Class, stand. Good morning Mr. Muthu Raja. Okay sit. BAD STUDENTS: GREETINGS Alright. Where’s the other half of the class? Hey, Mr. Muthu Raja. Nippon Paint. Selfie. Can you help me throw this? GOOD STUDENTS:
PAYING ATTENTION Okay class. Today, I’m gonna explain this
new formula PE equals N1S. Alright, now I’m gonna
expand the PE equals N1S. P is for penetration. E is for elevation. N is for knowledge. BAD STUDENTS:
PAYING ATTENTION So penetration is in and out. Elevation is… And knowledge is in your brain. And one… Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s try Denise. Okay. GOOD STUDENTS:
GETTING TO CLASS Oh, why does class always
have to be on the sixth floor? Yeah, it is so high, so hot. If only we were allowed to take the staff lift. Never mind. Let’s just go. BAD STUDENTS:
GETTING TO CLASS I’m going to be late.
I’m going to be late. It’s for staff only. GOOD STUDENTS:
HOMEWORK Alright, class dismissed. Wait, wait, wait. Mr. Muthu Raja, are you
forgetting something? Oh right, right. Debbie, yes. Can everyone please hand in your worksheets? And since our holiday is coming, I
suggest that we have more homework so we do not forget our materials. Yeah. No. You should do your homework. That’s right man. BAD STUDENTS:
HOMEWORK Don’t waste bro. Ren Yi Xiang, since you
like doing homework so much, you will be doing our
homework for the next 3 weeks. Were you talkin to me? I was peeing, can you like repeat it again? Okay. You will be doing our
homework for the next 3 weeks. No. Do yourself. Okay. Fine. Class is starting soon.
You might want to hurry up. Don’t forget soap. GOOD STUDENT:
PUNCTUALITY I have never done this before. Should we take it slow? I think we’re already taking it slow. Let’s take this relationship
to the next level. Wait, wait, wait. But, will I get pregnant? That’s true. I heard from people that
we need to use protection. Sorry. Alright, we can use this. Ready? Okay, class is in 5 minutes. I don’t want to be late. Should I use the tongue? Oh my gosh, did the
tongue scare her away? Please come back. Come back. BAD STUDENTS:
PUNCTUALITY Naomi, you’re late again. Yeah, at least I came. My period didn’t. Don’t make this a thing. Yeah. GOOD STUDENTS:
DURING EXAMS Oh man. Wow, this papers really hard. I didn’t even study this. Wait, Mr. Muthu Raja is
sleeping, maybe I should cheat. Nah, this guy’s gonna fail. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. BAD STUDENTS:
DURING EXAMS Jinhao, what are you doing? I was trying to copy Debbie. I didn’t study last night. What did I tell you about cheating? Go and see Mr. Thanos. Mr. Thanos? Yes, now. GOOD STUDENTS:
AFTER EXAMS How was the exam just now? Wasn’t it so easy? I mean, photosynthesis, so predictable. Hey. Hey guys, do you think
Jinhao will get into trouble? I’m sorry. Please, give
me one more chance. I won’t cheat in exams anymore. Oh no. BAD STUDENTS Okay, everyone, listen up. It’s exam period, and not
everyone in this class can pass. But everyone can fail. And everyone should fail. We should group together, fail together,
so we can blame the educational system. We can blame the school. And we can blame Mr.
Muthu Raja because he sucks. That’s right. Life is not about studying. Life is about doing what you love. So if you love to game, you game. If you love to dance, you dance. And if you love to sing,
you sing it like you mean it. Say it with me everyone. Mr. Muthu Raja sucks. Mr. Muthu Raja sucks. Mr. Muthu Raja sucks. Mr. Muthu Raja sucks. Mr. Muthu Raja sucks. Wait. But I want to study. I want
to get good marks. Knowledge is power. Your certificate is
not just a piece of paper. It’s a refinement of who are and to
upgrade yourself to be a better person. Did we forget to feed him? Someone get this man a burger. Now, we’re talking. Alright, as I was saying, Ren Yi Xiang, why don’t
you sing us a song? Really? All of my life, I wanted to just sing a song. Yes, you can do it. Come on. Stand up and sing it like you mean it. I got a feeling called the blues. Lord, since my baby said goodbye. Lord, I don’t know what I’d do. All I do is sit and sigh. Oh Lord. That last long day she said goodbye Well Lord, I thought I would cry. She’ll do me, she’ll do you,
she’s got that kind of loving Lord I love to hear her when
she calls me sweet daddy Such a beautiful dream,
I hate to think it’s all over I lost my heart it seems I’ve grown so used to you somehow But I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now And I’m lonesome I’ve got the lovesick– Stop. Mr. Thanos is coming. Run. [Music] The end is near. No one appreciates me. [Music] I don’t feel so good. Which part? I mean if you’re asking me
specifically, I would say it’s like — [Music] Now, I just have to mark half of this. Alright class. You have 15 minutes left. Mr. Muthu Raja I just want to say that you are the best
teacher and that we appreciate you. And your hair looks good today. What are you doing? Sit. Sit. Sit. Don’t disturb your classmates. [Music]

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