GitHub Marketplace

♪ (piano) ♪ (hammer knocking on other tool) Ay!
(sighs)Buenos días.(Spanish)
How does this one look? I’ll take it. ♪ (violin) ♪ I need you to make fifty of these. How beautiful. You made it? Yes, I made it. (narrator)Everyone needs
the right set of tools
to get the job done.When developers want to find
the best tool for the job,
or the tool that takes them
to the next step,
they’ve always come to the same place.Introducing GitHub Marketplace.Get the tools you need
to do your best work
with the largest community of developers
on Earth.
It isn’t really a new idea.It’s just a really good idea.Find out more at
♪ (upbeat) ♪ ♪ (piano) ♪

20 thoughts on “GitHub Marketplace

  1. The real question is where can I buy that awesome looking blanket @ 1:00 ??

  2. The product pitch was only a small part of a much more powerful story of socioeconomic development. This is marketing to learn from. Great job.

  3. I like this type of ads.

    I feel ashamed when I use a lot of tools to make things/apps done but not any more.. the blanket is beautiful.

  4. When she's gonna sit, I thought she was going to build her own computer…

  5. is awesome to see that diversity culture, GitHub you are making it right, proud Mexican and loyal GitHub user/evangelist here

  6. Link to GitHub on Discord:
    Learn how to use GitHub, Find collaborators, share your project repositories… all things GitHub. Welcome!

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