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the go kart me and my mate harrybo we once made a go-kart everyone was making go-karts so we had to make one big Tony's was terrific big Tony was terrific because big time he told us he was what he said was I am terrific and because big Tony was very big no one said big Tony you're not terrific so big Tony was terrific and big Tony's go-kart was terrific and that was that when big Tony sat on his go-kart he looked like a real driver he had control when he came down a road round our way called moss lane he can make the wind blow in his hair sure he can make the wheels of his go-kart go and he went as he went past I was jealous of big Tony I was afraid that I thought he might be terrific so me and harrybo we made a go-kart out of his old pram and some boxes and crates we got from the off-license we nailed it up with bent nails but harrybo's dad said no no you should use big metal staples and he gave us some he said they were heavy duty heavy duty wow that sounded terrific so then we tied cord round the front cross piece but harrybo's dad said no you should use the pram handle and he helped us fix the pram handle to the crosspiece he said that'll give you control control wow that sounded terrific harrybo sat on the beer crate and steered I kneeled behind but harrybo's dad said no hernán you should kneel on foam pads and he cut these two foam pads for me to kneel on harrybo's dad said that or help you last the course last the course wow that sounded terrific now go car was ready so he took it up to the top of Moss Lane and Harry beau said I'll steer and he did it was fantastic it felt just like big Tony looked the hair in the wind the wheels so we both win now so we took it up the top of Moss Lane again and harrybo said I'll steer and he did it was amazing the road went blurry the hair in the wind though we always went so we both went so we took it up the top of Moss Lane again and harrybo said I'll steer so I said can I ever go harrybo said no oh gone I said no he said you've never done it before oh go on Harry bow let me ever go gone I mean blimey come on Harry bow go on no all right now look out weren't you yeah yeah yeah oh I know I said I thought I am gonna be terrific my hair my wheels oh me away we went hey yeah the wheels yes me yeah yeah but halfway down more slain there's moss close and that's where the road curves and that's where big Tony steers big Tony leans big Tony controls I saw mas clothes coming up really fast steer shouts harrybo steer your big Wally and I yanked the pram handle oh and the whole world went round once and twice and three times and my head went rolling down the road pulling me after it and then the go-cart came for the ride over and over and over and to my nose and my chin and my two front teeth landed up in the grit of the gutter harrybo was crying I breathed in and it kind of whistled there it was again I stuck my finger up to my tooth and it was chipped harrybo said and I said yeah your Chin's bleeding and all we walked home he pulled the card doctor his place he didn't say anything nothing at all not a word and he went in I walked on to my place it was still whistling when I got in I told mum everything and she said well she said all kinds of things like well your teeth would probably fall out you know one of those nice things that mum sometimes say next day at school they were all asking about the crash they all looked at my tooth and then they wanted to see the dug heart harrybo said you can't because my dad's chopped you out chopped ah wow that sounded terrible Hey when harrybo got his racer he's brand new racing bike for Christmas I didn't ask him for a gull on it no I didn't know yeah no I didn't I wonder why

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  2. The video was Made in April 1st. You know what I mean. But though I love his vids. Great

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