll be happy with eight as well right okay I'm good at some paper are you gonna like for physics um I'm not sure I think I might go life a physic I'm probably gonna live on this for an hour and then I might go life of physics I'm probably gonna go life a blob of this though and then I'm Michael I physics and what problems came up last year last year was singsong and that was romantic love 2017 was mother any distance and that was growing up and the specification paper was follow it and that was parents attitude right let's have a lot so soon as a last year was romantic love I'm not sure that that will come up I might look at family family relationships and then distance what I think I'm gonna do is I think I'm going to talk about family relationships as a theme and tell you one two three four five six seven poems not for family relationships and you can compare cuz that theme hasn't come up yet so I'm gonna go under I'm gonna do family relationship so I'm not gonna analyze each poem in detail mr. properties got really good videos and that if you do want to see that I'm gonna go through from the relationships and talk about the seven poems really briefly about in each of the poems so you know like which poem has from only relationships and then say if one of these poems comes up in the exam then and it asks what poem compares to family relationships then you can use some this like little my map to hopefully help you pick what poem you want to compare um advice on on teen poetry I'll do like it and another live and on teen poetry but on teen poetry and I actually quite like so I can do something on that if you do you want to see that right okay um and I'm gonna be using the CGP book for this I've no upload to my loving relationships poems things on our website but if you do want to see that then and leave a comment I'll do that but I'm just using the CGP book a minute and then also this mind map on every single program right okay so I'm gonna right in the middle of my my map family relationships so if you are following me then you can do the same let me know if you are following me by the way um yeah right I'm gonna write family relationships in the middle and then so first of all in family relationships that we've got walking away so walking away hasn't come up yet and it's also um a real good poem to compare so family relationships we've got walking away now don't worry about having to remember the author's name because you do get it listed at the front of your exam paper so you don't really need to know the author's name and but if you were interested walking away it's by C day-lewis so walking away we've got the boy walking away from his father um which represents his first steps towards independence so walking away while he walking away from his father to art school in toward school represents his first steps towards independence um also the narrative is basically the poem reflecting back on his anxiety of dropping his young son earth and so you can write about like the anxiety of the parent and not wanting to like let go of his son and I'm just gonna get the poem officer poetry anthology my teachers call mrs. green halt in none of my family are teachers so yeah right look honey if I were walking away is gone and where is it gone walking away just so I can get some like quotes and stuff and we can talk about that as well and so yeah the like narrative through it is the poet talking about his personal experience of dropping his son off at school so quotes you can use for that a touch lines new rules and obviously new wheels represent new boundaries and that then being sets like these boundaries are being pushed and obviously he's the son is becoming more independent and so the negative imagery shows the father's distress at watching his son take his first steps away from the father's protection so negative imagery shows father father's distress at watching his son like grow apart from him and get some dependence so some quotes that you might want to think about for walking away are touch lines new rules like a settle it satellite wrenched from its orbit obviously the word wrenched is very powerful word you can talk about that and everything and a half fledged thing set free into a wilderness we've got some nature imagery and we've got gnaws at my mind still meaningly still struggling with the fact that his son is growing older and then we have got and love is proved in the letting go he's come to a level of understanding so I'm not really like going into great detail and tell you about the in quote but that it's just kind of like an overview and hopefully this is reminding you of the poem um so also under family relationships and we've got my mother any distance now mother any distance did come up in 2017 however it could come or you could use it to compare it to another poem so I would still recommend writing this down but just know it probably won't come off as a name as well because it did come up in 2017 so if you do wanna make a note of that motherly distance came up in 2017 and asked about comparing let me read the question I actually was gone compare how the poet presents growing up in mother any distance and in what other poem from love and relationships so you had to talk about how the poem how the poet represents growing up and compare it to one of the poem however if it says something about family relationships you could still use it to compare so mother any distance so this speaker describes how the mother helps to move him into a house so a speaker describes how a mother helped him move into a house and then also there's a lot of like the narrator has mixed feelings and about this whole like moving away and everything so some key things that you need to remember for mother any distance some Tiki quotes in other words like anchoring kite hopefully the words should be like triggering stuff in your memory of them like reading this poem stuff so we've got anchor kite again like short sentences and you can talk all about that and everything then we've got um let's look the zero end me with the spool of tape so you can talk about the tape and you can also use the quote at the end of the poem which says endless sky to fall off fly so fall off fly we've got bird imagery about flying from the nest and leaving the nest and everything which is really similar to walking away and obviously