Gift Guide For Immigrant Parents (ft. Hasan Minhaj)

(sleigh bells ringing) (video game ring) – What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman! – What up everyone, it’s your boy Hasan! – And it’s really hard to find
gifts that your parents like. – Especially during the holiday season. – Which is why I found another
brown person who’s loud, animated, and uses their
hands as much as me to help! – [Both] Welcome to our gift
guide for immigrant parents. (festive music) – The following gifts will for sure make your immigrant parents happy. – A report card with straight A’s. (paper rustling) – Good. – Or even better, a report
card with straight A’s and then your friend’s
report card with B’s and C’s. – Their failure will make you look better. I’m dumb. – That way, your parents
can say things like, – My daughter took the
first marks in class. – Merry Christmas. – Your parents never
say they’re proud of you because their parents never
said they’re proud of them, so give them the perfect gift. (festive music) (sniffles) (loud pat) – Get lost. – This Christmas, give
your parents the gift of teaching them how to put their phone on silent so they can stop doing this. (phone chiming) – Huh, who is calling me? Who is this? – Hey, put it on silent. – How? – You have to download Apple. – It’s on the side of the phone. – Huh? – Oh, the switch on back side. – What? – It’s the side of the phone. – There is switch on bottom of phone. – Side. – Switch on top of the phone. – That’s not the side. – They’re going to hang up, don’t worry. (bag crinkling) (loud chewing) (heavy sigh) – You’re welcome. Don’t get them the thing. – Merry Christmas. It’s a kettle. – Oh. – Get them the coupon for the thing. – Merry Christmas. – Oh my god! Look at what Lilly gave me! – There’s no greater gift than a deal. – Except for a medical degree with your name photoshopped on it. – Or you can go one step further and legally change your last name to MD. – Ooh, well done. (phone ringing) – [Lilly] Hi, you’ve reached Lilly MD. – That’s my daughter! – More expensive garbage bags
with those reinforced bottoms. – Ooh. – Yeah they cost a lot more and your parents will never buy them. (crinkling) – A shirt that says This Isn’t a Hotel to save them the time. – A string thingy for their
glasses so they don’t lose them. – A grandkid. – Two grandkids. (baby crying) – Empty yogurt containers. – Or if you’re rich, Ziploc containers. – Oh (bleep). A tin for buttons. – Also comes with cookies. – They’re awful. – I love these cookies. – These cookies are whack. – You’re stupid. – A maid service for a day so your parents can take
a break from cleaning. – Oy, hurry up and clean
before maid come, okay? Doesn’t look nice. – Nailed it. – A flask for your dad. – Oh, good. Did you see my glasses? – Or a mug with alcohol in it for your mom whose to afraid to drink
in front of the family. (contently moans) – What a good a tea. (blows loudly) (sipping) – And there you have it. 15 gifts that an immigrant
parent will love. – Because it’s not about
how much money you spend, it’s about the thought and the care and how much money you’ve saved, honestly, and you doing better than other people. – 100 percent. – Than being able to stunt in front of other aunties and uncles. – 100 percent. Because what will people say? – Yeah, and just you
hanging out with them. Generally, parents like to just sit on couches and stare
at you in your eyes and not let you go places– – Don’t listen to these idiots, okay? I wanted those Balenciaga. The one that look like a socks. (loud boom) – Yo. I hope you enjoyed this video with, – Hasan Minhaj. – He’s dope. Make sure you check him in Patriot Act. The link is down below in the description to their YouTube channel. Subscribe, like all the things. The last collaboration’s over there. Behind the scenes video over there. Make sure you subscribe to this channel, because I got more collaborations coming. One, love, Superwoman. That is a wrap and zoop! You’re dope.

100 thoughts on “Gift Guide For Immigrant Parents (ft. Hasan Minhaj)

  1. Just your favourite brown cousins/uncles serving you with wisdom and truth! Haha! Hasan is the best! Make sure you check out his new show Patriot Act on Netflix. Thanks for watching!! Any guesses for collab 10?!

  2. Empty yogurts container just … I RELATE. we have more of those than we have actual plates.

  3. So the "cleanup before the maid comes" thing is not just a matter of my house. Phew! Feeling better now.

  4. I didn’t know they did a collab. Whoever said they look like siblings is spot on haha.
    Two brown desi folks with amazing talent at educating folks while making them laugh!

  5. Lilly seemed SO hurt when he said he didnt like the cookies xD

  6. I actually mistook Hassan Minaj for Abhishek Bachchan. They kinda look similar.

  7. Manjeet looks more like Hasan's father than Hasan's actual father :'D

  8. I'm sorry Lilly and Hassan but Manjit is funnier than either of you combined. Team Manjit. 🤣

  9. Also, why do you both have the same eyes? Lilly's eyes are my most favourite part of her, didn't know Hassan was her twin😂❤️

  10. The only YouTuber who’s own ads play before their videos 🤪💕💕

  11. My mom: OH MY GOD ITS A COUPON
    me: oh 😒 its a coupon

  12. Would this work for a long-dead, Manx relative?
    Anyone got one of those?
    Any tips?
    Ok, I’ll be on way out.

  13. Our parents aint like that couse they arent like that they know many sick things

  14. Indian parents will always be Indian parents no matter which part of the world they live.

  15. Lowkey ship them, not just cause their brown famous comedians but they just seeem tooo helllaa get each other. Lmao they have a very real blunt funny like chill vibe together. Loll, but he’s also happily married so I’m gonna shuttup now and stop typing.

  16. Nobody:
    Lilly: Which is why I found another brown person who's loud, animated, and uses their hands as much as me to help!
    I wheezed

  17. As a brown person (in real life, not the picture) I love this😂

  18. I think brown kids of South Asian descent go through the most culture war with their parents than any other immigrant group. As a brown kid growing up in Canada, facing one culture at home and another outside is a norm. This episode just made so much sense!!!! It captured the way my parents react to things!!!

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