Google Places for Car Dealers: Strategies to Maximize Your Dealership’s Leads

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of people from other completed surveys also fluent simple prices so let’s get started let’s learn about all places at st duties to maximize freely christan there how are you today i am fantastic eliana how are you doing paintings action belief finally doing this matter not you know
every week every week christina’s within a month ait ask my attendees i ask you to come to our
webinars tell me what topics interests you most what subjects you wanna hear
about there is not one topic that i have received more than i have dislike everyone wants to know more about good
faces to the local vocal maps and how to make it better and stronger and more
effective and i’m so excited about by only doing this and i can’t carefully this day is finally here there
we go to the land that today or eliana uh… i on what i think uh…
everyone for joining us today and i think it is appropriate that that people
have been so interested because as we’re gonna uh… you talking
about google places dual will pop loss local is extremely important and it’s going to
be cut be becoming more important com going forward so today we’re going to be talking about
why it’s so important whites could become more important in the future we’re gonna talk about how you need to
set up a and optimize replaces listening some of the advice here is going to be difference and have changed from times
that people may have armed either heard other people in the automotive industry
return people outside of the automotive industry talk about some of these things
in the past as you alluded to earlier who has done a number of things and just
the last couple of months that’s com dealers need to be aware of
because if they archie could really on damaged
uh… their results finally we’re going to be talking about
some strategies to maximize all your places leads the number of the amount of traffic that you get your
website funnier places listings the number of calls that are coming in and some additional techniques and resources
that that you should release the aware of which you can you used to to opt for the route two miles the amount of com qualified traffic becomes your
dealership as a result of your replaces listens nammal will follow that up with some the q and a session in case i have
uncovered absolutely everything that people might wanna ought to know about
about the replaced health and straightening out we have selma’s gets here camels i ground cover when it comes to
get the places where we started well eliana ob i’d think i have given
you a poll question i just wondered to be able to gauge sort of a on people on the call and what what their experience has been with him
with tom with google places over time how
sophisticated uh… they are so if you wanna die popat whole question up i think that’s a great yet was struggling with a poll question we
need your help aren’t you dealerships current usage after the place please select one of the following
options cell are you not sure if you’ve claimed she a good
looks a sustained or maybe you know for a fact stranger page you’re not sure if he’s completed a
hundred percent hey meeting a few claimed it and you’ve completed it but you’re not sure if it’s totally oxidized ukrainians completed and address it pay you’re always hunt for new
strategies i make it better and that’s why you’re here today whatever it is we
want to know once again so ready to start sent then we’ll close to call carousel will send chris on his face to giving us
more information doubt people places and eighty so much
everyone for all your bouts playoff play almost everyone started at this point blatantly appreciate chris debate s i am passes subcontinent anyhow hall dot just another second-tier and again i want to you thank you all for your birthday involved
we really appreciate it lets close this fall and share the results so you know thirty-seven percent stays audience said it’s all that they’re always
hunting for new strategies awesome amounts of our audience another
thirty seven percent so that they claimed it completed it they’re just not sure if it’s actully abstracts yet twelve percent said that they claim haven’t completed at ten fourteen
percent said they had a chest exclaimed but that’s what we have gone on staying
stays audiences that what’s expected you know what that is very similar to
two one five five five when i talked to dealers ob hi at this point it looks like probably
eighty to ninety percent of dealers have claims the places listing which is
extremely important as were about to get into and uh… i would guess that probably
fifty percent of dealers have not actually completed their places listing
and again we’re gonna discuss why that is so important and i do see about twenty to twenty-five
percent would it would have been my estimate who’ve completed everything and clearly
we have a little more sophisticated cutting-edge audience on our on our web
in our state you see in the general taylor population so it really doesn’t surprise me that
we’ve we’ve got thirty seven percent of folks who have already completed it but are still looking for some
additional steps exo hi i want to know i’m sort of start by
making sure that for the few people who have not claim they’re wasting or aren’t sure
whether they have or have it completed it that we focus on exactly what we’re
talking about from a consumer’s perspective replaced list no matter what your dealership is if you
had any online presence all and you cool your dealerships name you’re gonna find your primary website and you’re gonna
see the places listed which i’ve highlighted here and we are always going to see and we’re
going to be coming back to this repeatedly over the course of this
webinar dealerships name the business name right
here at the address on the phone number they’re shown right here or the listing with a little google can and then the
map is listed overhear and photos of the dealership here additionally we’ve got on the hours of
operation which you can see more days if you want
to i somewhat if you click on the reviews
you come over to their primary google places listing which we’re gonna get you
in just a second this is all the information that google
thanks that a consumer would need to instantly know about dealership it includes the number of certified
google reviews that you’ve got me and your overall review slower now the scores probably a bit confusing
for people who aren’t familiar with it this is on a scale of thirty which is a skill that google adapted
from sagar when they bought sag about uh… i think was last year anything from the twenty five twenty six
to thirty is considered extraordinary and close to perfection twenty one to twenty five is considered
very bitter axel take a look at where your reviews are
right now and again we’re gonna be coming back to our views and warm importance or repeatedly over the course of the next
hour so if i do click on the google reviews
like here i come to the dealers primary google places detail some of the information that you’re
going to notice here is again the name of my dealership the address the phone number so u r l of uh… associated website
koppel of the categories we’re going to get into setting up your categories a
couple of the categories that that the order selected it’s hours of operation today we see the
photos now this looks a little bit different if
you’ve combined it with your google plus state organist us the difference is
their true uh… toward the end of the weapon are today it also shows the three hundred and twenty seven
reviews that i’ve gotten so a consumer is readily able to see how vec verified google users have raided my dealership i think that everyone understands how
important do go places is because they are on the webinar but for anybody who
isn’t absolutely sure that your spending your next our correctly google has stated and this is this grows
every year at that at this point one infirmary searches done on google has local intent and there are three main reasons that dis is this is are the case and
that it grows every day the first is consumer behavior and their
expectations people are now used to using google not just as a reference for looking up
factual data but also forgetting recommendations on
local products services local merchants spot even doing things like researching
illnesses for their kids and how other people posture sa so it’s not simply about just looking at
heart factual detail it’s also about looking
up information that you can get from other people who were in similar
situations through one that you find yourself in and back and potentially be buying a car
or servicing your vehicle somewhere in their area the second thing that is increase the
number of searches that google are is declaring up
local intent is simply google’s evolution is a search
engine now these are the search results that i
get when i search for nissan dealership my office we’re located just outside of
washington d_c_ now if i’ve taken a screenshot of what
my results will not look like five years ago before the bennett’s update them
before our place is really became immigrated
into google search results i would have seen nissan nissan uh… i would’ve seen
uh… i would have probably seen motor trend i would have seen admins i would’ve said
this page would avoid radically different because it would have been people who are
breaking well for nissan dealer across the united states domains that were more powerful than any
others four a national audience but fast forward to today in google has
recognized it when i a m looking for nissan dealer
i’m looking for dealers who are close to wear ayam actually during my search for not only do they show a couple of links
from nissan’s dealership locator on national psyche but then they show seven local dealers this is
called the um… local seven pack for google search results it has the seventy or solicit here and
again it shows this court that there are that people
