Goddess – Ramya Pandyan / Idea Smith – kalArt English Poetry

Namaste. My name is Ramya Pandyan, and I go by IdeaSmith. I’m co-founder of a feminist band called SXonomics,
and it’s Navratri season now, so I’m going to perform a piece called Goddess. Listen to the sounds of welcome Calendars and clocks counting down nine nights As I put away my five days inside deep breaths The rush hour horns are honking as the pounding
gets louder, louder, louder She is coming home tonight Watch the colors shift Gold to represent the mother energy An artist brushes his last stroke of charred
black across Her eyes As living blood starts to seep down my insides
I realize too late I’m wearing white Red? Red can only appear on Her clothes tonight I stay back late at work to hide my stains Moving out into a night of burning light and
color Shying away from the male gaze Moving away from all that is holy A hand pushes me into a procession that makes
way For a plaster and plastic Goddess A hand drunk on bhakti, grabs my breast Jai Ma! the voices shout I dissolve into her and she into me Her wrathful eyes become mine; Her weapons, my fists A whisper in my ear condemns my stains I shrink into my stains My shame and mundane me Feel the Goddess touch your life Hormonal power, blood-lust, rage, hunger,
pain I soothe my cramps with hot water Clean away the impurity that is me As the drums beat out an ode to womanhood My red, inferior My body impure No room for me in Her procession tonight Because these are a human’s blood, sweat
and tears But nobody wants to know That a Goddess bleeds too.

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