George Watsky- Go Robo [Poetry]

with all that being said I want to do a poem about my graceful passage into unemployment and what it means to pursue a dream with all your heart and to do that I'm going to need a little bit of help from a friend everybody please make some noise for Willa join us [Applause] well uh hello well uh now Willa and I are going to have a conversation about hopes and dreams and I hope that you're with us for it because it's an important thing to get right when you're at a critical juncture in your life right you got to look at me you know you got a we don't make eye contact this thing doesn't work all right now you got to tell me what you want to be when you grow up all right serious you're serious really okay if you're serious about this you have to commit I couldn't take it if you were leading me on if you want to live this you have to work until your eight-year-old heart explodes in your chest you cannot rest until you're so tired you want to melt right into the ground Willa if you want to grow up to be a robot you cannot mess around okay so you found a Lucky Penny you think you're on your way to being a metal woman but this ain't no wishing well babe Lincoln it's a grandmas loose change jar and it's gonna take you a lifetime to fill it you got to think like a robot you got to talk like a robot you got to move you got a squat you've got a rock like a robot it ain't no jolly Wally Robo magic go go gadget habit it's practice it's lost weekends lost lovers lost hair but if you search your core and you find you were cut from the right kind of sheet metal you better look me in the eye and tell me what you want this crushing stuff [Applause] oh no of course they're gonna crush stuff that's almost incidental to the whole lifestyle well I'm talking never eating leftovers split pea soup again you've got all your favorite meals loaded on a date of cards and every time you want when you wipe your memory and it's just like the first time you can move chess pieces with your mind microwave burritos with your behind you can play movies on your eyelid while you're falling asleep but you don't even have to do it because robots don't have bedtimes you're a bulletproof cement mixer and you can unscrew your arm at parties and use it to tap jerks on the shoulder you can suit yourself up with hydraulics and bounce with cholos in the parking lot and if someone makes fun of you it's cool because a robot doesn't cry even though you can still feel deeply you can do anything you want to do you don't stub your toe on crap crap Stubbs its toe on you have I made my point I mean when you want something so bad you can crush it in your claw you got to make a decision are you gonna grow up to be CEO you're gonna grow up to c-3po I know you you're the kid who picked two silver and gold colored pencils first rub them down in nubs before you reach for anything else and I do not give a crap if you're still in second grade Willa I don't I'm sorry but that is what separates you from the future firemen and astronauts of America well today's career day scout they're gonna go around the circle in your second-grade class and look at ass last and they will laugh but remember girl or boy you got two big brass lug nuts and a mug that's anything too cute and at three times they tell you no three times you tell them does not compute and someday someday you'll be dated technology first they'll use your butt as a fancy antique ashtray and then when you get robot tiny cancer they'll strip you for your parts limb from limb but you have no mother to cry due because robots don't have mothers and your programmer died decades ago it's horrible it's worse than horrible it's the pits but if you can live with that harsh reality the good times will be good and they will sustain you forget it why should you listen to me anyway I'm no tin man not even a bucket of rusty bolts I'm just some bony dumb schlub flesh sack well all I can say is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there's a reason I wasn't calling the kettle black it's cuz I'm calling the kettle cousin son of Monty the oven tell them Olivia new think they're above him to lick my nonstick metal crack I can take a ton of trial of what I'll flip it to a final file while two-bit in the way to convert a bit abated dinner with a smile the buddy I've been haunted by his my modified to codify a sauna descended over Lestrade off we're gonna yadda yadda yadda God Almighty my tomato man on about anybody been to let in tell them to pull pictures from the static capisce I don't think she gets it let's go gentlemen [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] MMMF the limit I gotta keep it comin if I wanna make it to the top cuz I'd be giving you one of the new winner in the minutes and other robots have in heaven on the clock cuz if I walk the walk and I talk to talk and not hopping up cuz I robo hot then a pretty mother Rican father never never gotta try to be somebody young [Applause] let me tell you something about dreams kid this is not a choice but if you were born with a control panel hardwired to your cranium sally forth for every starry eyed nobody who followed the bright lights to Broadway for every wolf never howled at the moon you be the Droid that fills the void I can see the glint in your eye little gearbox I can see the sparkle in your chest plate people are gonna call you crazy a dreamer Stanley Steamer they'll say little girls growing up to be robots isn't proper well you bite your tongue real hard and remember why blood tastes a little bit like copper [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

33 thoughts on “George Watsky- Go Robo [Poetry]

  1. Holy shit! You're actually coming to Columbia, SC?!? Very cool! I WILL be there!

  2. It makes me feel weird knowing I was the same age as willow when this video came out…

  3. Go Willa, follow your dreams kid, you're no rusty bucket of bolts, you are steel tied together with barb wire rapping, but you are protected from the sharp edges because you are strong. Willa, you can be a robot! Fuck that! You WILL be a robot, and no one will stop you because you are more than a rusty bucket of bolts, you are you and thats enough but you strive to be more so live up to who you wish to be and better. BE A FUCKING ROBOT WILLA! You got this <3

  4. This is amazing
    It has just made my day
    You are amazing
    Your past self is amazing
    This little girl's dance moves are amazing
    It's all amazing


  6. how did watsky just convince me that i could become i robot when i grow up

  7. If you listen to this with headphones, you can hear him whispering instructions to Willa under his breath between his raps.. too cute.

  8. 6:53 Sound Familiar? Oh Watsky you ;3 It's 4:36 from "F an Emcee Name" from his album "Watsky"

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