who’ve reviewed them have given their dealership the number for reviews that they’ve
gotten and if they have combined their places with their go plus page it
allows them to access the google plus speech directly here additionally it has a little map up here it shows where the dealerships are
relative to where i am the third reason is is that now we have access to goal and the internet basically twenty four
seven at this point and this this process was
forty percent one year ago at this point fifty percent of all searches done on a
mobile device show local intent from what uh… from
google’s perspective someone does a hundred searches on their
mobile phone during the course of a fifty of them or about local merchants or local problems that they
are trying to solve this number goes up every single month so d combination of uh… the collectivity and how people
are learning to search research local merchants is what is
driving ibis growth and it’s going to keep going in fact and it’s particularly important for
automotive of the top ten highest trafficked local
search categories and this comes from uh… that yellow pages online mikey dot com three of the top ten are categories that every car dealer in
the country is going to be are providing service work summer to sought apart spada repair and
service and vehicle sales so now we’re going to talk about why do
the lives of all things again it is to get to the consumer the information that
they need faster and faster liberalism primary concern is that davey com today
facto place that anyone looking for this kind
of information is going to go you’ve you’ve seen bhejna uh… you’ve
seen some of the other alternatives to role as a local search pension
focusing more and more on the results that uh… and the quality of the
results that they provide this is why google of so focused on insuring that they’re getting consumers
to lose a lot as fast as they can and again as we talked about before the google results for simply nissan dealer now show the actual nissan dealerships as opposed
to just on met nationwide websites that are are optimize for
nissan dealer and as i was saying before for every
dealer in the country every dealer in the country you worked hard organic search phrase the name of your dealership and remember that every person who who rules you from now forever is going to see more reviews and the review sport a number that you have and happen at the quality of your
reviews it is impossible basically for those people to get your website
without seeing that information first in addition the too d uh… your reviews and your places
listing just helping you show up in search results this was a study done about it fifteen months ago by a company called
as here mas their a in leading s_c_o_ our company across all industries survey commissioned an high track and
study debts arm showed where people who are presented natural search result links which we see up here and local search was and local wakes where they focused their attention what we’re seeing here is that even
though the local seven pack is doesn’t start until the fourth
listing on the page it gets dramatically more attention then
d higher ranking and i’ll put that in quotes the higher ranking organic
listings will later to the consumer search it’s not just about getting as far up the pages you can but it’s
about getting clicks and calls traffic your website you were much more likely to be getting
interaction with your dealership if you have a local listing with your reviews with the figured out that the knowledge
that google has verified your place of business you were much more likely to
get a consumer to interact with your dealership if you simply have one of the top organic listings that’s an important thing to know it’s
not surely about waking it’s about traffic phone calls and the quality of those so now that we sort of disgust why it is so important to optimizer google
places listings and the benefits when you do it let’s talk about how we actually go
through and set them up if anybody isn’t familiar with google
places when you login to go places if you have more than one you’ll be
allowed to choose which uh… which particular place list you want to
go into but this is basically your home screen google provides you with some information about the number of
impressions and the types of actions it replaces listings getting it allows
you to look at this stuff over time it shows you the top search queries that your particular dealership is
showing up for it provides you with a nice summary google places listings currently set up and again works when we talk about having your
places list incomplete who who will give you your completion
rate so we were talking before about having
your uh… places was saying one hundred percent complete this is where you find out whether you
could actually is or not if it’s not that you want to go into
added it and you click right here and all of the
sudden you are editing your google places
listed so i would like to go through sort of a
checklist of best practices and a couple of these things are different from what you’re probably her
before and they have to come in and uh… the
best practice advice has become materially different within the last couple months first thing we want to make sure that we
do is we have our name the name of the business the address and the phone number correct it’s extremely important and
again i’m going to be emphasizing the main address and phone number repeatedly throughout this it is to use a local phone number and the phone
number that appears on your dealership website ideo that some of these sophisticated
viewers out there are using eight hundred tracking numbers you want to know how many calls are
coming out of here we go places list i want to emphasize that this is one of
the he thinks the google looks for in terms
of validating that you are in local merchants serving that particular area picture places listing pies out your
website dick google is looking for a local phone
number and the same local phone number that
appears on your website and i i i want to point out that even the if the number of calls that
you’re receiving from replaces listing goes up or down you are not spending any money this is a
completely free service that google provides so it’s not like your gonna be putting
more or less resources uh… or money against google
places if your calls go up or down so i think that you should evaluate
whether your actually getting any benefit from tracking dot the number of calls if
you’re using an eight hundred uh… track number even if you’re using
a local tracking number if it’s different from the one on your website
again you want to reconsider and that the ideal from uh… a google places optimization
perspective is to have the same local phone number
shop here and shows up across your website the second thing we want to do the preferred optimization technique is
to include uh… and the email address that is associated with the job
main associate with the places listed i know that many dealers don’t have this
so i have not actually seemed data that supports that this is the case but recently abu heard and that’s all posts coming out that this is a favored practice five group the next thing we want to make sure
debbie to is that we fill-in are business informations
description this is one of the few areas in google
places where i’ve dealer has a fair amount of
discretion as to why they want to type in you want to make sure that you’ve got the primary hygiene geographies or well both geographies in services that
you are targeting in this listing and we’re gonna see that this this is one of the few places within
places where i’m gonna abdicate you included geographies that you may not be exactly
located in and services that may not fit perfectly
into one of two goals categories so this is the place to do it you’ve got
two hundred characters make sure that you’ve got a primary geography that your your
dealership is targeting the primary makes uh… ons are the primary manufacturers that uh… debtor associated with your dealership and any other ancillary services that
you want that job fit particularly into one of these categories you want to make sure that your hours or
so to swell google frequently for mobile devices
will provide users with the opportunity to
choose whether they want to be shown results for people who are currently open or not google will not know if you’re open or
not if you don’t tell them future open the next thing is categories in the past i’d know that we have
customers who have provided additional information beyond
google standard category choices um… they have provided geographic terms in here are some of
them may even have information about how they are the best chevy dealer or the ta paraded honda dealer dallas honda dealer google uh… i mean i’m gonna cover this uh…
in a little bit more detail later but you want to make sure that you were
using some of the default categories that google has provided who was graded our patent within the
last three months that suggests that they are going to be going after people
who are spamming these category choices and uh… we’re if we’re going to get
into that a little more detail later i would recommend that if you are for
instance a nissan dealer that unless you have a good reason to
use other what uh… other category choices that
you target nissan dealer hardy or used-car dealer parts and repair shop if you are for um… if you have some other services if u if your website op provides both chrysler and dodge and you want to
choose both of those i suggest that you do it and that you
perhaps don’t have auto parts store but high about salute leave recommend
that you use google’s default choices as use lecture categories and you do not put any geographic terms
in here and you do not put any sort of marketing
terms in here white gastric operated your service area there too schools of thought on service area for
dealers and i don’t have on information to support a dual maybe our going after anybody who is perhaps in their eyes spamming this dealers serve customers at the location i would recommend generally that people
