1 thought on “Glimpse: Sartre on Literature (for Partially Examined Life #212)

  1. I think Sartre demands too much mind-reading from an author. As he pointed out, what the author puts on paper is just a guide to help the reader construct the story, characters, world of the fiction. But there can be nothing proscriptive in that guide. It can't be the job of an author to anticipate all the ways in which they might be misunderstood, or misused by their own generation, much less those that follow. If the author has a story with no intentional political ramifications or implications, they should be able to tell that story, even if it is later misinterpreted or misused as political.

    Still, I would say that good art can be untrue, and true art can be bad. Untrue but good art is the most dangerous to a society.

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