32 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Collection :: April 2017 :: InsidiousSwede

  1. Great collection. I liked a lot of your stuff. Thx again and have a great day.

  2. I thought the first half of AIX was good but not so much the second half but it was still worth it for the art alone.

  3. Some of my fav marvel superheroes are iron man nova dark hawk and Gwen pool

  4. Ever read Fables? There's 15 Hardcovers out that covers the series. It's beyond amazeballs.

  5. Why did u say 1-5 for saga when there is six books you’ve got

  6. Dat Northlanders Volume looks like a Badass Version of Vinland Saga

  7. You should get the trade for Wytches. If you enjoy some good horror. btw. you saying you couldn't care less in regards to the absolute Y the last man. Thank you so much for that! I hate when people say I could care less.

  8. I thought the beginning of the wake was generic and cliched, but the second half got unique and interesting. Well glad you like it at least.

  9. tbh tomasi's run on batman and robin shits on snyders 😀 but thats just me. very sexy collection indeed!

  10. This is what I hate about superhero comics: "you have to read this, then this". No, just fucking put out books in chronological order. That's why I tend to stay away from superhero comics. Otherwise, great stuff.

  11. Nice collection! Where did you get your shelves? Those look perfect for what I need.

  12. East of West is good? if so, should i get the individuals volume paperback or the whole year one and year 2 hardcovers?

  13. Awesome video man, if you're taking recommendations check out Weavers (Boom) & Interceptor (Heavy Metal). Dylan Burnett kicked it out of the park with the art for both.

  14. How has Harbinger been? I'm thinking about getting either that or Invincible for my BIRTHDAY. Also, good video!!!!

  15. The order is xo vol 1-3 then harbinger vol 1-2 bloodshot vol 1-2 then you read harbinger and bloodshot vol 3 of harbinger and bloodshot with harbinger wars I think. It's been a while since I've read year one of valiant. Xo my fav though:)

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