19 thoughts on “George The Poet – Toothbrush / The Force ft. Jacob Banks

  1. Making music can be tough, but damn, all your songs make it seem effortless. Time to get back to work myself after listening to all your amazing work!

  2. awesome lyrics… does anyone know the song that was sampled for The Force?

  3. I started writing with the same messages with what you get over so well. Big respect man. Strong messages

  4. Goerge these songs are defiantly from the heart. Really like this album.

  5. I love ya man, you just make sounds turn into the most fantastic stories that dirves us to every place we would like to be. You rule bro, thx for livin!

  6. Your style along with Mike Skinner has really inspired me, look out for the renaissance in the future

  7. i really don't know how you put these words together or create these amazing stories but you're the best at what you do..

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