Gita Tips: How To Deal With Rejection – Simple Meaning Of Verse 15.7

Whenever you face rejection in life, you can
always refer to this verse from the Bhagavad Gita, where Shri Krishna says: My eternal fragment, in this world of souls,
becomes the individual soul. It draws itself to the mind and five senses,
established in Prakriti. To understand this verse, think about this
example: If you play a video game, say a boxing video game, and are defeated in that video
game, do you take the defeat seriously, or do you take it lightly and move on? You take it lightly and move on because you
know, you firmly know, that you are not the fake video game boxer, you are a real human
being. Shri Krishna is reminding us that we are a
part of him, we are all children of God, and should never feel dejected or depressed, if
we remember this verse from the Gita. God is telling us: You are a part of me. You are much greater than any hardship or
challenge or loss that you face in this world. So whenever you are feeling sad, whenever
you fall, take your loss in the right spirit, stand back up, and move on. God is always with you. Don’t forget this – we are all children of
God. We are here just to play a game in this world
of souls.

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