22 thoughts on “George The Poet – If The Shoe Fits ft. Mega

  1. Hello everyone, Mega voice is so beautiful I would like to hear more, anyone knows a link or a YouTube channel or her other works? That would be helpful

  2. "Be careful" by Sparkle & R.Kelly was sampled for this timeless song here.

  3. i am addicted to this guys music and poetry. its absolutely fabulous. purely wonderful.

  4. Helped me so much this song Yano, and Baby Father.
    Heavy. Both deep as fuck…
    Real life situations that we all can relate too

  5. sometimes its just good to hear the words and not be distracted by the videos. i love it

  6. This one needs visuals purely so it can get the recognition it deserves!

  7. such a good role model and inspiration . watch this space people . check my 1st ever poetry on my channel x

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