Gene Odom’s Poetry: Ronnie’s Song

– Ronnie’s song is a,
a dream I had in a… I had many, many, many dreams. Nightmares and stuff like that. And I woke up one night and um, this was, I wrote this down. I was asleep in my bed in
the middle of the night when I awoke in a cold sweat. I was dreaming of a
happening, a time in the past, when I saw some friends of
mine in a distant place. Was this a dream I was dreaming? Was this a vision that I seen? He told me to tell the
boys to keep on playin’ cause there’s more to
this song than I’m sayin’. I saw a barefoot shadow walkin’ toward me wearing a black hat and a black shirt. He spoke to me. I was in a daze. Listen to me friend. I’ve got something to say. We takled for a while, and he said I’ll be seein’ ya. Take care of my boys, friend. You know what to do. He turned and walked right outta my sight, like a shadow would do
in the dark of the night. I said come back. I wanna see, feel and be near you. A voice I’ve never heard before said you have seen, you can feel
and he will always be near you. Tell everybody I love
them, especially my family. Tell ’em I’ll always be
around cause I’m not, cause I’m part of that old southern town. Pray for me, think of me, let my name be a household sound. I’m not far away, just in another town. Thunder and lightning begin to roar, drums and guitars begin to soar. A voice I’ve always known and loved cried out from the heaven’s above. Keep ’em playin’, one
day we’ll all be free. Oh, man. This was rough.

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