GHOST WRITER OF THE YEAR! Exposed! Rg Official

what's going on you two photos of you guys don't know who I am my name is cute 20 to Cuba to be exact for those of you guys don't know who I am I'm 22 Cupid cupid for short I'm a half the link to my Instagram snapchat Twitter everything down in the description so that chocolate go check me out for yourself and see what I'm about what I do when I get into I get into modeling um I just started making my own music I do lowdown is why you made and we're gonna get our cake so for those of you that have it by now make sure that you go check that music now because we're going if you see me on public don't be afraid to speak Cuban what's up anything as you want to say who suck you know just say to me I'm the coolest person ever anybody can fuck me anytime but this video here I'm sorry but we're not gonna be so nice I got somebody that try to play me and we don't do that we don't take no disrespect around it we don't take nobody trying to get over on me I'm not the one to be finessed I never done business or nobody and nobody tried to finesse me in such a way so I just had to come on here and talk about it because you know it ain't right and I see that as so much controversy going on oh but nobody wanna really say nothing and the truth and everything so I'm gonna just go ahead and let everything out right here right now first of all I want to start off this video by saying I'm not a cloud chaser I never have been I've never been one to chase clout or pay nobody for exposure none of that bull because I'm just not that type of guy I'm a laid back kind of guy for like all the attention that I might get I'm just gonna get it you know Cupid game we make everybody fall in love easily pull make sure to child see the trip you know cupid game make them fall in love everybody just fall in love and Cupid I don't know why I don't choose this lifestyle just that's just how it this is how it goes you know I don't try to be me on this meeting I'm just a little likable I guess but obviously I got something that a lot of people like a lot of people want to pay for a lot of people want to tap into like I said before I make music I've been writing music since I was in like fourth grade I wrote my first song when I was in math class and for break I actually remember it a little bit I think it was like it was something stupid it was something weird and not really much more like snapback and not your sneakers no I keep the Jordans maybe rockin some adidas like it was something like that I can't really remember rust I gotta stop doing all the things that I'll be doing that make me freakin one a guy like meat I had a spotlight because once I get it I promise you I'm not gonna give it back they're gonna go crazy we don't go crazier than anybody's ever done with this music stuff that's why I need you guys to support and show me that this musical crazy because it do you want to know why I know it does because we get millions of streams not on my stuff personally I mean on mine I get thousands thousands of streams that's pretty good for somebody that just started releasing their own music but what I'm talking about millions of streams when other people's music and I understand yeah they got more clout than me more attention and more of a big fan base you know all you guys that's probably watching this from their page and everything like guys I'm sorry to tell you a lot of these people don't make their own music don't write their own music don't really have the creativity to be an artist as they claim to be I'm gonna call the artist I make every type of music I have made Caribbean music I've made pop me R&B of me hip hop rap remixes to other people's songs I've I've done it all okay I've done it all but right now we're here to discuss one person the one person that I've ever done business with I was absolutely terrible business RG official you may know him you know the youtubes we got with curly blond hair everywhere sometimes he does the braids but he's not a good person to work with at all but don't get me wrong don't get me wrong he seems like a cool guy he really does the relationship that me and him had I had contacted him because I saw that he was trying to you know get into making music he's a youtuber first of all he's not the first youtuber that I've made into an artist it's not first but you know this is what I do I have no 95 job I don't I don't work in McDonald's on the side along with YouTube and writing songs and stuff this is all that I have all that I have is my music this is all that I do I do this 24/7 every day I read music I write music all day I record music all day he came to me saying that he wanted to make music well I contacted him every stopped him like hey I see that you're saying that you're trying to get into music you know how much experience you got he basically told me he has no type of writing experience at all and he doesn't he doesn't even do this really so he basically came to me to be his official songwriter I showed him a product you know some music that I have and whatnot and I was willing to let go and it was straight business from there on out he was sold he wanted he wanted Cupid he wanted the sauce all right and I can't help it that the sauce is so good I mean I'll let you guys be the judge you guys know it's music you know his songs well you might if you don't go check it out it's most popular song the first song that I wrote friend that really got us in the business it's called tell me what's up you guys know how I feel I'm doing an admissions but they may obtain my name it was Oh tell me what's up I was just chillin cheat me a minute did she yell I should fucking cook she said she taught a kid enough she went public though you know but yeah I saw me weed me and my boy Steve we was up probably two three hours with this guy on FaceTime trying to teach him the song lyrics and get him to execute it right when I tell you annoying it was annoying I was trying to get off the phone for about an hour but he just wouldn't let us go because he couldn't get down doing this on correctly he it's the song that it comes out it's fire there's taking off got over 2 million streams on soundcloud alone you know so I know