choose you know we serve all customers and our business location obviously dealers also can deliver
vehicles to uh… some of their consumers i can see the argument for instead
choosing yes we serve customers of the location if you do this and you want to select a
radius or specific cities that you want to target i have not seen dealer specifically get
banned for doing this but arm i don’t have good data either
way on that so i’m going to suggest that google is
going to become more and more vigilant about cracking down on any
deviations from their default choices so i i’m arms i’m not going to suggest
that you that you say yes we serve customers at
the locations then highlight some of the all further away geographies that you
want to target that that option is available make sure that you choose your hours of
operation select your payment options all that are
applicable to your dealership next we want to make sure to go gives us
an opportunity to put in two ten photos for placed listing i suggest that everyone do this i
believe that you only need five two come to a hundred percent complete for
your listing obs will double check myself on that but regardless i would suggest that you have
ten you also want to where you can make sure
that you have photos that show your dealership your customers information about your brand as opposed
to a particular vehicle because obviously dea culture inventory
will turn uh… if you’ve got screen caps of your commercials again i would suggest
that you focus more on things that aren’t a little bit more time what’s howell grew like a customer receiving a
great experience at your dealership were beautiful photos a furor of your arm your serviced apartment things that are not going to be different or local beer when someone
comes to your site eight months from now because and you had a change agar photos not long your videos same sort of thing get testimonials or
get general video about your dealership and
why you’re so great of what your commercials under a lot of
dealers they have uh… their videos haley to them all out
within you too where you can resist the temptation to
do that you know commercials frequently are are
seasonal so you may have videos that are they’re going to be up
here for eighteen months i don’t know how often
people or policing the videos that they have
uploaded to the places page but again trying to customer testimonials though
surf are fairly timeless you’ve gotta remember you’ve got a
consumer here who’s looking at your place is page and you want to make them go debts someone who is in exactly the same
position as they were six months ago three months ago a year
ago deciding whether or not to come to your
dealership in service for bihac or buy a car somewhat wasn’t exactly the same
position that you are now or that the consumers right now doing research and they had an awesome experience finally additional details who will provide some additional details
and it’s not clear comparably whether they actually incorporate this all at
all into their their ranking algorithm uh… they don’t show which on at least i haven’t seen it showed in
quite a while so i’m not sure that they’re displaying
it any longer to consumers what i typically recommend is if u uh… frisa security for you to dealer and you also sell siah all sign on dealer it’s not one of the
default choices for google’s category this is a great place obtain that information about your
dealership but you also sell siah if you provide free loader cars if
you’ve got uh… if you are very proud of you are a
s e r certified technicians this again at great place to put that
information it being are without a ringing bells to
google that there’s resource panther i have seen businesses both in the
automotive space and outside of it cramming keywords geographic dot
keywords in here again if i don’t know that grew even
incorporates our judicial details into their algorithm the places algorithm any longer what i
can say is is that they have taken a number of steps the last few months indicate that they’re going to become much more vigilant in policing all the
information that’s in the place listening so let’s get into a few ranking factors
are not going to artist sit here read off this list what i will do is say that uh… these are ten of the most important who go places ranking factors and i’m gonna give you are gonna give
you a few resources for of research over the course of our annex
twenty minutes or so david mamet decide tillman right here he’s actually huh crater that our company called get
listed dot org which was recently bought by s_c_o_ mas the company that we were up referencing
a little earlier witty with sidetracked study anyway david observations out a hundred
asio experts across all sorts of verticals who are focused on local search
optimization he puts a an annual report together
uh… publishes at every july deep most important based on the survey
the cecil experts the most important ranking factors not only our general local search but
also google places these are tender these are ten of the most important
factors that are that had come out of his survey are if you just google david miriam
local search ranking factor sorbet dual readily be able to find it it’s a
fantastic resource and try to pick it burns again at one of them is the numerical
percentage of your paper plates page completeness before we were talking about insuring
that it’s one hundred percent i’ve done this is psalm this is a study that you know indicated
that i was at least one of the top ten factors so before when i was talking about
places category spam diluted to that dot google appears to be in a position
where they’re gonna start policing this were happily moron visually than they have in the past in december of two thousand twelve who
was actually created a patent by the are u_s_ patent office to do exactly this this is armed this is quoted directly from the patents it talks about how people will be
identifying businesses that are incorporating ob information into perhaps a category west the context of
the business entity we could be described from google’s perspective is
spam for instance if the tax contain
something like the best manufacturer of widgets if you’re the best toyota dealer if you are the top-rated whatever description that you’re providing it
doesn’t fit the ones that google is providing you uh… as default listings potentially could be described as spam uh… as i said with this patent is clear in my mind technical will be
addressing this over the next few months so now that we’ve talked about how to
optimize replaces listing itself uh… some of the changes that have come
about that you wanna make sure that you’re aware of all let’s talk about some of the non
google places places on things that you can control the
influence how you show up for people places we’re going to be talking about naps
again uh… as we were going to go places setup i was emphasizing name at the address
and the total number of your dealership this is become dairy so more to uh… from any local citation perspective in the old days we use to try to her
lancs or build links let whatever appropriate or do you wanna use for
getting inbound links to our site and of course in the old asio days we
were all focused on getting the links to use the anchor text of exactly the search terms we wanted to optimize
for uh… in the case of a washington d_c_
area nissan dealer all we want to all of our inbound links
to be a too happy anchor text washington d_c_ side google has often basically come out and said that i did
it with their cabin penguin releases that they’re targeting this sort of unnatural looking in
battling strategy which is neither here nor there i want
to make the analogy that local the google places equivalent is
citations again the name address and phone number so these are slum of the local
directories that google places wise on to validate that the information that
you looked what into your google places listing is correct so google will go out and look at what name address and phone number show
up in yelp merchantcircle being yahoo local com citysearch there there are dozens of these and they
all appear to be uh… sources for google to ensure that the quality of the
information that you’re putting into place is listening is accurate uh… as i was saying before david mamet
of to get listed dot org uh… who just joined us your ma’s last
couple months he put together this fantastic info graphic that sort of gives you a a picture of the complexity but also
the thoroughness that google uses when they are validating that the information than
your places page is correct across all of these local directories so it’s a bit overwhelming there are a
lot of them but fortunately there also was spotted them that we can check uh… as eliana mentioned before we’re
going to be giving away a one-year subscription to a company
called yet y-axis provides you if you go to yet stock on and put in
your dealership name and your phone number next lakshmi spit out a report that
shows the business name associated with your your on business uh… address and the phone number
associated with them in yahoo yelp you can see there they’ve probably got three or four
dozen of these that day that they validate against they also have some information about
whether you’re standing out or whether you have photos these would be great to have for all of
these places the arts nearly as important as insuring that the
business name that you’re operating under the address that’s associated with
that business and the phone number associated with
that business are not only uniform but they match your website and they
match through google places arm-twisting as a as i was talking about before
google has indicated that they’re now going to be going after com businesses dealerships and you any local
merchants that are on possibly violating or spinning under
category choices there also suggesting that they’re going
to be researching all of these directories
