Googling Game Logic

Wait. OK Google, why are Jax’s metal arms muscular? They wouldn’t need to be, because it’s just… Oh my God. They don’t need to be muscular at all, do
they? Since they’re just pieces of metal. They’re just pieces of metal! Honestly, I’m losing my marbles right now. My marbies are rolling around. What? I’m laughing so hard at the idea of putting
muscles in metal arms, my mullbrams are all over the place. Someone gather my barmblies. What are you saying? I must find my brambleroos. What are you talking about?

15 thoughts on “Googling Game Logic

  1. Hi all, it seems as though my video isn't currently public regardless of the fact it was scheduled for a noon release. Troubleshooting with YouTube now.

  2. Oh wait this actually is a video? I thought the explanation video was the only video and I laughed really hard at the joke.

  3. but seriously how much extra did sculpting those metal arms cost the american taxpayer

  4. "hey we need to replace both your arms – you want the arnie arms or the anime protaganist?"

  5. Holy shit, this is too funny, the way she just keeps getting more fucked up, I can't handle it man.

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