he must be bringing in some money from it on the Spotify the the Apple music to itunes you gotta be bringing up a decent amount so you know but we had it this is the thing we had to do and it was a it was a calm deal I'm not gonna really go too much into description with it but basically I would give him these get give him I would get act I don't know why I can't talk today I would give him these songs and for a very he had two options he had two options it could either be I would give me these songs for really cheap and you helped me grow like you know like I just said guys I do all of this myself I recorded myself mix and master all my music myself I promoted myself I don't have a gang a team or a label or friends that's helping me promote I have me and my friends that I could count on one hand but yeah so he had two options either you help me promote me you know help me gain you know to compensate for you not paying me a lot of money for you doing your for me putting in work and writing your songs like I'm writing your songs I'm I'm staying up I'm using my brain and my thoughts and my time to write your music to make you something that you didn't have before so I felt as though if you were to help me grow you know getting my fanbase and let the world know that I'm just as dope as you or or anything like that that would be enough for me keep the money man I got enough clients believe me believe me people everybody want the sauce believe me but yeah so it was either that or you gonna pay me my real prices and I don't think you want to do that because you're a child man I mean well not really a child cuz um I honestly don't know how old you are but you all I know is that you just got the YouTube you got the YouTube money I don't know how much you bring that but labels they pay me a good amount of money I'm not gonna charge you what they paying I don't think you got that kind of money to just be spurgeon on every song my god and if you do that you definitely shouldn't have no problem with paying me and I just felt as though like if that's the deal that we have it shouldn't be no problem like what what's the big issue with that you're getting free or not free music but you know very very cheap music and stuff like that and all you have to do is just pretty much just help gasps Mia like I'm the next best thing alongside you you don't know how to tell anybody I'm better than you you don't have to do anything of the sort all axes that you throw my name in the conversation like I'm dope because I am because if I wasn't dope you wouldn't be trying to get songs from me that's all I gotta say I'm gonna sit my I said I'm cooling yeah so he ended up fold now pretty much he pulled in he keeps telling me oh I'm gonna have such a such much money for you at this time I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that but he folds he falls he falls before people he holds people he disposed every position every time every every possible way he just folded so I'm getting fed up so I basically start ignoring him and not giving in so anything that he asks me to do because I'm like broke they're not doing what I actually you're not you're not coming along with Neil so we got the speaking again in the nine that I'm telling him April like if you things not working the way the truth that I was trying to get you the easy way so just give me my money you know give me the money that I deserved for making you an artist you know but that is that so bad if you're not gonna do things the easier simple of it give me my coins that's all I'm saying man what I said was if if you don't do that if you don't want to conform it in do things either easy way or the hard way which is breaking big-bank out of your pocket I'm gonna just have to come out to the world that you're not making this stuff and it ain't right how you treat people I threatened to well it wasn't really a threat I would say more like I gave him my ultimatum I gave him my ultimatum that if you don't if you don't want to do things the easy way i'ma just have to let people know that this ain't really you making your music so all these opportunities that you don't have and labels coming to you or whatever it is that you think you won't get it's all gonna be a verdict because they're gonna see that you're not really Amanda what you say you have been doing you know you ain't been doing that you know you ain't been writing your own music while you fraud it but it's not even just him everybody knew he wasn't raining his music his friends knew he wasn't writing his music his girlfriend probably knew he wasn't right in his music I wonder how his girlfriend feels to know that the song that he wrote for her he didn't write for her hey baby girl I wrote cheddar I wrote a song so I'm saying it whatever you want to talk about we could really talk about it cuz if you need someone to listen baby Cupid will listen eight all his friends knew that he didn't write his song hey I watched a reaction video that uh him that he watched of say his friends say and BJ groovy which is the little Salam team that they were all part of they were bashing his song pretty much saying eh we know you ain't do this we know you ain't do this okay this listen to this clip this can't be our zebra okay I was in for this table too right it can't be ours I'll be not even though hey is it like brother shit brother beat is far didn't make it actually sounds straight right he sounds she's telling straight like he sounds straight but you know I'm saying but like we right we we hung out we hang out our G all the time you know saying that's not him I'm not like movie freestyle right this nigga vfan most triassic leer everybody's saying they see the way RG rap they see what he's capable of they know you ain't really got that skill to piece these words together Mack you ain't really throwing on metaphors around and and scary nobody like you a tough guy or a lover boy we all know man you nothing but a ho ain't nothin but a ho that's just trying to play the role trying to get famous trying to get on and that's okay but don't if you won't be a ho and be living the dog life and dog and people out including people like me or your friends that's trying to help you you can't be