these local directories that you can go and put remit information and and they’re going to be are calling them
working first same patent i believe quite frankly didn’t double-check the
patent number biatch i believe it’s the same patented google uh… that again ghouls granted
in december there indicating that they’re going to
be looking at other local directories and finding out will whether the
information about your business for instance the category choices that you’re making
these other directories match up with the ones that you have
chosen the group if you have just if you follow my advice and your
reviews google’s default uh… categories choices so you’ve got nissan dealer instead of
washington d_c_ nissan dealer best nissan dealer google’s going to be comparing that
category choice with the choices that you’re making in all the citation
directories if you’ve got best nissan dealer in
citysearch google’s going to potentially flag that
that’s what that’s what this is indicating that they’re going to be
looking to see whether their trusted information matches with other sources and if it doesn’t perhaps
these become on trust its forces if it doesn’t match up with your google places or with what
google believes is a reputable and likely incredible description of the categories that your
dealership operates in then they may not be on they may just
completely discount nor um… your listing so you may not get credit for the fact
that you have gone through and updated your dealerships information
across forty or fifty of these sai of these local directories so again
consider trying to you the category choices that you make in
your google places listing across all of the citations all of these local directories as you
fill them out some other google places ranking factors again our good friend david mamet uh… yes in that same survey again that he put
out in july of two thousand twelve and hopefully he’ll be putting on slide two
thousand thirteen these are some of buck local factors
that influence how your google places listing shows up in on in ghouls results they come from your website obviously the domain of toward your
website whether you have a local phone number on your website and whether that
local phone number matches your google placed list again on the other one i read awful all
of these things if you if you want a copy of the
presentation afterwards just email myself uh… on chrissy h_r_s_ ideal ron dot
com or email eliana and we can get you a copy this and please do yourself a service and go tech
outdated mins observations well building local citations in addition of filling out all these
directories we also want to get other places that have local forty to talk
about our dealership gets a mention of our name address phone
number arnab uh… local credible sources for information about dealerships in in the location of our
operating a great way of doing this is if you’ve
got the word press blog on your dealership hopefully not on a sub domain
or on a secondary website but on within your
dealership website have someone do uh… have another local
merchant you would our guest post um… gave me a wake back to you and you
can even ask them to lake back to the post on your blog from their website you can post on their website is well
get the same sort of value there are dozens so yak stand get listed dot org have or a number of on national directories that provide local business
information additionally their local business
directories your local chamber of commerce that there are a number of places that
if you just google your your local area and business directories
they’re going to be business directories that are literally local to you local media if you’re spending money on radio t_v_ or in a newspaper and they
can help you out with providing even if they don’t provide you awake if
they provide a mentioned of your dealership and when
they do include your address and your phone number again that becomes another citation but
validates that the information which you’ve put into your google places on is
accurate and uh… credible another another interesting idea is if you can herbs if you’re hosting an event if
you’re doing anything for charity if you’re doing something uh… you know offsite that’s pretty cool that gets publicity
for your dealership uh… recharge your local news paper and
just see if they’ll put it in as a local events in in my ob immediate area where i left
we have a number of these different on will call metall newspapers that are all studio
just dying for content there would be definitely up with
something in there about a local events that have dealership in our area was
toast video sharing sites soviet we’ve already talked about how
you’re going to have five videos that you’re going to put up on uh… your
google places make sure that you upload those two
other video sharing sites and when you do include your nap in the description
of the video uh… another resource uh… and i can either i if somebody emails me i
can get this information for them if you just google get listed dot org whites
park dot c_ a_ they have put together a analyst thing
of wilco directories based on where you are so if you just click on one of these
little blue on will bloom on that points little pop-up
all ten to fifteen local citation are directories that you
can you can go to based on your location now i want to talk about google dual
refuse we talked about how important was how vital it is that anyone who is doing
your business name is now going to see the number of reviews that you have and
the quality sweeties in the past people in our industry have suggested with google’s blessing quite frankly i’m
not i’m not saying that they were want to do this to put and i’ve had or some device in
your dealership uh… refused station a kiosk so that you can solicit google reviews on your premise google has specifically come out in the last but it’s a couple months this is considered review spam i’m work i’m literally quoting from
google’s ob review policy right here uh… the upper part of this that is not considered appropriate any
longer if if you have to i want to stress this this is probably obvious to
everyone but i want to stress why all you don’t want to do this having an employee or the business
center of your business obviously and i’m not sure if anyone ever thought
that that that that was would not be considered spam by google but just remember all of your employees now as they were interacting online big buildup social
profiles there is no one on the planet that has
more information about social profiles at the building up then google docs guru is going to read
only be able to detect if one of your employees is reviewing your dealership uh… they’re going to unless you’ve got unless you employ bunch of esi
allexperts in your internet department we were going to have people who aren’t
aware of how sophisticated google is and they are going to leave a social
frail and who was going to be able to
associate that with your reviews it may be that google justice counts dot
review one thing that every scene with google
leases that day they are not surgeons when they decide to remove
reviews mcdougal has a hammer and reviews look like hale’s and so if
they detect that you have a few reviews that may be suspicious they obviously d spm google me punish you a lot more dramatically then then you’re
probably feels warranted or maybe than is warranted so be extremely careful about the
reviews that you get it does of i’m sorry eliana now i just came back colors against everything that dealers and being told here maybe two years that we could set
up the space station havoc he asks have our own i’d had well i wouldn’t even discuss now so what do we want to influence the dot
this in their on in their policy area right now and this is one of those things that uh…
we we should come back into uh… google places update periodically because as i said to goals literally and
coursing uh… this i cant review system can’t are without gloves all things
considered turning out a cue art wrote sending a
reminder email their goal is not for you to do ask customers for review you yet google considers that very
important they want as many people as many consumers to provide valid reviews
of your dealership is possible they just don’t want you to be unduly influencing refused to check it and ice also mention act one of our austria’s tendency answer he read a preview find an employee is also an t_c_ violation okay said on the stand writing a review for that people that you work for a thousand very
very very tricky that it’s it’s something that we that we
need to be very careful about again people with in the past when they have uh… flag things first and i think
every dealers aware of how they’ve handled other review sites and of particularly
when they thought that they were spare me uh… legal google lax pretty aggressively and
they’re like a ball of china shop frequently so we we need to be very cognizant of
that so i know i know that we’re getting a
little short on time i did want to emphasize a few things with regard to
mobile and people plus as i was saying before you know mobile wanting to mobile search is now has local intent and mobile is growing so quickly within the next eighteen months it’s predicted that the number of local
search is going on a mobile device will ob outpace the number of local searches done on the
desktop computer status huge if you are not aware of how your
dealerships places page looks on a mobile device and
remember every time someone google’s your
dealership name by far the primary way that anyone finds
your your dealership online he will see your place to page so make sure that you understand that
the consumer experience when someone does that this is someone who is to gold here chevrolet you can see that hair has fantastic number refused we have a great score if i’m on a mobile
device this is what i see it out here if i click on dwindling for hair i do not go to the website if i click on this call button asar calling here i do not go to the
website if i click on directions i’ve course get uh… go straight into google maps
