Gears of War 5 : Cover/Release Date Leaked + Ascendance Novel!!!

what is up everyone barricade Hiromu guys a quick Gears of War update video and today I wanted to talk about a few things the very first thing and the main thing here is the fact that supposedly the Gears of War 5 cover art has been leaked and the game is supposedly gonna be coming out as of September 10th of this year so first off I just want to kind of talk about the supposed cover art here I just kinda want to give my personal opinion on it and what I think if I really believe it's real the thing that's kind of funny is that I have a weird mixed feeling about it because I feel like the art is good enough to be real I can imagine this being on a cover for Gears of War game it's not necessarily bad art but there is a few things here that kind of make me believe that it isn't real and then on top of the fact that there's a few key things that I personally do not like about the cover so I'm just gonna go right into it here so the first thing that makes me believe that it isn't real is the obvious factor that we see Queen Mira I kind of feel like that's kind of a weird thing I'm not too sure why Queen Mira would be on the cover seeing as she's been dead since the end of Gears of War 3 the main thing that I can think of here as to why she would probably be on the cover is the fact that since she is Kate's grandmother maybe we would get some type of really cool cutscene or something that is a flashback to Queen Mira maybe we would see something new and different through the eyes of the Queen and maybe see her in that exact type of character model that we saw in Gears of War 3 so maybe we will see Queen Mira in some type of flashback or something along those lines and maybe that's why they're throwing Queen Mira on the cover because of the fact that she has that direct connection with Kate and when they go back to the New Hope facility that was from Gears of War 2 maybe we'll see some type of cutscene or something along those lines to reference back to her so that's the thing that makes me really believe that could be real maybe that's why she's on the cover anyway you can see even on the bottom portion of the cover where it's all red we can see the mountain and everything most likely melt kadar so it's really interesting but the other thing that also makes me feel like it's that this cover is not real is the fact that if you notice the character model for Marcus looks like he's directly stripped from Gears of War 4 if we remember in Gears 5 in the trailer we saw he didn't have a beard his face was pretty much shaved he almost looked just like an exact replica of like the older Marcus without a beard just older looking when gears 4 he was more distinguished because of the fact that he had a really big beard and then in Gears 5 we see that he cut it so maybe maybe they changed it maybe they added the beard back maybe he just has a beard now more maybe later on he grows it back later in the game for all we know but I feel like that character model is just something that's directly stripped from Gears 4 so that's the one thing that kind of makes me feel like it might not be real but overall the cover itself isn't necessarily bad and the only thing that I really feel like the thing that I don't really like about it the thing that's kind of making me feel like I kind of hope they change it later on is if you notice in Gears of War and throughout all the covers we've always had some type of main focus on the cover so for example Gears one we have Marcus kneeling with Dom and carmine in the background gears 2 we have Marcus standing in front of the whole army that's basically going to be attacking the Locust Hollow and we kind of get that little bit of a feel of the story right then and there and Gears 3 we have Marcus yet again standing next to DOM and Anja and all the other characters when you see the full picture and we can see the emulsion and everything like that to me I feel like this cover art is kind of plain it's just all the characters with a white background the snow and it's not once again it's not necessarily a bad background it's not a bad cover per se but I feel like it's breaking a little bit too much from the Gears of War tradition that we've seen from all the covers we're having the main character in some type of environment that's part of the actual story whereas this one is just kind of slapping all the characters together squeezing them as as they can Intuit with just a frozen background so overall I believe it could be real but then at the same time not really sure it kind of it's like it's this weird distinguished feeling I have for it where it's like it's good enough to be real but at the same time it's not so I don't know how else to describe it you guys can let me know how you guys feel about the cover do you think it's real and then the other thing I also wanted to talk about is the fact that people have been going crazy about the September 10th release date so obviously we won't know for sure of this cover and this release date is real and so we actually get III but the thing is I've seen a lot of people saying that they don't believe that the September 10th released it can be really think it's too early yada yada the thing is if you don't remember Gears of War 3 came out on September 20th of 2011 so having a September 10th release date isn't quite impossible it could happen we could be getting e3 and they'll let us know a boom but Gears 5 is coming out in September and we can get it pretty dang soon which is pretty cool I would actually love a September release date because we'd be getting the game sooner which there's nothing wrong with that as long as they make the game run good they push it out in a great good fashion and we don't get a remake of what happened with Gears of War 2 if you guys all know a long time ago when Gears works who barely first came out in 2008 problem with that is it was shipped to early they didn't really work out all the bugs or nothing yet so when the game came out the matchmaking was horrible you could barely find a match if any and the online was pretty trashed until they started making all these updates to essentially patch the game so let's just hope we don't get any type of experience like that with this game but I feel like the Coalition will roll out a game unless it's ready to go but yeah guys I just wanted to talk about that about the supposed of Gears 5 cover art and the release date what is your opinion on it do you like it do you think it looks cool do you think it's real and you believe that the September 10th release date is real as well second thing I wanted to talk about is actually the new Gears of War novel known as Gears of War ascendance earlier on I made a video talking about that this novel is going to be coming out later this year before Gears of War or 5 it is actually available for pre-order right now on if you notice in the picture here it says not final cover art so will most likely see an updated version of the once the actual book is closer to coming out so I just want to let you guys know that gears of war a sentence is in fact available for pre-order on Amazon and I went ahead and pre-ordered that right away you guys know that I love the novels so I'm definitely gonna be making another video talking about that and actually I just wanted your quick opinion on that real fast here regarding my lore videos for the novel I'm not sure if I want to do just one lore video talking about the whole thing in one one big video 20 30 minute video or if I actually want to make multiple videos on every chapter or maybe every set of chapters maybe I'll make a video about chapters 1 2 3 and 3 4 through 6 things like that I'm not too sure yet you guys let me know what you guys would like to see if you guys would like to see multiple lawyers about the novel or just one big lore you guys let me know what you guys want to see from my channel here but overall guys I just wanted to bring you guys this quick update video showing the Gears of War 5 cover art and the fact that Gears of War sentence is in fact available for pre-order right now at and right now for the book itself it is 14.95 if you're buying the actual physical copy or if you have a Kindle or an a smartphone tablet anything that uses the Kindle reader app from Amazon it's actually for $7.99 so definitely you know go whichever way you want to read it it is the official prequel to Gears of War 5 so that is pretty freaking cool I'm gonna make the videos once I read the book and it's gonna be freaking awesome guys ok guys if you guys like this video please definitely hit that like button and subscribe and tell me what you guys think about the cover art the gear ascend it's anything else you want to talk about in the comment section go ahead and leave a comment below and also guys feel free to please hit the notification bell so you guys can be notified anytime I make a video anyways guys thanks for watching and take it easy thanks for watching this video if you want to see my most recent here's a war video hit that link on the left you want to see any of my other content hit that link on the right thanks for watching guys

