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Filmmakers welcome to another weeks video This week my best friend and cheese twin Kat is back and I’m very very happy about that also I’m very sad that her career as a Meryl Streep impersonator did not turn out how we wanted it to It’s um sorry it’s bitter sweet to be back The market for Meryl Streep impersonators right now is less than booming shall we say I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her though I think she’ll be back like a phoenix a 21 time oscar nominated phoenix Okay so this week we are going to talk to you about how you can develop your story when you’re writing a script So we’re going to talk you through three ways to come up with your story ideas So firstly are you a filmmaker or director writing this script for yourself If so a great way to start is by looking at what you already have around you available for free Resources like your actors, location and crew If you set yourself up that way and write your script around that then you’re already setting yourself up to succeed Yeah make sure when you’re writing this story or developing these characters that your story goes from point A to point B and your character or lead goes through a journey Secondly if your a screenwriter writing this for someone else maybe you have slightly more creative freedom but you still need to think about three things Your character, your location and your inciting incident You might already have one or more of these in mind but you need to make sure they actually tie together Do you think we could come up with a story on the spot Just something real quick Let’s give it a go So let’s think, where are we? We are in a production office Okay, okay So what do we have, a lead character? Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep. A secondary character? A screenwriter? Okay so we have Meryl Streep and a screenwriter and what are they doing? They are trying to make a film That works What is the incident? Meryl is a Director and nobody believes she can make a film because she’s a woman so there’s a very good story in that I think I wonder how that would pan out Hmmmmmm Can I ask you a hypothetical question? Oh dear I don’t like hypothetical questions You’re not going like the real one neither Do you have the script? *sigh* Not yet. This is a devastating story that needs to be made into a film The most profitable story ever told Oh dear Somebody somewhere said 7000 pages can’t be made into a film I’m asking for your advice Bob not your permission Kat the people are worried about a woman directing a film They’re saying you don’t have the resolve to pull it off Thank you Dusan for your frankness Kat I’m not sure if we should go with this film I really don’t think we should go with the film Let’s do it let’s go let’s film let’s do it Thirdly are you someone who needs visual inspiration if so you can always come up with your poster before your script A lot of films are commissioned off posters alone So you could make a mood board, poster or just a title and show it to people to see what feedback you get they might give you genre or story ideas and you can start writing around the idea When I went to film school all the scripts we did and all the films we did got a lot of feedback from our tutors, mentors, script writers and directors it was a little confusing back then cause we didn’t know who to trust and who to believe but now if you think about it, it’s very good if you write your script and send it out to all of your friends who are filmmakers, script writers and producers and get their opinion. Put it down on a piece of paper and the best thing about this is you can pick and pluck exactly what you want from their opinion and input and just make the film you want to And if you’re still worried about how to actually write your script we’re running a course called how to write and sell the hot script on the 14th and 15th of April here at Raindance so come along to that Yeah and rise from the ashes like Oscar winner Meryl Steep Otherwise check the article link below and good luck with coming up with your ideas

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  1. Hi I have a short film I have done it could be a franchise into a Tv series I should finish editing this werkend and like to send it through by next week. It's very chilling and strong impro chops where do I send it I like you guys to have a look at it, and your feedback it's the best current work I have done thanks

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