showing how to get from wherever i am to hear chevrolet it’s only if i click on this link that i actually go to hairs website remember in eighteen months this it’s going to be the principal way that people are going to be finding your
dealership online so if you don’t have great reviews if you don’t have off fair number of
them you’re going to be a lot of trouble this
is your de facto home page probably twenty percent of all consumers
in i hear a chick if i do click on it again if i can click care chevrolet high end up getting displaces lessons where it shows again gives me the
ability call directly the dealership or get directions at google maps or i can
go through my can literally go through every review that’s been posted onto google i get the out i’d get the
hours as well it is only if i click here that i
actually end up at the dealership website so what’s talk a little bit about people
are local places then how we can handled the two of them if you don’t know whether or not you
have already created your on you’ve already merger group loss uh… and google places then on this is an easy way figuring it out if you go to your google places listing and you have videos posts photos and about then that you
have a google plus local you’ve combined someone associate with your dealership hopefully someone who is like the g_m_
or if your principal someone’s google plus profile is associated with your
with your business and with your place what is great about this is that now you were able to interact
with everybody who was are providing you with review you can see here at the g_m_ has
responded to someone who was reviewed them maybe someone who didn’t gets uh… a perfect experience but still
rated them as good on quality appeal in service uh… the g_m_ was made a great a little response abouts on you know the the consumers experience the consumer then knows that you are on
top of your dealership acute care like i said it is critical dealers understand that refused a number of
reviews and the quality of those reviews it’s becoming more important everyday on that cuts actually said something
itself by southwest of last week uh… whenever yet last saturday i think um… high i don’t wanna specifically
quote him but if you google max cuts out by
southwest on march dot you can probably find it he indicated that over the course of the
next few months google potentially could be changing they are often the station algorithm based on a how consumers were
interacting with merchants and how they treated merchants it is clear that google is uh… it was particularly um… i think with regard to local merchants who made beaten who may have a lot of conflict so it
will it was a once who are looking out for the consumer but the consumer for whatever reason just
didn’t have the perfect experience it was more geared towards merchants who are perhaps ripping off or doing damage to consumers you know that was sort of indicating
that those folks may receive some sort of our
penalty and google may not be is inclined to show them anyway i don’t want to quote the
specifics because i i didn’t weighted down but on it was just within
the last week or so i’m not cuts that’s not by southwest so um… maybe if you if you decide to merge your
article places and your google plus accounts make sure that it’s the person who is
emerging them as someone has psalm position of authority at the dealership you don’t want your you don’t want anybody to might not be
at the dealership three months from now to be you on managing that uh… also plenty of people have had challenges
with doing this over the last few months if if u hot one the email me if you’re
considering doing it you haven’t done that already again it does have tons of
benefits you just need to be careful about how
you set it up uh… and maybe will do our weather nor
in the future about got the best way of on streamlining in managing that process but if if you have particular concern
there you what you mean he now i cannot send over some white sands
resources for how best to manage that process hi eliana i think that um… that i’ve probably been speaking to a
long without interruptions slashing really really great it’s from the audience rejected incest and then it got its eva right where you are before we get to those questions that we
have a little bit insists he care now that the entire audiences that x i think it’s time we keep away that cell if you are with us at the top of
the show curtain you know if that at dealer on are giving away really cool
price data why not left yet andy so one of you out there and when our
latest in a winning one-year subscription for their dealership to the acts the ecstasy local citation directory
service and their products allows businesses to digitizer location
information based addresses rich content list and more every location now yes works
with dozens of search engines analyst jack trees and mapping services
and they’re gonna be able to connect regulation with more than a hundred and
fifty million users anytime i’ve had a dollar value cafe where people are ready
and pick me kick me me me me me me i guess or did you hear is free a simple question about the presentation press questions about something that
chris covered earlier in the first one to right in the correct
response simply walking away weakest totally cool crests day so
everyone gets things restricting keyboards to mass ready thinking caps on go back into your way that we see good
luck to everyone here’s the question first when i read in the correct
response weights easy question chris mister wicker reverse close since then
has guys again what it’s local local searches healthy eats phone call electrostatic local local said actually results indicate cop in my realized as cat and i haven’t seen any
liability back-breaking help insecurities that great yes just yet fifty-one guessing what percentage of mobile local census
results indicate com it’s atlantic have tell a minute accounts and make sure we didn’t have
anyone was closer people are ready and i’m rocking dropped now i guess the exact date at stake that closest to it exacts correct answer was c one but our first closest yes sir mauling here let’s take kit eric was the first person righted percent he take that around with it
after graduation sixty percent care etc eric wright in in
sunny blacks you are uh… dirty election is congratz eric i know i tell you but u_s_ pilots regulation freeway so i can give you a
proper send off agape mills automotive group eric
congratulations on that and eighty everyone for a cure station
in our little question here and i want to get started with some and
requests from the audience erica secret writes me and give me your time you were uh… mailing address an affiliate today anyway and uh… ghastly archana hello surveillance of that crisps guaranteed way to go here i have to save alison owen thank you okay uh… yes ralph that your case yes we
are going to be this is being recorded and everyone will have access to see
tire webinar committee personally to stay and
standing everyone elites that i noticed some experience meeting here simply tell
one of these out on that i would start off with the first
question for you christ’s might want to put it on that next live where we get to
see eric your mug shot and your your headshot tak contacts okay for
special concise date and wildly have so many great passage in
the audience this would basically kind of sums it up dysfunction date does local place abt phone support other senate passes it on both places it
before we get all those this guy the one that everyone really needs yeah that’s actually a great untimely
question uh… it a new google places has been out for no other dealers lives
just in terms of tryna understand how to manage it recently a comma i want to save
somewhere mid january kubo actually ruled out phone support for that’s on
service that they’ve been providing for you know the last few years so uh… if
you just google google phones our google places off-road support or jennifer if you’re
struggling to find that you just one the email niekro city or on dot com i’ve googled
does now provide phone support so there’s someone to call someone to
answer on the other and if you’re if you’re struggling with the particular
issue that you’re having that’s a great question unattached velachery could rally um… a lot of our uh… at ten p fee questions about something that happened
to that so for a states trying rodin and he said uh… my results drops tremendously from my local listing on february twentieth and i can’t figure out why any clues you know i’d have unabomb i don’t no specific omg answer i have seen it d’etat people have
reported that they have had uh… change dramatic changes in some
cases student number of impressions but their places with him was receiving so i am i guess i would ask whether he’s
seeing a change in the number actions the number of all phone calls or uh… directions or uh… that traffic to his website coming from google places if it’s impressions ob are not and again
i have seen postings on boards uh… it’s seen examples where people have seen a hud a dramatic drop in the number of impressions i think it is probably something
systemic either how google was reporting win they are showing there are the
places listings so if if he has if on he could file win
without question what they are with whether he is just seeing it
impressions or whether he’s also c_n_n_ actions and he certainly welcome the you know me
and i can follow up with him about uh… about looking at his at his son believe me i think you can see secrets
finance afsl and i hope that helps me out he
contacted chris doing on dot com again next question comes less from alex has class and no matter how many times i
update conchal it will not show our local number within the place issues are tracking number which is the number that is on our
website he’s not the only one week at a few
different people rule on have had problems with showing
the number cortney road into the future of reading
our number back to a line we cannot use back and i have the correct number