that's where the comparison comes in also you do need to compare them as well so walking away he's got a bit more negative imagery about the father being really distressed however mother any distance is a lot more positive um but then she too similarly is also really reluctant to like let her child go and I'm not showing through the breaking point that is the quote break and like I said I am just doing brief overviews hopefully and then you can expand on these but these are still our family and relationships then come under that theme so next we've got climbing my grandfather so if you want to jot that down okay so climbing my grandfather is an extended metaphor so if you write that down of mountaineering to describe how he gets to know his grandfather he's climbing up his body trying to discover things about him and so hopefully that reminds you of climbing my grandfather and what that is about and so it's the image of a child physically climbing his grandfather and so that implies closeness to his father he's physically climbing him um and then we've got the ground it also shows the grandfather's patience as his grandson climbed to show his attachment to the child so it shows the grandfather's patience um and then we've got the emotional closeness so obviously this the speaker really wants to find out about his grandfather and that is why he's physically described as climbing him and that was why that accented metaphor was used and so some things you might want to talk about is I discovered the glassy wedge of a scar which he's discovering previously unknown things about him and this scar suggests a painful memory so the grandson is discovering lots of things about his grandfather and and he's discovering things that he never previously knew and something else you might want to write about under the quo is knowing the slow pulse of his good heart so knowing the slope holes of his good heart and so basically he's finally gained knowledge and feels the steady reliable love of his grandfather so by the end of the poem um the grandson has finally gained knowledge and feels this steady reliable love I was grandfather and that was a brief overview of climate my grandfather you also need to remember you need to know up up a little bit about the author for all of the poems so you can cover your al3 which is worth three marks so make sure you do know a little bit about contacts and stuff I can go over that I am gonna be on live for poetry I think when's the poetry exam on Thursday so I think I'm gonna go live on Wednesday night if you do want to see it and go over like any last details for poetry but yeah we're gonna carry on with the theme of family relationships and next talk about Eden Roc what Daisy example the exam is on Thursday the 23rd of May so next we've got Eden Rock also if you haven't liked this video I'm ready please give it a like and subscribe if you're not subscribed already right so quite Eden Roc and even Rock is basically the narrator imagines that his parents are waiting for him and won't leave on until he's draining them so let me just get these notes off here um so the narrative the speaker is remembering his parents when they were young and remembering them having a picnic by the stream it's written in the present tense to make the memory seem more real so if you want to write down to written in the present tense and the speaker his is talking about his parents having a picnic and yeah paper is 60% it's all in the description of this video so picnic on stream his parents arouse are a lot younger and then we've got basically they live a simple but happy life conveying the importance of family and how wealth is not important um this encourages him to cross the stream towards them possibly symbolizing his birth or his death as he joins them in the next life so we don't know whether he's dying and going to heaven with them always just been born and he's going to meet them and that is why it's kind of like old interpretation and you've probably been like told by your teacher or something and what they think and like what the poems about but yeah it's basically about his parents and then he's like kind of observing em so if you we can also talk about the title so even rock obviously Eden if you know anything about like Christianity and stuff Eden is a difficult and even is like the Garden of Eden which makes you think it's like heaven because the Garden of Eden is meant to be a place of perfection and paradise so even rock is a biblical reference this is a biblical reference and symbolizes perfection and paradise in and then is really important if we look at the last line and the last line says I had not thought that it would be like this it's a monosyllabic sentence it's not specific um what is a sense of like ambiguity and the unknowing like he doesn't really know what's gonna happen I'm the one syllable let the words I like represent a childlike tone is very simplistic it could be him prepare to die or it could be about him being born which is where your interpretation comes in a bit and so some quotes travel to think about our and they beckon me from the other bank you can talk about with a bank you can talk about the actual in poem ease and rock you can talk about that is like biblical reference everything like that so it's either the idea of Eden Roc is either the idea that he's gonna be born into this perfect life or the perfect family and even Rock cause men to be like the Garden of Eden a place of perfection um or you can look at it like he is dying and he's gonna go to his parents in heaven and that is the place of perfection so there's two ways of looking at it and but that is kind of a brief overview of even rock so next we have got follower in the theme of family relationships thank you so much fairy chick for your donation and it will just help me out so thank you so much for donating and yeah I'm glad that you're liking this video um so we've got follow up by Simas Heaney I know his name because I watch it on followers sometimes I think followers actually a really good and clever poem and so basically follower this speaker recalls how he would watch his father expertly plow the field on the farm when he where he grew up so he's basically it's basically a poem about him admiring his father admiring his father and there's a lot of admiration in for his father's