Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups

– I really did give a lot
of my heart. I made bad decisions.
I can truly admit that I can say I’m sorry. – Oh my God, I’m crying.
This is not supposed to be this type of episode. ♪ (classical intro) ♪ ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ ♪ (funky intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (Liza) Does it look good?
– (David) Now it’s a breakup. – Oh, it’s David and Liza. – He’s a famous guy.
His name is David, I think. – Oh, okay.
I might cry. – (Liza) One of us is going
through some stuff. – Oh my God, my heart.
I wanna cry. – (Liza) I know, but you
look adorable. This is so unfair.
– (David) I think we know which one of us is going
through some stuff. – Aw. – (Liza) It’s some rough stuff,
but not stuff that they can’t get through.
It’s the kind of stuff that I didn’t realize,
Tumblr quotes. – Look how serious he is. – (Liza) The kind of stuff that
I didn’t realize, Tumblr quotes,
“Only time can heal” or “You have to love yourself
before you can love anybody else” kinda stuff.
I didn’t know those were real. They’re real.
– That’s true. – (Liza) I hate this.
It sounds so lame, but I really wanna spread love,
but I have to have it first, you know?
– This video makes me so sad. – Their breakup was so sad
because they shared so much of their relationship
on the internet, so it felt so personal. – (FBE) These are two of
YouTube’s brightest stars, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik.
They very publicly went through a breakup last year.
– Oh. – I didn’t like it.
It hurt a lot. – You can tell that they
genuinely love each other but something is going on
in their lives that it’s just not working out. – It sucks that they’re
so big that they had to go public about it
and they’re like, “Listen, it’s not a thing
anymore.” – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
more breakup videos in a second, but first, have you ever been
in a bad breakup? – You know, I think so.
I mean, not that drastic. I don’t think I cried over it. – I have.
One day, I texted him and he didn’t reply,
so then I texted his friend and he said, “Oh yeah,
he blocked you.” And I was so confused.
I was like, why did he block me? I didn’t do anything.
He was like, “He’s talking to some other girl now.” – I have a really bad one
actually. Very quickly, she got into
another relationship so to me, that’s–
it hurt a lot, ’cause it’s like I must have
been doing something wrong the whole time
and you were just looking for something
and I didn’t have it. – I was heartbroken once
and it wasn’t one of the breakups, it was
by my best friend that I was secretly in love with.
I think about how much I love my boyfriend.
It blows my mind that people get divorced
and people break up. Oh my God, I’m crying.
This was not supposed to be this type of episode. – (FBE) I wanted to prepare
you for this video, which is different types
of breakups that have been happening in pop culture
over the past 100 years. – Whoa, okay. – No, I hate breakups. – (FBE) Well, we’ll get back
to the future in just a second, but first, let’s start in 1896.
– Ah, stop. Obviously this is gonna
quake me. – Aw, I was not expecting
a gay couple. – (FBE) Who you see here
is Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas.
– He’s an author, isn’t he? Right?
– (FBE) Yeah, so he’s the very famous Irish poet
and author of The Importance
of Being Earnest and Picture of Dorian Gray
among many, many other things. – 1896.
– (FBE) 1896. – Wow. – (FBE) Since we know he is
such an eloquent writer, I’m going to be showing you
a couple passages from a breakup letter
he wrote to Lord Alfred Douglas. – Okay. – “You became a thing
as terrible to look at as to listen to.”
Okay, ouch. That hurt my eyes. – “In your case, one had either
to give up to you or to give you up.” – It’s either my way
or the highway. Wow, that’s savage. – In any relationships,
you have to compromise a lot and you have to come
to an agreement with yourself as to how much you’re
willing to give and how much you’re
willing to take at the same time and sometimes it’s just ugly. – “You came to me to learn
the pleasure of life and the pleasure of art.
Perhaps I am chosen to teach you something much more wonderful,
the meaning of sorrow and its beauty.”
That was deep. – Wow, that’s deep and powerful
The heartstrings are torn. – Putting it in poetry
just makes it sound more beautiful, but then when you get to
the deeper meaning of it, it’s just like,
oh my God. – I can definitely say that
I’ve gone through this many times and each time, I feel like
it’s like a scar on my body that makes me stronger
or a notch on my belt or a badge.
Everyone goes through a breakup, so don’t feel
like the world is out to get you or no one’s gonna love you,
’cause eventually, there’ll be someone. – (Rick) Inside of us,
we both know you belong with Victor.
