20 thoughts on “George The Poet – Wotless (Official Audio)

  1. My big brother went to Wembley High
    Them times there Wembley High was peak
    Them man there used to let things pop off
    and then when police came just play hide and seek
    Before Year 8 everyone knows their lane
    And if you're year’s bait everyone knows their name
    Imagine raff, stombridge and church rolled in the same place
    Free hoods where man could get burst only to save face
    People started clocking they weren’t old in the same way
    Couldn’t keep up with the workload at the same rate
    Some fell behind
    Some fell to grind
    But for some reason
    They weren’t told us the same fate
    That’s when a young man discovers pride
    That’s when across the road becomes the other side
    Teachers gave up before they started,
    Other than that everyone’s mothers tried

    So when my mum saw how I did that when she sent me out the ends
    My school wanted me to go to booster class
    She said "I choose to pass"
    You see he’s six and my son can’t add
    You know what, well we’ve got books we'll make use of ours
    So she trained man up
    I got into a good school

    Now this one you’ve gotta do an exam to get in
    But the look of it is making me question who I am to begin
    Them rich kids made their expensive payments
    But you can’t be their ends for entertainment
    Trends and waves and friends and raves
    Then to come back to school
    Feeling dumb, acting cool
    Plus the black team too
    you’re not even thinking about how this acting is impacting you

    These middle class kids just add to the fuel
    Gassing me up when I’m the one acting a fool
    George, if you let this slip by accident you will fully have your back to the wall

    You should have seen me at school I was wotless
    Every other day some fake note from the doctor’s
    Ay George you’re gonna get suspended again
    You’re like Sir’s on a mad one
    Don’t worry about me lads I got this
    No, but really my mind is where the block is
    My form tutor and my head of year said it clear
    I won’t make it into Oxbridge

    Now I’m the Oxbridge alumnus on the blocks with the youngest
    Round here there’s rocks in abundance
    But there’s not enough keys for the locks in the dungeons
    Shots in the hundreds
    Lots of them youngers are clocking them numbers
    Locking their jumpers
    Shocking their mum’s ‘cause in between the pot smelling hugs
    They’re not even pretending they’re not selling drugs
    How does this happen?
    How’s there so many speakers and no voices?
    The loudest is rapping and the crowd is just clapping.

  2. I can relate to this song so badly! It's so true. I can't stop listening to this.

  3. Yo poet its chucky keep doing your thing man. Sound wicked. .long time tho

  4. I love George the Poet, but I prefer listening to him without beats. These beats feel forced onto the poetry, if that makes sense, like they add nothing to the song.

  5. When mums keep real amd hustle that honestly and morally. They sow great seeds. George thank you for using your skills and medium to get the message out so well.

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