strength and skill why work while plowing um as the child so as the narrator hey rock athletic and as the narrator followed his father he stumbled which is a quote and fell which is a quote um he's literally struggling to be like his father so the son really wants to be like his father but back through the quotes stumbled and fell he's literally um struggling to be like care um so you can write down stumbled and fell and then the poem also has half rhymes so an example of the half rhymes in the poem are plow and also follow which emphasizes the narrator's sense of failure because if the narrator was successful it would be full rhyme but because it's only half rhyme it's really clever because it symbolizes the narrator sense of failure as you can write that down and he feels like he's unable to live up to his father's example so unable to live up to father's example and then we've got before you and mine also in family relationships so we thought you were mine so just give you a second to write down anything that you were writing down to follow it and then we'll talk about before you a mine also again please do give this video a big thumbs up as it really does help me out and thank you sky I'm glad that it's helping um Olivia what poem would you want to be on the exam probably one of these family relationships poems and because all of the ones that I'm talking about linked together really well so probably one of the poems that I've already talked about and what is it from the relationship spawns right so we're gonna do before you a mine and let me just find in my own soldiery these are literally like all my only tasted poems like literally so the narrator admires her mother's Beauty as a young woman she highlights it by comparing her to Marilyn Monroe affirming to thousands of eyes which suggests that she was the center of attention so basically the narrator is admiring her mother so again we've got the idea of admiration so before you a mine and follow would there fart be real good poems to compare so um yeah you can write about the admiration and write that and then maybe highlight follower and before you a mine in admiration so you can both see that they've both got that theme of admiration in there and hey Ben um ok so before you're mine you can also write a bowel like I see where it's gone um the fact that it's the mother's life before she gave birth so mother's life before she had a child um so when we're talking about admiration and we're talking about how the speaker has a deep admiration for her mother and but this perhaps comes with a hint of jealousy and for her glamorous and fun loving mother so if you're going to compare before you a mine and follow it in follow up the sons got admiration for his dad and his strength and sees himself as a failure but if you were comparing the poems and you were talking about differences in the poems you could talk about admiration is a similarity but then for the difference you could talk about how in before you were mine it's more the child is almost jealous of her mother and how in the lamb race and fun-loving she is so you can talk about jealousy um but then you could also talk about guilt so the narrator almost feels guilty for being born because um after that and mother's life was never the same so you could talk about how she feels guilty and mothers like was never the same after his shoes boys she couldn't have the same amount of fun and everything him so life more like boring after she was born and then we have got the last song in family relationships in like themes well which I I've got any way in which is singsong so singsong deeds come up last year but it came up a romantic love so if they wanted to be really sneaky what they could do is they put singsong gone again and talked about it saying how does it present family relationships or how like yeah how does it percent family relationships because as well as it presents in romantic love it also does show family relationships so if ata we're feeling really sneaky they could do that because they'll know a lot of people look to it in terms of romantic love and versus family relationships so I think you should definitely look at in terms of family relationships just in case that does come up so sing song let's have a look so the speaker is a young British Indian man who works in his parents shop and he's got a new bride and has disregarded his responsibilities in the shop in order to spend more time with her so it's about the British Indian man and who works in his poets sharp now if we're looking at context for this a lot of em like you need to know context for all of the poems but I think this one's like especially in like interest in so basically the poet is of Indian descent um but it was born in Bradford which is in the UK and he's basically saying that like typical Indian people have like a corner shop which he's talked about in his poem so he's basically almost taken the mickey out of himself and the indian um kind of like culture he's saying like oh yeah I love Indian people have corner shops and he's talking about his family always having corner shops and that is right in the program there's a lot of Indian language and a lot of slang Indian so you can talk about that in terms of language and Jacque sure um but in terms of family relationships and we can talk about how he runs one of Daddy's shops which suggests that he's dependent on his father so you can talk about him being dependent and then we could also compare that to climb in my grandfather because in climbing my grandfather there's the idea of possession and the grandson wanting to be all over his grandfather and stuff like that so we can kind of compare those two um and then we can also talk about respect to the elders is an important traditional part of Indian culture which is where a oh three can come in so yes its dialect so the poem has got an Indian dialect thanks Harvey um so if we're going to talk about the Indian culture that is really good for bringing in ao3 so respect for elders is an important part of traditional Indian culture and the narrator and wife are rebelling against Indian heritage as well as against his parents so in terms of family and in like family relationships you can talk about like the rubella it rebellious rubella can tailor word basically you can talk about how he is Rebellion's egg his