Gong How To Stay Alive (Legendado)

at the soundman spitted that began to begin it was a sweet green planet never none it doesn’t do it doesn’t in it doesn’t do it with the planet as we know it it’s the planet coming through yet but you don’t know if it’s there maybe you see maybe dan check it underneath the Milky Way at the size of the class I don’t think so you just get so far so dear that scared or begat that you sink in to remind me of the love story bad vision from the stars from old but the paradox and they are picked up those timed up to us on space wise every time from the distant star they have watched us [Music] we assume the position [Music] the tide will count with stopping arriving two or three – they be looking at you they coming down to earth and it’s been so long it’s a very very long ago when they last dare to come down here to show us what we need to know how to survive with that how to survive without killing the planet we need to know it’s a planet coming through you but you gonna say they beat disease may be damned check it okey way to Southern Cross hi Don [Music] this is where we got a phone this is where the people of [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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