Gene Odom’s Poetry: The Phone Call

– This phone call references
when he’d call me, or I’d call him in the morning. Wake me up. “Call me in the mornin’, let’s go fishin’. “Call me at four o’clock. “Call me at three o’clock, whatever.” And I named it “The Phone Call”. “The bird still flies around my home. “The fish hangs on the wall. “That ol’ truck still runs the same “and I’m still waiting on your call. “Those 4:30 calls we used to make “to wake each other up “are not forgotten to this day “and probably never will be. “The poles are now gathered with dust, “the boat sits idle and free. “Fishing trips I take these days “are not what they used to be. “I lay and stare at the phone “and wait for it ring. “All of a sudden I remember,
I’m only in a dream.” Dreamin’, waitin’ on his phone call. Still waitin’ on his phone call.

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