31 thoughts on “Gears of War 5 : Cover/Release Date Leaked + Ascendance Novel!!!

  1. Of course is breaking the tradition of the original cover that said this is not going to be a traditional Gears of War did you forget this is a different Gears of War campaign at least that's what the Creator said

  2. I'm bothered by the dropping of the "Of War" from the game's main title

  3. The reason i believe marcus has his beard is because the game play they show from e3 is somewhat in the middle of the game he eventually shaves it.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t talk about that berserker looking thing on the cover @barricade

  5. Karen Traviss is not the author of the last novel :(. She did an amazing job with the other books.

  6. Do a couple of chapters at a time so you can give more in depth details

  7. Hey barricade where did you order your gears of war limited edition Funko pop because I went to 2 GameStop’s and they said I have to pick it up early at like 10 if I want it

  8. None of these covers have a Carmine in them. Where is the love?😞

  9. I hope to hell the release date is fake, its literally a week away from Borderlands 3. I’ll cry. I love gears and i’m not to fust on borderlands. I just dont want it to fail

  10. If the September date is real I feel like the multiplayer is gonna be very similar to gow 4 multiplayer. All the games before have had huge multiplayer upgrades. I just really hope there is one weapon tuning and they don’t change the weapon tuning a bunch of times after launch.

  11. Honestly not exactly feeling the cover. Then again gears to me has always been a large scale war that we basically already lost, like brothers in arms meets fallout, and it's clear the coalition is doing something different

  12. I think it would be easy to digest if you did videos for each chapter, but that is just my preference.

  13. Im still annoyed Kait is the main character. It is not because she is a woman, I am worried she is going to be written as a "strong" female character. A person how lashes out against her peers and will make claims she's alone or feels alone in the world. While at the same time, make the character hyper competent at everything she does.

    I think the mentality could be wrong, it's not that the fan base wants a "strong" character but compelling characters.

    Dom is popular among the fans because he had the most development/compelling story arc during gameplay and cutscenes in the trilogy. At the same time, Marcus is written as a "strong" character. A good soldier and leader but the personality of the rest of the cast helped make the series so memorable.

  14. One thing interesting about this cover (if it is real) is that it depicts what looks like a new type of berserker. I personally think the "leaked" cover is not that good.

  15. The game cover does look shopped. As far as the novel goes I’m more than ready for the release. Long overdue and I missed getting a book or two between 3 and 4. I’m honestly a bit sad Karen Traviss is not the author but I’m open minded that it’ll still be as good or maybe better. I’ve just always enjoyed her writing style, tone, and proper handling of the gears universe and characters.

  16. The queen looks so awkward like its pixelated it screams fake to me.

  17. Thank you for pointing out that Marcus's model is the same from gears 4, nobody else pointed that out.

  18. A lore video for each chapter sounds like a good idea. That way you can talk about the book more in detail. Looking forward to more of your content as always.

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