anyways acts from happening town said left our website lists are eight hundred
tracking numbers not a local number what if the phone number on our website
is a tracking number secured to the places number be a tracking number in
that case says lots to just have to set a precedent that statement under amber
here well lowers taxes that won’t work on it yeah so local numbers is it’s profitable
for through the website pockets also preferable for your four your honor replaces listing you there and uh… there are certainly from providers that you can get you can
provide he tracking number so if all you’re
interested in is number phone calls to our either your dealership or through your places
listing then you can get a local number that would be tractable but would also show the same on your
dealership website as three replaces listening which would be what i would recommend it
if you are over time tracking just for one number of phone calls that
are coming in the car to your website hi i would com not recommend uh…
having an eight hundred-number on your places page uh… i think we sort of disgust why that is festivities from an
optimization perspective in again um… i think that everyone is to
evaluate the value that they’re getting out up in the business decisions that
are making with a tracking number four all of the website uh… vs trying to optimize the places listing
uh… without with the local number well
within the other question was about on database the number keeps reporting back to to
another number that is exactly the sort of thing that
tom google has created their new phone support wind chill was false if people have specific questions like
that bday are trying to you use google places as its intended their
yet they’re following all the rules and they are not getting the results that they’re looking for then please don’t hesitate on awesome nature of your inquiry did rule
and you can get a phone number and actually reach out to them directly create great idea act had a lot of people etc christina and kristen and fallon and i might have some legal
events in the same problems hopefully you’ll be
able to find a that sleeps quickly uh… uh… what’s you and it’s funny because while you were
talking about lots of other people are ready in six seemed problems so into campaign tonight
and say we have to tell you that extras of course phone numbers very very
important uh… ryan wrote npr liane about yours ecstatic just wondering is that the most recent one you were
able to find these these eighteen months old uh… it is it is the most recent one that i’m aware
of that’s specifically focused on local listings verses organic general organic listings and there are two brian’s point it’d probably is not completely
applicable now because one of the differences between between uh… visual for google local back then and
now is the group will no longer has the
little on napkins that are associated with each of
the places in the local seven pack those are no longer red those are now
sort of gray doubtful you hover and click one of them i suspect that they probably don’t kick
white the same visual law as stated uh… in when the study was conducted in late two thousand eleven but i do think
that the general uh… the general research it’s gonna stand the local listing grouping like that is
how google was training people to to use their the local interface and
that’s it would not surprise me f uh… it was nearly as powerful about
the difference between between the intensity of people uh… now seen over and viewing at the locals
us seven pack vs the organic results of the top which sort of get uh… get overwhelmed when you’ve got the
those uh… listings for tightly together with with all the little
markers and the reviews just okay and contract brian i want to get this
question is request from two different people first one is from christina says what if the phone number on your
website is the tracking number subject of the places number of being a tracking
number in a case alex said why would we want the number on the listings to match our
websites we’d want to add minimum use tracking
numbers on our website even though we shouldn’t do it in couple place do you suggest that it can chris i mean
you are vp of marketing and arguably not a lot about the system obviously we want the tracking number on
there so now we don’t want the tracking number on it sure and uh… i get it really comes
down to what what value are you getting out of having it tracking number on your
website the tracks every call so i can understand it and i strongly
recommend that for any online form of marketing that you’re
doing so you’re doing paid search you wanna have tracking numbers four any of those campaigns so that you
can see if you’re spending thirty five hundred dollars a month and paid search any sort you know bitter campaign
anything like that you can associate the activity that is being generated
both in terms of weeds and in terms of phone calls that are associated with with that
campaign if you’ve just got a tracking number on your website you know on your
website that just racks every single call the comes in i guess i’m not sure except for knowing that your calls or
downer op generally i’m not sure ob additional what uh… business decisions but
marketing decisions you’re gonna make based on the aggregate number of all
calls that are coming to your dealership in a particular timeframe now certainly to be able to associate
those to be able follow up on uh… on all the calls you’re getting making
sure that all that information gets here see our agm so that you can track the
efficiency of here euro your sales processes and so forth that’s important on but if you’re if
you’re trying to you on understand the sheer volume of calls from your
website here not distinguishing between the channels that are driving them to
your website and again one at one of the reasons that i i don’t
think that on not knowing exactly which calls for
coming from people places is not as important lips s clearly understand the number of calls
are coming in from the paid search campaigns you’re not going to spend any more or
less money with google places because you’re not spending any money was cool
places or go up plus local having any an exact number of call
center that’s coming in from your listing is interesting uh… you know people attempts to
provide that information with their google places on analytics
dashboard in russia to make business decisions
based on that i’m not sure uh… that it’s more than uh… an interesting data
point and alex you know did actually right back in and
he said likes to break up the costumes service imparts and uh… mickey also i guess he’s he’s he’s ok with putting the local
number onto the places but what about the website i mean he still wants hafez uh… distraction members onto website i think shows so uh… they’re there are on a
couple of of options com high i would recommend
that you have that you you have for what you can offer
you can puts out the local number in a com a less obvious place than on
the home page so that your google places on number can
still be associated with a local phone number associate with your website and that you found this google arm if alex is alex was a gentleman sent yes chris tax so i’ll be felt wants to shoot me an
email arm hikind give him are a couple of examples of how people candle some of that uh… i’m not sure that i
wanna uh… publicly recommended course of action without knowing a little bit more about exactly
on how they’re using the information at the dealership and what the alternatives might before
them i’ll take great alex can’t express jets this next question um… which came in from family and she says is there a way to list
different hours of operation for different departments in that the
election for instance sales for service audience this administrator video now we are going to go ahead naaku guys abby cashed yes their is uh… in a in this section where it asks you to uh… fill in your hours
looked sad spotlight above the next section as a little checkbox says that you would like to put different
sets of hours teast xtec oxley company different senate hours in there for another part of your here’s department sap found out that helps ya next question comes ice found date welcome maki easier toolbar click this site it seems
you can’t really done it without having to character the postcard picture as he calls it so i don’t know if you have that kind of
information and we know a lot of people if rick crest i don’t know if you no excitement and
that you’d have to prove google for where
that halted stands for or you know ongoing pain points for every
one and again that’s why it had to go places that out there for
quite awhile and it’s just been in the last couple months that uh… school has
decided that the the pain of everyone and that you
know they have that they are obligated to provide phone support for
this they’re trying to rule is doing a number of things that i
i i know that they believe that places in the group plus local is a huge strategic imperative for them with uh…
with the onset of mobile i am i suspect that a few years google
sort of use them as all converging hands probably being one of their biggest on
business lines is google is going to provide more and more
attention to this and it should become easier and easier to deal with the these challenges are no
debt dave they’ve had this service this opportunity to uh…
telemarketer dealership for quite a while without providing this
uh… people maybe a little spot maybe a little skeptical about whether i
there as committed as day uh… had made indications that they are recently i would if i would on reach out to the to google over the
phone and see um… see what sort of our recommendations you
can get from them and it is true that the postcard process
can be painful but um… you know it only happens once if you’re if you’re fortunate listremove
like we just did kincaid of course and working no news from you so they have it apricots yahoo ko gradon he says that also provides a place for many years
