Getting Into The Christmas Spirit (A Christmas Poem)

Heya playas, Christmas is here. But I’m not
feeling that holiday cheer. So today I’ll explore the root as to why in hopes I’ll expel
my humbug reply. This is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. The lights
and the music play soft in the air, but my mind is focused on taxes and health care.
Ornaments hang high to cheer up the mood, until I stress over bills, my mortgage renewed.
When did I lose that fuzzy feeling inside? That’s not true! I’m still happy, sarcasm
implied. I don’t have time to waste on good faith, shh North Korea’s new dictator, Kim
Jong the 8th. The thought of snow brings misery, not delight. Ugh 6 more inches, from the news
I recite. Everyday I’m shoveling, doesn’t seem so fun. Jingle Bell Rock Anthem, I’ve
heard it a ton. HOW DO I BREAK THIS? I want to be free! To talk about presents not dishes
of Petri. First I must let go. Ok done. NO, Let go! Christmas is a feeling, not a visual
tableau. Not only did I see it, I felt it inside. Christmas IS a feeling, so here is
my guide. Take time out of your day to tell others you care. Spread your good cheer through
Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. Relax yourself, slow down and breathe. Learn from children
and babies who teethe. Hug your friends, hug your family, hug all those with arms. And
those that are armless, leg lock them with charm. Be Fearless in life, don’t live with
regret. “I love you” is three words, don’t fear that cold sweat. And thus every day Christmas
spirit will live through your action. For happiness is ever standing, not a coming attraction.
Like this video if your soul is lively, for negative trolls act ever so snidely. Leave
a comment letting me know, when you think of Christmas what feelings grow? And subscribe
to the channel if I’ve satisfied your quench. “Joyeux Noël”. That’s Merry Christmas in
French. From my humble abode, it’s presence will cease. As always guys, love and peace.
Yo I just made a poem about Christmas. That’s whats up! You see this thing flopping on me?
On a real note, Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great holiday!

9 thoughts on “Getting Into The Christmas Spirit (A Christmas Poem)

  1. This Christmas story tells the tale of a Scrooge-like fellow who refuses to get into the Christmas Spirit. Can he change his attitude with the help of a visit from his ghostly past or will this poem end with him still saying "Bah Humbug"? #christmas   #christmasspirit   #holidayseason   #scrooge   #merrychristmas  

  2. Hey I liked this girl at my school and I'm trying to get her to like me and I've known her for a year and a half I just really want to get to know her but I'm really shy around her and if u can do a video on that topic I would be extremely grateful

    (P.s. she is a whovian, metal head , and a skate and gamer)

  3. Omg you are so funny. .. and cute lol . I started to dance when the lmfao came out … lol

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