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  1. I think in minute 47 you mixed up Parzival with Siegfried 🙂

  2. what a load of nonsense. German was strongly influenced by Latin structure. If it was not, it would be very much like Swedish and Dutch.

  3. Thats not german

  4. Well, obviosly its no big deal for this PhD to forget about Siegfried and just call him Parzival, haha^^. So without Siegfried, its better not to mention the Nibelungenlied at all, because its pointless.

  5. Germany has changed in the last 3,500 years. Or do they still worship Odin and I was just unaware?

  6. This guy is all wet. Germany did not cease to exist after WWI. The language was greatly influenced by Latin: it uses the Roman alphabet and grammar. He does not even know when Germany was unified. I gave up on his hogwash after 6 minutes.

  7. Thanks for uploading your lectures! They are great unfortunatly we can not see the maps and other materials.

  8. I found this lecture very interesting, but there are times when Wes seems to make absolutely no sense and no longer appears credible.
    Example: "If you came back to America a thousand years ago and you met someone who was speaking sort of old English. It would take you a while to work out what they were saying, but eventually you would be able to communicate. And then if those two people went back in America another thousand years, and met someone who was speaking proto English. Probably after a little bit of time, you'd go, "Oh! We can see the shared roots; we can see the shared language…And so in Washington DC, you know, there was a people who were speaking the same language or the proto language that developed into ours."
    I understand he doesn't mean what he says literally, but even taken as a hypothetical example it appears unintelligible.

  9. interesting lecture, i didn't think about the long tradition of German language
    just one correction: Siegfried is the maincharacter in Niebelungen that beats the crap out of everybody

  10. I think in introducing the subject, I would have first began, first, with a mention of philology, and the evolving inter-relationships European languages, cultures, have had on one another, their nuances.

  11. I wonder how current changes in Germany will influence its cultural continuum in the future. I am thinking of the cultural perceptions and changes with the youth in Germany and also immigration from countries with cultures that are also averse to assimilate – Omar Fourie

  12. I think a small error was made. Frederick Douglass, an American slave, was not educated in Germany. He had no formal education. I think Wesley Cecil may have had in mind the Black American scholar and man of letters, W.E.B. Du Bois. By the way, I read Doctor Faustus many years ago. It was a superb work of literature.

  13. Great lecture!  How do spell the name of the old German story with the invisible cloak and Rheingeld and whatnot?  I can't seem to find it with my guesses.

  14. I've been listening to your lectures throughout my semester this year (philosophy undergrad). I've enjoyed them and found they frame some of the material for my classes very well. If you could do a lecture on Kant i would very much like to hear it.

  15. Interesting lecture.
    Minor correction: at the end you mixed up Parzival and Siegfried. The guy in the Nibelungenlied was Siegfried.

  16. My suggestion is to actually get a decent HD camera and tape your self giving lectures and insert the charts, maps as well. This will put a human face ( your's ) to your voice which will be more interesting for the audience. You have a knack for making hard topics such as philosophy fun and accessible to the general populace. I am pretty certain that you could actually "go professional" in that direction ie. producing videos/dvds of your lectures. I know of a former college teacher who did that.

  17. The best way to present would be to insert the maps, charts etc in your visuals at the appropriate time. If you are using an apple computer, it is easily done in imovie. Also, on your description (About), you should put the info that you hand out to your live audience. Your lectures are great but doing these two things will make it better for the youtube audience.

  18. Also, you should start handing out cough drops and making people turn off their cellphones before the lecture starts. Coughs make it hard to hear what you are saying and cell phones ringing are extremely distracting whereby interrupting the flow of your lectures. I am utterly flabbergasted that grown people that sit on your lectures don't have the sense to turn off cell phones ! How inconsiderate, stupid and rude !

  19. Your lectures are very informative and enjoyable. Thanks for posting them. I think they will be better if you post the visuals that are referenced to go along with the audio i.e maps, charts etc . We, the audience, are missing out on them.

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