staff bios calendars and products and services will filling indistinct o out in optimizing so that is a great question hi i don’t know i haven’t seen studies that have shown
that to be the case but i do know that though more information that you have on each one of those directories at google can validate eyes out your
website at your place this listing the more credible they find the
information at that citation so as we were talking about before if you can match-up all of the citation
directories and have uniform information about your dealership across them the
more information you have and the more uniform it is credible all of your local footprint becomes from google’s perspective so that they
also have uh… united expert but all wat of uh… help four information and high i get listed dot org also has
any a for more service i would suggest that uh… dealers who
are looking to steal rapidly four some of the local directory on
informational restrictive services out that’s that’s a great point thanks very much rank and thank you chris ok great question
came to pass from all that once and now we know it into your
presentation press you talked about merging your with a place in your total class command merging those two accounts uh… height to with coupled caveats
warnings that you make sure that the person whose uh… who’s going to be associated
with with the dealership is of song you know prominence you don’t want to be
in a situation where someone who potentially is a good to be your
dealership in six months is now in control of all of that also um… their and a number of businesses across all industries have had some challenges with uh…
reviews uh… ensuring that all that information
got matched up correctly uh… if you use if you have specific questions and your
we’re contemplating doing it he one issue me an email i can send you
our several lakes to best practices for forearm for going through the dahmer’s process and uh… on the wall so point out some of the challenges that
either other businesses um… have had in doing it so that you
can you can ensure that you please don’t don’t have those the challenge is as you prepare to go through lasting
outstretched hand uh… larry craig press follow-up
question came in from ensure that the same subject he said how do you go about operating your global classrooms of the
places once it is a link late seemed happy to see if possible
place will this be corrected the name of u_s_
in the future uh… i have not i have not uh… worked with anyone who
was going through that process so i don’t know the answer to that uh… i could definitely uh… i can definitely um… if he said it wasn’t really entry s who wants to walk to reach out to be
eichenbaum tryna system with at least identifying
some some uh… resources for trying to tryna unc log to sab this problem there also as i said if he hasn’t taken the opportunity to reach out to
google’s are places fan support i would suggest ont he do that as well tracking families well good luck to that interact every
shop s_n_l_ okay let’s go to this request from two pieces so how frequently has google chains
major perimeters of conchal local pages i have citation when i was just an
a_t_a_ that pleasure of speaking with excuse people from it came by to say hi to me game where letting me in on some of the major
changes that have just climb down from google and gas in eighteen states faith as and they make changes and then as the new changes take effect there are
already working on the next round of changes so and chris we have seen that well you know as i was saying to go on date date they they have become you know much much more transparent with with mom with their art dates however uh… you today they are as com gathered are not as proactive as we would all love for them
to be they may not understand you know particular changes that they’re
making they have dramatic impacts on you know the local businesses and
particularly car dealers what what i would what i would say and that’s that’s why i
a lot of the advice that about are but i’ve been giving with the cool
places setup there are probably cases where people
right now quote-unquote spamming their categories
and it’s working for that my recommendation though you’re going to go idle i don’t
anticipate the google will say will put out a press release that says by the way
if you have been spending your categories pages on may first you better stop because
were coming out with a with an update that’s been a which in a box it it it is important for us to try to
anticipate where google is going and you know with with the places listing
that’s why i i suggest that adhere to their their policies as closely as you
can and uh… like uh… like i was uh… mentioning mac cuts alluded to ticket he’s uh… igoogle spatters spam basically he’s you know uh… runs the called officially collect the websites
panting but um… maps alluded itself by southwest last week to
the the idea that com this year brutal might be incorporating somewhat of the feedback that they get
for consumers in terms of merchants and their ratings how prominently or perhaps even whether
they’re going to show assert merchants for certain categories so uh… i’m not sure that i’ve seen that before
and that’s one of the reasons why it is important that uh… even if
google places doesn’t change over time we make we keep up-to-date with how
google candles the information that’s in google places over time vacay any by tonight thank you so much
that question and since we’re talking about categories i want to discuss from erac said isn’t
really more advantageous to choose a category like auto repair rather than more frequently searched
terms like tire dealer or oil change the well what one of the things that i
like people who suggested is that broader categories uh… can benefit you so even f a particular eight particular description of what
your towards dealership or your even your service center dies uh… might might have more law searches
on it it is in compass within a broader
category then the broader category may be the
better option for you so their their categories douglas or
tile to specific for instance items i’m sure that there are many more
searches for oil changed and there are four or repair to the extent that saddam people or uh… i care a few it it’s auto service uh… department what what it whatever these precisely
uh… text is for uh… ghouls are category-four serviced
apartment business the broader the category it seems to be
the uh… the more qualified traffic you
will tend to get google’s places sound balancing acts entry fee and the phone numbers and and that she
wants to know a local and a tracking number on the
place criticism only one a phone number to satisfy fursat yeah you’re your phone number you to do the last four your phone
number they don’t ask for uh… a a tracking number uh… to associate with it and it’s a limitation but it’s it’s one that i would i would advised the people people with with inflation hours is of great crescent from it him a lot of related classes of
skepticism james advertised as findlay north false flag but our website essentially north v_w_
dot com it’s not a problem also could be from the another
googlepages as going north v_w_ dot com what i’ve seen info tapia compliments
well okay so i’ll let me across the second
one first because i remember it as assuming assuming that it’s it’s of
at some place it’s the same place to the same physical location that you’re doing
business out of guru is extremely clear and their guidelines for places that you were to have warner place listing for one physical local business now they they provide ob they provide some guidelines if if a iftakhar another business is doing business out of he brought a business-like if he’s here after a starbucks operating inside out grocery store butts the the question i think i’m being asked
about just creating a second place this listing because you have to a second website that you could on filling in specifically uh… violates uh… rules places guidelines also you’re going to
be splitting your reviews uh… among those places so one at one of the things that you
want to do is uh… whatever even though brutal at this point does
not seem to be providing a tremendous optimization benefit for
having in a three hundred reviews from stuart
you reduce they they do seem to have obey i’m i’m not even sure that they
will actually show you’re rude your aber tributes for until you have ten reviews so i believe the fifty or has my reviews
or less but they just show the number reviews but they don’t actually show uruguay add that seems to be one of the
instructions warts for uh… optimization so it looks like so we’re clear if u uchida only we have one removal places page for every physical location but unnatural place st you can come out all these different websites like
feeling like false flag and instantly morality w and go norell b w dot com
nomo so for for a particular physical location that
you do business out of which is what google places is all about you are uh… google would like you to have one website it you associate with that
physical location it’s fine if you have a second website
in fact you connect that website if you’re well
optimized that website can rank pop for their search firms outside of
the local so you know how we were looking like the
local seven pack it’s possible to have that website rank in the natural search
results listings while you’re uh… website associate
with your google places ranks within the uh… uh… places area uh… sort of local map functionality and what was that what was left was
questioning him for credit well sms said dictate patrick said the name of the company is
failing a restful track aka right and that’s how they advertise himself
stuck site essentially relax g_w_ and then the one that they always come
out is del norte v_w_ dot com so it would be it would be ideal f the name of the business and at the
website had to say that you know had either v_w_
or volkswagen what is it more important is that the name of the business that actually operates under and uh… matches and matc so whatever is in google places