culture then you can bring in about the Indian culture which is bringing in you're a o3m and you can talk about heritage and that is how family relationships is kind of portrayed so I definitely suggest if AQ a I feel ill feeling like horrible and wanna give a sing song again they could ask us about family relationships as they know a lot of people will just studied it from mark and gone down the route of romantic love so they could look at it in terms of family relationships so I think it's definitely something you should think about a la carte so those are they 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I think one two three four five six seven yeah seven poems that come under family relationships they're all really good poems to compare so I definitely recommend looking at those like I said family relationships has really come up like parental attitudes come up and growing up has come up but not really a lot to do with family relationships is the general theme so I'm also gonna look at the idea of distance I think because distance again is a key theme within poems and poetry and distance hasn't come up yet so I'm gonna go through distance so I'm gonna put distance in the middle I'm gonna show you what I did for that is what I did for family relationships obviously those are all the problems around the outside I'm going to do the same for distance for distance there is one two three four poems so it is again less likely to come up but just in case it does I'm just gonna write distance in the middle and then right if we've overview of all of these poems around it so we've got distance so if you want to write down the four poems that come on distance we have got winter swans we've got walking away we've got lettuce from Yorkshire and we've also got Sun twenty-nine I think of they okay so I'm gonna start with winter swans I'll just give you a second to write write that down if you are writing that down and so when just swans okay so winter swans is a poem that describes the trouble a troubled couple walking around a lake and after two days of a heavy argument so it's about an argument um although the couple are together there was no physical contact or communication so there's no contact or communication and this reflects the emotional distance between them so the distance in this is emotional so bad I'm not talking or communicating it represents emotional distance so the environment reflects their troubled relationships because there's been two days of rain it's we've got pathetic fallacy with the rain and then that represents the argument that they've had um and then we have got sort of look the swans so we've got energy of swans and nature and the Swans become a metaphor for companionship and commitment so if you want to talk about the distance basically the emotional distance at the end is healed and and the Swans create nature nature and like imagery about that about companionship so these two swans basically their companionship inspires them to like come back together and that is winter swans and the distance in winter swans and then we've got walking away which are pretty sure to be touch on that yeah we touched on that in a family relationships however when walking away also comes under in distance so walking away is the physical distance so if you want to write that down whereas when just once was emotional distance walking is physical distance so it's between the father and son as he continues to walk away hence the title walking away and it marks the Sun it marks the end of the sun's infancy so marks the end of the sun's infancy and so initially the father sees this distance as dangerous so initially the father sees it is dangerous and because he feels like powerless in protecting his son and and doesn't feel like he can't protect him anymore so he just feels a bit it just feels a bit like he's got nothing to do like he's always protected his son but now it's time for his son to experience the world for himself and then the father gradually starts to see the distance becoming more positive so it enables his son to grow and develop so this physical desert distance is first of all described as negative however the by the end in the father sees this as a positive thing as it allows him to grow and develop and that is how the different so this physical distance goes from being dangerous and the father doesn't like it too the father accepting it and sees it as a chance for his son to grow up and develop like he too as a child would have had to do um I just want some new 26w up yeah literally same also hobbies got a YouTube channel if you do want to subscribe to it go subscribe to it and I don't have the link currently on me but I'm sure he can just like put it in the comments now okay next we've got a lettuce from Yorkshire so again letters from Yorkshire represents physical distance on this 26 we're just going to London and yeah that's what's happening so we've got the idea of what isn't lettuce from Yorkshire of physical distance similar to walking away which is why they're so good for comparing um let's just have a look so the narrator speaks about a friend living in the countryside she sends her letters about his rural life she's now a writer living in the city and is um thinking about her former rural lifestyle and and it shows a connection to two places where people can be maintained with words so basically it's about two friends sending letters it shows the physical distance um and let's have a look what can we say about that um however the communication with the letters a lot enables them to share the small everyday details so it's physical distance however letters are allowing them to still talk um yes basically it I don't think it's an amazing poem to write about I personally wouldn't compare it to anything but yeah I'm I thought I'd just touch on it and then we've got sunny 29 I think of the age so sonnet 29 I think of a the sonnet is a declaration of passionate love by the narrator to her lover so it's a declaration of love of passionate love she tells how she obsessively thinks of him so it's like obsessing and what as we got oh yeah it's a they're separated physically so again it's like physical distance so they're physically separated and well has forgot I don't really love sonnet 29 to be honest so I don't know that much about it and so it is in the traditional