Google Cardboard for The Road Not Taken Pre reading Activity

Hi! It’s Adele again from Digitally yours!
And I’m here to talk to you this week about an experience that I got to do
with my class using Google Cardboard. Am I in your way? Sorry! I’ll move! Anyway I got this set
the summer and I’ve been dying to try them out and Irit Merchav, who’s another
Google Ninja, gave me this fantastic idea for a poem that I’m going to be
teaching, so I brought in 15 Google cardboards which work like this: they come in a box, and you open them up and you fold this over… so that’s the
side that you look into, and you take your phone and put it on a 360 movie and
you put it inside and close it. There’s also a rubber band which I haven’t really figured out how to use and this is definitely enough. And then you look! So, do you want to know what happened in my lesson? First of all I told the class, the day before, to be sure that they came with full battery and then I told
them that they were going to be working in pairs so it’s enough to have one
cardboard for each pair of students. Then I showed them my site, where I had all of the explanations here on my site they were working in pairs while one of them put
together the Cardboard the other one had to download two apps to their phones.
They had to download the YouTube app, because if it’s not on your phone with
the YouTube app it doesn’t work properly. And they had to download the Google
Cardboard app. And then I gave them the questions. I sent them a playlist with four different
clips and they were told to follow these instructions that I wrote up here on the
board and this is what they saw! Of course but much cooler with the
Cardboards. When you’re wearing the Cardboard this
looks 3d and you can turn around (here, I’m doing it with my mouse) and you can look
down: there’s the lady – the nice lady that was walking with the camera and made
this movie for us, and you can look up and see this guy and get much more of an
experience of what it’s like to walk in the woods, than if I had just shown them
a picture of the woods, which is what I used to do until now and when they had
their Google Cardboards on they looked like: Well no, not really 😉
because these are jaded 17 year old kibbutzniks and moshavnicks who’ve seen “everything”, but actually they thought it was pretty cool for the most part. I took
an impromptu poll which they didn’t all fill out because I did it on Whatsapp
and then filled it in here, but as you can see: 40% of them thought it was
interesting for a change to use the cardboards, 33% were not overly impressed,
and 26.7% said it was fantastic and they can’t wait to use it again! So some of
the complaints were that the movies weren’t very clear (sharp) and other complaints were that it hurt their eyes, and one of the kids said he wants to be able to
learn with the Google Cardboard using games, so I’m going to explore that
option! So if any of you have other ideas for how to use Google Cardboards
in your classroom in order to teach English, share them with us here and when
I find more you can be sure that I am going to blog them! So I hope that helps
and gives ideas. Digitally yours, @dele! Oh and please remember to subscribe!
Bye for now!

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