Gingham Dog and Calico Cat

until one can't tell you that cuz that's how the story once upon a time there was a gingham dog and a calico cat what's Gangnam oh it's kind of cotton cloth that comes in pretty colors and checks and stripes oh well the gingham dog and my calico cat let's character it's cotton cloth too but with different colors and patterns then it was just a toy dog and a toy cat that's what everyone thought now they lived in a very nice house with Grandma and Grandpa Whipple in the daytime they would sleep on the table in the corner of the downstairs living room but at night when Grandma and Grandpa Whipple went upstairs to sleep they would wake up and have a wonderful time with their friends the old Dutch clock and the Chinese played weird the old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate I say tick-tock and I wish to state farmer of a friends my humble sound like nothing more than to sit on shout near me quite right and have nice chat with the Gangnam dog calico cat and every night they did have a wonderful time laughing singing and playing and they never had a singer quorum then one night the calico cat said to her good friend the kingdom dog this is fun all right but it's always the same the same games the same songs the same friends oh I'm not good enough for you anymore I don't mean it's just that I get tired of doing the same things over and over again I wonder what other dogs and cats do for excitement they fight yeah they fight every time they meet that's what I heard tick tock tick tock that's right they fight tick tock very bad very sad but very true but why do they fight oh no reason just up there cats dogs cats and dogs fight each other like cats and dogs they fight in the morning they fight at night they fight in the side of the fight the light they don't give a hoot about wrong or right and seem to take a special delight in a fight on the street or on the fence and the only thing that makes less sense is people fighting people well this was a brand new idea to the calico cat and you know that there's nothing more curious than a cat and she said maybe it's and maybe that's what I've been missing why don't we have a fight just a teeny-weeny little fight just to see what's right this shot the others and the old Dutch clock started ticking faster than usual and the Chinese plate wiggles and wago nervously on a shelf tick-tock tick-tock that's terrible terrible terrible dangerous us I mean terrible dangerous tick tock tick tock very bad Oh Sun wise old Chinese philosopher say curiosity killed cat very bad most unwise and the gingham dog said oh I don't wanna I'm kind of tired and sleepy and besides it's getting late it's way after midnight oh it's only half-past twelve come on up being a scaredy cat no can a dog be a scaredy cat and she lifted a paw and playfully swiped it across his nose oh hey that hurt you got claws in that thing and she swiped him across the nose again only harder this time oh and with teeth bared he snapped at the calico cat and bit off a small piece of calico and she sprang at him in her claws ripped off a piece of gingham and soon bits of gingham and pieces of calico build the air fathers in fire for sure very bad very bad tickety tock chocolate ick tickety tickety oh I'm so nervous my tech is talking all out of time what do we do what do we do stop suddenly it was over and all was quiet and that morning when Grandma and Grandpa Whipple came downstairs grandmas in dog and coca-cola please we be wrong sure enough we're the two had sat they found no trace of dog or cat and some folks think right up to this day that burglars stole that pair away not so not so tick tock tick tock that's right not so but if you really want to know ask us we're the old Dutch clock and the journey plate and under both we wish to state the truth about that cat and pup is this they hate each other

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