form of a sonnet which is eight lines presented a problem followed by six lines and present in a solution and the repetition you can talk about the repetition over they so it taught it says the way they yell are talking about the obsessiveness and so yeah it's about the physical separation and that as the distance and I think my father should cover the nail like all the poems by doing this I know we've not gone into great detail but obviously like I can't go into great detail otherwise this video just so long and what else so I might quickly just touch on language for comparisons so I might talk about words you can you like start and close your paragraphs so if you put in the middle of the page language file comparison so basically I'm going to be talking about when you're comparing two poems and you're talking about the similarities you can use words such as similarly in a similar way likewise I'm just going to be telling you a few of those words that you can use and I'm gonna be telling you the differences so if you want right in the middle of your page language for comparison and then we'll touch on that in a second right also if there's anything else that you want me to go through then just let leave a little comment and I'll try and do it like I've office I can't cover everything but yes I'll try okay so just a few words for comparing and talking about differences so when we're talking about similarities sentence starters or paragraph starters in one of those words can be similarly so similarly um you can say both poems convey or both poems address so both poems convey or address you could say both poems both poets explore or both poets present so you could say both poets explore the theme of family relationships through blah blah blah blah blah so both poets explore slash prison you could also say this idea is also explored in so when you talks about one poem you could say this idea is also explored in more than a distance when blah blah blah blah so this idea is also explored in you could also say in a similar way more than any distance again presents the idea of family relationships so in a similar way is another good sentence starter or the word likewise to start it off and then I'm gonna move on to differences so when we're comparing differences and we've got although whereas in contrast on the other hand on the contrary on light so you could say unlike um this is right but Saviour says I'm like unlike such a thing this other poem talks about you kind of hurts you so anyway but yeah um if anybody's got any other similarity words are like differences words that you can use to start a paragraph or you can use to start a sentence and you leave them like in the little comment section as it'll be really useful for not only me but everybody else watching this live video so yeah if you've got any other things that you think make yourself sound like good and stuff and then yeah just leave a little friend right I'm gonna have a little break for a second and I'm gonna go through maths on Monday night we've got an exam on Tuesday use ultimate ly in the conclusion yeah that is a really good point actually I'm gonna write that down so in the conclusion see ultimately these weasels you really help you like not have to worry about like start in sentences and stuff and like stuff like that so so yeah it's like ultimately what though you could say like ultimately both poems present the theme of family relationships in both similar and contrasting ways then you can say in a similar way they do XYZ and a contrasting way they do such a thing but ultimately they still both show family relationships in a positive or a negative way and so that is how you can kind of use that idea method quote effect on reader oh that is really good actually I might write that down so talk about your idea talk about the message use a quote effect on the reader um context yes that is extremely important that you remember context in compare that is a really good way and again thank you so much to thoroughly check for donating if you are now in the super chat so thank you for that yeah a lot of people use like Peter PE paragraphs in Peele point evidence explanation link and but I think that that way is idea method quote effects immediate context and compare that is a real good way of think about it so you don't miss anything out and I'm really sure what I should do next let me know yes I'll do an English language lives not yet though obviously cuz if not got it yet okay so we've done family relationships and we've also done the idea of distance we've got one group we've done language comparison um so yeah also it does anybody here do look for this let me know if you do we're about see from it's like in the middle of Manchester and lemon pillow kind of right okay I think that is all I'm gonna do for living relationship poems today just because we have been live for an hour where I kind of think I've covered most of the poems hopefully giving you some new ideas to think about and go away and revise and hopefully giving you some good sentence starters paragraph starters I'm gonna be going live maybe for blah blah this today and maybe foot physics and probably gone life a Blood Brothers more than likely later on I have got a video premiering live at 5 p.m. so do make sure you're gonna be there I am gonna be doing more poetry stuff on Wednesday night the exam is on Thursday so yeah Wednesday night I'll be doing my poetry stuff and doing more yeah poems umm but yeah thanks for watching this live video I probably go live a bit late to run as well but doing something else I do hope that you've got something you start with this and um yeah I hope you've enjoyed it if you haven't did it do you give it a big thumbs up do you subscribe to my channel as it really just helped me out and um yeah it shows me that you like these live videos you want me to carry on doing them so do make sure to give it a thumbs up share it if you know that there's like anybody that needs help and stuff make sure to give it a share make sure to subscribe and yeah I'll see you later on either for my live even for my video going live at 5 p.m. for their premiere of that or I will see if when is a live video if I go live like brothers or something I hope you've enjoyed this video and you've got something

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