Good Timber By Douglas Malloch | Motivational Video | Poem |

Good Timber by Douglas module The tree that never had to fight
For sun and sky and air and light,
But stood out in the open plain
And always got its share of rain,
Never became a forest king
But lived and died a scrubby thing.
The man who never had to toil
To gain and farm his patch of soil,
Who never had to win his share
Of sun and sky and light and air,
Never became a manly man
But lived and died as he began.
Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees;
The further sky, the greater length;
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.
Where thickest lies the forest growth,
We find the patriarchs of both.
And they hold counsel with the stars Whose broken branches show the scars
Of many winds and much of strife.
This is the common law of life. When you start
thinking that your life is not being fair to you when the mountain you are
trying to climb keeps getting taller and taller when you see no end to the path
you have taken remember that in life the harder you are being tested the better
you are going to be in the end cause one cannot choose the life that they
were born into but they can make it better than anything that they ever had
and remember the tree that never had to fight for anything in his life
can never become the Forest King and always died a scruffy thing but you on the
other hand who has been born with nothing has the potential to be anything
you want to be and you have all the reason the motivation the emotion the
struggle to fuel your success to develop your position socially, morally and
economically and to reach beyond your readily available resources and
be a better man in the end and yes you are going to face the storms of life
The time will be hard on you the struggle you will go through
will break you down and build you back up again one step closer towards being
the forest king. So, embrace your life, embrace your struggle,
embrace what you have and be the majestic king of your forest and always remember Good Timber does not grow with ease.

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