Grandma Pookey Reads “The Ice Cream Man” & “The Balloon Man” Poems

Hi, y’all. This is Grandma Pookey. And today, we’re
going to be reading The Ice Cream Man
by Rachel Field, and The Balloon
Man by Rose Fogman. When summer’s in the city and
the bricks ablaze with heat, the ice cream man,
with his little cart, goes trundling down the street. Beneath his round umbrella, oh
what a joyful sight, to see him fill the cones with mounds
of cooling brown or white. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,
or chilly things to drink. From bottles full
of frosty fizz, green, orange, white, or pink. His cart might be a flower
bed of roses and sweet peas. The way the children cluster
round, as thick as honey bees. He always comes on
market days and holds balloons, a lovely bunch. And in the market square,
he stays, and never seems to think of lunch. They’re red and
purple, blue and green. And when it is a sunny day, the
carts and people get between. You see them shining, far away. And some are big,
and some are small, all tied together with a string. And if there is a
wind at all, they tug and tug like everything. Some day, perhaps,
he’ll let them go. And we shall see
them sailing high. And stand and watch
them from below. They would look
pretty in the sky.

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