Ghost's Interlude

she stood like I was too young to be in the same living room with him while he played that music and she had a friend's stuff today's to take me out to home and put me inside the room when I was little but do people always still hear the music I will always hear it as I hold it it just became inside of me so now when I hear it it's like I know it I know what I like I know what it makes me test my soul who can make me cry we can make me happy what could make me just feel the soul of it and that's what we missing today in music is the soul everything is off the brain and analogue it's not really flawed so I like the richness from the Harmony feeling that's not Michael cry over the second mark I lay back and we in order to make you feel me to feel my pain or whatever I want you to fail over a certain type of music either make anybody feel a certain way

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