– Oh, Casablanca. – Casablanca.
– (Rick) That plane leaves the ground and you’re not
with it, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today,
maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for
the rest of your life. – Yikes.
– (Ilsa) What about us? – Oh my God. – (Rick) You’ll always
have Paris. We didn’t have–
we lost it until you came to Casablanca.
You got it back last night. – Iconic. – (Rick) Where I’m going,
you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do,
you can’t be any part of. – Oof. – (Rick) I’m no good
at being noble, but it doesn’t take much
to see that the problems of three little people
don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.
– No, no, no, no. – (Rick) Here’s looking
at you, kid. – Man, where’s the actors
like that? Wow, that was something else. – That hurt me.
She so didn’t want to hear that, but she knew
that was the right thing. – (FBE) In this clip from
Casablanca, we see Rick explain to Ilsa
that he’s not the one she should be with.
– You know, it’s kinda like he did it
for a good reason, I think. – The one serious breakup I had,
I didn’t wanna break up with– I didn’t wanna break up at all.
I didn’t. I wanted to stay with him,
but I knew it was gonna hurt both of us.
It was better for the both of us to move on. – As much as it hurt,
I remember hearing it. – (FBE) So, this has been
said to you before? – Yeah.
I swore up and down that I would love her
so much that I would never wanna love anybody else
and she moved on so quickly. It’s like, I don’t think I’m
ever gonna be able to marry anybody
if that’s the case. – (FBE) Oh, I don’t believe that.
– That’s not– to me, it wasn’t fair.
I was like– I really did give a lot
of my heart. I made bad decisions.
I can truly admit that I can say I’m sorry.
It was a lot. – (FBE) Man.
I relate to that very deeply. – It was a lot. – (woman) Michael,
you say you love me and then you talk about
allowing me to leave. – Godfather. – (Michael) Things that have
going on between men and women will not
change and that’s it. – (woman) You’ve become
blind, Michael. Look what’s happened
to us, Mike. My God, look what’s happened
to our son, Michael. – (Michael) Nothing’s happened.
– (woman) Don’t tell me– – (Michael) Everything’s fine!
– (woman) Andy is not fine! – Ooh, I can feel that. – (Michael) I don’t wanna
hear about it! I don’t wanna hear about it!
– Oof, my blood is curdling. – (Michael) Do you expect me
to let you take my children from me? – No way. – (Michael) To let you take
my children from me? – My children?
Hold the [bleep] up. Last time I head,
it takes two to tango. – Get out, girl. – You’re not listening to her.
He just kept on cutting her off. What the heck? – It’s like a historical.
You see how things change from 1896 to how confrontational
it started to become. – She should know better
in his status, what he is, who he is.
There’s no way he can win and to me, almost selfish
in her part to try to take the kids away from him.
A man have a certain responsibility and so is
the women. Both of us is kind of
melted together as one. When you accomplish that,
then you can go pretty far. – In both situations,
they weren’t getting what they needed and I just
feel that pain, feel that frustration
of fighting with someone you love and you’re like,
“Why don’t you get it?” but no matter how much
they hurt you or how much you hurt them,
you’re always gonna forgive them, but you still have to deal with
that hurt deep down. It’s really hard. – For me, I had a best friend.
“Had.” We were best friends
for about nine, ten years. She would never listen to me
and she was basically the dominant one
in our friendship. We just started drifting
apart and I was the only one trying
in our friendship to keep it like that
and then we just stopped talking to each other.
Sometimes, you have to let things go and move on
with your life. – (Jerry) She broke up with you.
– (George) No, but I can tell she’s going to.
I can sense it. – Oh, Seinfeld. – (George) We had this terrible
phone conversation. I was so nervous before
I called I made up this whole list of things to talk about.
– I do that too. – (George) Let’s see.
How I’m very good at going in reverse in my car.
– Poor George. – (FBE) Is that relatable
to you, this idea of phone anxiety?
– Absolutely. Actually, that’s why
I remember most of my breakups
because my relationships happened in the ’90s
and that’s when I broke up the most and it was through
those kind of interactions. – I’d say text anxiety.