matches the name of the business and that uh… you are l listed in the
google places listing matches the website that they want associated with
it okay that’s too confusing and he won’t start to reach out to me directly that’s fine side passes from the united states parent followed up with along those
lines franchises under one groups and go feedbacks explain it sued to need to do a little places cases leaving their carrots address that there are two totally
different things i mean if they sound if something comes through that it’s an
example he works you know and then iraq has the
same time since we have three different brands with three different websites
overall at the same location jaguar that land rover damn opera is there anyway the two additional websites they have
three different pages they can have three decades yuki here have three different places pages or you can create three different places
pages you’re gonna star running into the challenges that you know people have been describing
where in at the reviews don’t show on the primary places listing their there are a number of challenges
with trying to follow what duelist providing is under
guidelines for using places uh… the ideal set up for for the dealer and i know this is not what date what they would want to have happen but is to have one places was saying associate with uh… one website and in the categories that they’re choosing
for the business for that place they select as many of those options so on without off the top my head i care
whether jaguar dealer is one of the one approvals on free defined categories or not grandpa watcher with the f_b_i_ other uh… manufactures unit were but program
called out there so i’m i’m pretty sure both of those are so you’d select as many of those that
actually applied to a location as possible hands if there are too many uh… category with things and you get
additional ones if you combine it with your google plus local account view you what you want to use google’s
up redefine categories and if you can’t for them in there make sure that your corporate that
language in your business description and addicts in the uh… additional details
about shira humm your dealership as well but um… unfortunately him who has a platform that isn’t uh… you know that they’re all out that
it’s four all businesses some that you know don’t even serve customers at their specific place
of business so google was trying to serve millions of different local merchants
and you know hundreds of millions of
consumers and their their platform for doing it
doesn’t always stick very neatly with on the realities of the dealership man but i liked what she said earlier if you
have all these different maintains but they’re all going to cut at the same
place or that the same place contestant one right assisi area right yes okay congrates very clear about com how do set up your replaces gray panerai everyone else had there who has questions about multiple dealers uh… you know fails x name physical location and how many
different today i have to helped exhausted request came in from john he’s expressed
what is your recommendation for setting that distance for doing business in your
area i think that’s one of the uh… insecure
a we could set high do you do this for the citizens something you can do all
i’m hi i’m seeing that i stand specifically penalize ford i’m sure that
there are plenty of dealers that they perceived value from doing it so i’m all all my my one comment generally on
doing it is is that would not shock me if it’s time for the future of google was one of those things that google
started that google decided was spendy and they certainly won’t make a public
pronouncement that we know because you’ve chosen five
categories that your car dealer and we know the car dealers should be operating
at a specific business location and not uh… suggesting that they are serving
people at the residence however uh… if u are going to select the service serious then i would highway
don incorporate eight you can either incorporates
specific cities or radius that you feel comfortable that that your dealership
actually serves thank you again dot the price you know that will be
child so we’re dealing with here is clearly dealers serve in much larger radius in some you know
we’re all cases they may serve people who were hundreds of miles away ray given google local is not arguable uh… places whatever you know whatever you want us refer to
this particular aspect on of it is not you know it’s not a word to it each individual case who has a platform that you know doctors can use that dennis can
use that all sorts of different verticals uh… can use i would i would recommend is that if you
are going to select a service area near guineas radius that she is one that that you actually to sell vehicles
within or service vehicles within dutch design actually takes three
hundred miles patient shanahan touchdown greg and elected president gave me a question finally here we go
strategy from track that fits in it two-year small places danger goodwill
class accounts the under done under the same tunnel attempt i have several dealerships slate sis accounts under one into the logic how would i create yoga class accounts and merge freaky at sounds complicated travis so uh… uh… i’ve i think so google does smell allow com multiple multiple people who have been validated
too to access places account but obviously that’s not the case for
uh… that google plus if huge easy so the gentleman’s name was tracks yes their farm travis wants to email me
the particulars on that’s hi i’d i’d like to know a little bit
more about on his particular role uh… at the dealership and com too so i can at uh… i don’t wanna
steering wrong way with with the advised their kids that that’s important that’s an important transition again
it’s just jason earlier that when you’re gonna emerged as to the plastic of the places
but you really have heaven and earth tns naman owners name
and don’t like the guys who usually do and that’s of course which we now and
dot that’s that’s why you just want to make sure that’s you’ve completely are aware of all of
the things that could go wrong before you make the decision to do it dealerships to do it a and if you are active and who are aggressive and smart about using our google uh… plus local they are going to have the distinct
advantage anybody who messes up is going to be in much worse shape than they might have they were nothing it’s important to
understand everything that you need to be managing
when you go through that process family member eyes used to be dedicated to the place page better things to do fear optimization
was makin owner verified listing is exchange that they need to be still have
that owner verified listing know that that’s so what we’re talking
about people verifying and validating dan that’s what we’re talking about here uh… like i said i think i think at
this point probably eighty to ninety percent of your places listings are validated unverified odd and its as it were saying there was
probly like he five percent of the folks on the on the webinar today work comfortable confident that they had gone
through that process yeah selfish so on i think at this point most most folks
have done that with the question and uh… again i was suppose mentioned
that i anecdotally it looks like probably
twenty to twenty five percent of dealers have actually merged a dot google plus account with their
places and i’m sure that they are getting real
value added to hit the water any anyone who hasn’t had huge problems right right okay well let’s stop halfway over time
but i do want to get to these last two comments that we have here i have to have to have which eric brad
and he’s sorry he’s still confused over there he says my place paid allows me half my
local number and my eight six six number is that not and ideal thing to do i cuny so they they provide you with one
primary phone number that will be shown fourier you’re listening and that needs to be your local for a number of your your dealership and hopefully matches whatever is on your your uh… website as well right case that’s the whole play it’s
had accident matches that all those other directories to go and make sure your listing if
appropriate on and then better optimization when it all matches
right that’s correct stuff for or planted just relax humanitarian work but if you like their
options date cats that he had a good thanks last and
i didn’t get the last statement to you are attendee needy case and he says to
you guys teens delay quarterly or even monthly webinar focusing on to the place is because i
think it’s which takes about and it’s so important
for our businesses thank you so much thank you so much i do appreciate the
feedback on there so what do you think christ’s return
that i have even had a few months photographic i’m sure if people aren’t not a problem in the especially the poem
electricity for google does something really dramatic like com back on some sort of suggesting was
coming on the horizon deny it would probably be appropriate
for us to put something together at that point i agree i agree crest eleven are filled with still sells so
many important dates thank you so much in behalf of all of
our audience members and nellie knowing that they appreciate it if you live because he had had a class
act and forget the places that are people at i would really press for going to try
and see if we can get another run for you in the next few months simplicity as updated as possible arts
fairy important topics chris pratap that was it really sixties okay thank you very much everyone i
appreciated your time and uh… like this that if you if you have any
challenges uh… you need any specific help don’t hesitate reaching out to me and
dom have a great day at express taylor an attack on always
here to help our people so i would ask question nine audiences rates down copy
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take care

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