doing them wrong that just it doesn't make sense and then you had the audacity to gonna lie like you legit a lie like straight out of your out of your mouth you lie like oh yeah I definitely I definitely wrote all my songs nobody helped me do nothing I did this all by myself I actually took my time and wrote this up and if you want to go and say that you never said that you did or anything like that I have the receipts I have the receipts here hold on a second let me show you what song did you write broke what song the one the one that I wrote the other one that I wrote the other one that I wrote what what's what song did you write that's that's what I need to know the people want to know you can't write shit at all I'm not even the type to ever expose people if you look at my record I've never exposed anybody like on anything I've never without anybody's information about we work with about working with me about their women I don't do stuff like that that's corny but when you try to play me and you think that you're just gonna get over with no consequence no that's why I gotta shut all that down honestly I think you just got too big-headed man I think you just got too big-headed you just about that oh I make music now I'm a star I can be at all I can take over the world I don't need to say I don't need a bj I don't need deejays I'm RG nah man you can't be like that you can't trade on your people you gotta remain bully they always say stay with the ones that she was down with that she was even with that she was starving with you you came from the bottom with these guys and now you've just you're just going to do something else why if what you guys were doing we're making money and getting you popularity what why I don't understand I wouldn't do that I mean if I'm focused me to make myself great I could do that with my team my team will be my biggest supporters right like how are you thinking that you're the star and you're not even like what what talent you know like really what Talent I've seen you really try to rap I've seen what you could come up with you're right my god sorry to tell you but you just don't got it don't whatever did you don't write the music I have written every every single part of every one of the songs you don't actually like I know him is I think I saw a video that one of the fans sent me said that wanna hit him and some one of the one of his guys friends was just talking a lot about how oh it doesn't really matter who made the song or whatever it's just about the execution and who actually did it not well I'm like well if it is about you know the performance of it can you really take credit for that too when you're asking me for voice memos and recordings of how to perform the song no I don't think so I think that that's you know all fake it's none of it is real you're not putting in the work you're not you're not up you're not like coming up with blows or none of that it's all been me I have screenshots the receipts everything so you're not gonna play me like I'm a liar or any type of thing like that man Cuba keeps her room if there's one thing that Cuba does cupid keeps it rip you try to do the songs your own way without me telling you how to actually execute and do them and they started coming out worse and worse man every every song that you've done that I trip that I haven't literally taught you how to do has been bad bro I'm sorry to tell you but it's bad I don't approve I'm pretty sure the events the ones that aren't too afraid to say what they really mean they don't improve either I'm sorry so my real question is if if you knew that you had no intention on holding up your end of the deal really making things work between our little arrangement why do you lie to your fans why did you lie to your fence why are you telling all these people that you really wrote the songs and everything if you know you're gonna do me dirty you should have knew this was coming back I'm sorry like I'm sorry but I'm not sorry because it's not really doing under whether you already messed up my money so hey I guess you just get what you deserve all you want to do is bus down bus down bust em hey bus down well you should have bust down some lyrics because you don't really know how to write no music and I'm tired of you taking credit from our work so pretty much more of the story is don't do business with people that have pretty much no intention on helping you out at all I feel that are all about self and really like they don't really care about anybody else in the equation these people are so self-centered all they see is the stars in their eyes when they look in the mirror that's not how I am I want all my family to eat some people everybody not built like that though can't be mad I mean I mean I was only mad because he was messing with my money and I don't play that nobody messes with my money bless you so if you're gonna take anything from this just take this Cuba gang one in the same we love each other this year we're going this same be going stupid crazy make sure that you guys check out all my music streaming everywhere on every platform I'm on Spotify I'm on Apple music iTunes SoundCloud you – I'm you I've got one music video out and I got more on the way just make sure that you guys subscribe and you stay tuned because nobody loves you more than Cupid we're going crazy this year shut up this make sure that you get at build a rink because we're gonna be dropping new content all the time these videos are really hard to edit I'm new to YouTube completely I've never done this before I've never edited a video in my life but we're gonna make it work because I know that's what you guys want and not notice what you guys want to see you want to see you boy you're going crazy listen this is just the beginning this is just the introduction to cubed okay 22 watch his song the

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  2. I'm most definitely about to listen to ur music 💯👎🏾rg done period…I fwu now and that's the tea.

  3. Bro u a real nigga I get you all you wanted was a promo in his video cause he had hell of clout but I fw with you u didn’t exposed him it’s just the truth 💯u got talent kid

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