Goodnight | Poetically Yours #3

Watch it burn,
Watch it fall, We took our turn,
Went against it all, And lost it while committing the greatest
crime of all, Let em sing,
Let the words ring, Letting the pages burn is hard,
Cuz they’re filled with words from my heart, Knowing none would compare to you, not mine
and not art, No more sadness,
Going back is madness, And only blue skies after storms allowed,
Only clear ways after the snow is plowed, I hope our
days set peacefully as the sun leaves our faces,
Because I know we’re flying to different places, We’ve fought so hard, it’s time to rest. Goodnight… Poetically Yours,
Javier Santamaria

1 thought on “Goodnight | Poetically Yours #3

  1. I hope you enjoy the poem which started my journey into writing a book.

    Poetically Yours,
    Javier Santamaria

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