GOT Review: Bad Writing Make Reddit Notice Bad Writers

hello friends this is Thaddeus from going Ernie and last night like many of you I sat down and I watched the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones and I was a little disappointed for a number of reasons you could check out kind of why I thought at my blog post today but what's funny about this is I wasn't the only one now I actually liked the episode it just not where I wanted it to go but the community of Game of Thrones fans dislike the the episode so much or quite possibly like the last couple of episodes because let's face it they've been a little off their game and what they did there's a reddit post in the the free folk subreddit that says bad writers up vote this post so it's the first result when you google bad writers so if you jump over to Google and just start typing in bad writers the predictive search should bring up David Benioff and DB Weiss and it does obviously now what's funny about that is they've they were this this post this reddit post has fifty one forty one thousand one hundred votes up votes in in the past seven days now it will only continue as people dislike and dislike where this show is going and I can't really blame them a lot of people are saying that this these most recent episodes have really pigeon-holed a lot of the character development now this show is a character driven story it is very much about us getting to know giving to love these characters and while I do think it's very possible that some of this has been some of where it's going has been predicted in previous episodes so if you look at the the moment when Denarius goes into the other believers the blue house in season 2 where she goes through and she's has all those visions of her actually going to the you know King's Landing it really that type of stuff makes me think that yeah this this was predicted all along they threw it all out of so compact so together that I feel like it was rushed right they could have they could have driven out the madness they could have driven out the character development a lot more effectively than they have and I gotta say guys a lot of people are seeing that and feeling that and upset by it now if you haven't seen it guys I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible it is a very controversial episode and a lot of people are pissed but if you go to Reddit or Google and you type in bad writers and now that the story is being picked up by a larger group of larger news outlets anytime you see bad writers David Benioff and DB Weiss are going to show up I think it's kind of funny right it just goes to show don't mess with a person's fandom just don't do it take your time or don't do it all do a good job or don't do it at all now again the episode I'll leave you I'll let you make up your own mind but leave a comment if you did see it what you thought about it this is Penn Thaddeus from going nerdy you can check me out you can check me out at going nerdy comm you can read why I think this may have been foretold in my post on going nerdy comm follow me at real going nerdy on Instagram and on Twitter and join us on discord where we talked mostly about Star Wars Star Wars Galaxies of Heroes and other nerd related stuff but this has been Thaddeus from going there to you always my friends smile and stay nerdy you

9 thoughts on “GOT Review: Bad Writing Make Reddit Notice Bad Writers

  1. The plots belong to Martin. Problem is season 8 is just too rushed.

  2. Loved the episode, just sad about Sandor. Love the writers .

  3. Every Season the same comments on the writers, GRRM already said the story ends quite similarly as his books will end, I actually enjoyed this season, I didn’t like the last episode just because of the brutality which took quite too much of the time. I got the message after 15 minute of burning innocent citizens, that Danny is one crazy bitch.

  4. Jon kills Dany, he takes the black……Bran becomes king. They dont know how to write anymore as theyre weighed down with todays leftist intolerant, agenda driven politics. But I enjoyed watching the city burn, along with all the people. Damn the people.

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