Text anxiety is a big thing, just waiting for that response. – I’ll start texting and I’m like,
wait, that’s the wrong thing to say and I’ll
backspace it and then– and the person will send
a message and be like, “Why do you keep typing
and it keeps going away?” I’m like, “Sorry, I’m just
trying to think about what I have to say.” – (man) Valentine’s Day
is three God damn days away. I want it resolved. – This is the ultimate
breakup movie. – (man) So I call her
and she’s changed her number. She doesn’t even know
who I am. – Wow. – (woman) Excuse me?
Can I help you find something? – Knowing this movie,
it’s like wow. – Whoa, did she literally–
she went to a doctor and erased her memory? – She erased the memories,
so she actually didn’t know who he was.
How do you just– and you’re not there
anymore in your memory. – (FBE) The idea behind
this movie is that you can go to the doctor
and they can isolate a memory or a person
and erase them from your memory.
– Why would you wanna do that? – Oh yes, I do remember
the movie. It was pretty edgy
at the time. – (FBE) Do you think this
is healthy? – No.
Everyone that I meet, I’m meeting them for a reason,
so if I erase them from my mind, then I’m not
really learning. – Memories are one of the most
beautiful things we have, whether they’re dark
or happy and you kinda need them to press on in life. – When I was going through
my little heartbreak, I would have loved
something like that, but I learned from it
and I grew from it and I learned to love myself
from that and I’m grateful. – Despite that I don’t talk
to her, despite whatever might have happened
for that breakup to happen, you have fun in those memories.
During that time being, was it okay?
Was it a good time? I feel like that’s not fair
to you or your ex to get rid of it
if in turn, that picture was to capture that happiness. – Good time memories become–
you remember happy times more than sad times
and that’s why that movie is so sad because
it would be so sad to not have–
’cause you learn from everything. You’re gonna be able
to look back at that in the future and have
happy memories. – (Trish) Last time we broke up
that night. – Yes, my girl. – (Trisha) We’re broken up.
He’s single. He can do whatever he wants.
I want people to know that. He’s making out with people
for David’s vlog and it’s fine. We’re not together.
He can do that. – (Jason) I never made
a video like this before. – Is that the guy
she’s talking about? – (Jason) Said about me
and it feels really awful. – I think this whole situation
is so, so sad. – (Jason) I never called her fat.
A lot of what she said in her video is true.
The title is really shocking. – Oh my God, nine million? – See, it’s just a bunch of
he said, she said. – (Jason) Well,
she’s great at titles. That’s probably the best title
that she could have ever come up with.
– I mean, views, so… – This is too much
for my era. The fight is even
not happening face to face anymore.
It’s over vlogs. – (FBE) This was a recent
very public breaking up and making up situation
that happened between these two well known
online celebrities. It spanned hours of footage
and they uploaded it to their respective channels,
but we’re not gonna talk about this situation
specifically, more about the idea of breaking up
today and how it’s relayed on vlogs and Twitter
and Instagram and social media. What do you think about that?
– I’d say it’s a pretty private matter.
Why they present this in such a wide audience
to try to get sympathy and judgement from people
who have no idea what those two have gone through
with each other. – If I know what happened,
you know what happened, I know we’re not together,
you know we’re not together, those are the only two
people who need to know. – If you really cared,
you would take time and be like, “You know what?
I don’t need social media right now.
I need to step back and reevaluate myself.
What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?”
If all we see is fake, then that’s all we’re gonna be
is fake. – Yeah, it’s a little raggedy
that she’s showing the world everything.
Good for her, because someone out there
is watching it and it’s gonna gain
so much more respect for themselves, understand
what a relationship should truly be like, and relate
because it’s not all sunflowers and heart shaped
chocolates. – (FBE) After seeing all this
from the past 120 years of breakups from celebrities
and pop culture, do you think that the way
that we go about breakups and portray them
has changed? – Oh, absolutely.
Everything’s accessible right away and you want
them to see you struggling. – I remember when people
respected each other enough to be like,
“Can I talk to you? Can we meet somewhere
and have a discussion?” Now it’s just like,
“Hey, I’m not really feeling you anymore.
It was cool though, right? Have a good life.” – Going back to 1896
and then the ’40s and then the ’70s,
where it became almost a woman’s right issue
to then becoming a community and then now
it’s becoming like a reality show. I’m scared that it’s gonna
lose its spark at a certain period in time
and then we lose our empathy. We lose our love to things,
so that’s what my concern is. – Hey, I’m Rachel,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching 100 years of breaking up.
I’m gonna go cry forever. If you’d like to cry with me,
leave a little cry emoji in the comments
and I’ll know that I’m not alone, finally.

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