hey guys today I've got a graphic novel haul for you I haven't done one in quite some time and I've received quite a few graphic novels and I picked up quite a few graphic novels on my own so I thought I'd be the perfect time to do a graphic novel haul so without further ado let's get started the first graphic novel I have to show you is blankets by Craig Thompson and this was actually the booksplosion book of the month for December and we did a full live show discussion for this book and I will link that down below if you are interested in checking that out and I'm also going to be doing a full review on this graphic novel because I loved it so much and I also want to start doing graphic novel reviews and so this is going to be my first graphic novel review that I will be doing I'm really looking forward to talking about this graphic novel with you guys because it is just such a great graphic novel the illustrations are fantastic the story itself is beautiful it focuses on love family relationships and religion and it's just a very interesting graphic novel and this graphic novel has also won loads of awards so it's critically acclaimed and so definitely check out blankets if you get the chance to and I will be doing a full review of this graphic novel in the near future and then I picked up the third volume in the amulet series and my friend Katie from Vincent van stopped here on YouTube got me the fourth and fifth volumes and these series I still have yet to continue on with the series I read the first graphic novel back in July of 2014 and so I really need to pick up the series and just continue on with it because I loved the first one it was fantastic then I picked up Explorer the mystery boxes and this is actually edited by the same guy who created the amulet series and this is a bunch of different stories I believe there's six different stories in this graphic novel from six different graphic novel artists and it all has to do with this box this mystery box things inside the box and things outside the box and it also features one of my favorite graphic novel artists at the moment and that is Emily Carol she's such a fantastic artist so I'm really looking forward to getting into this graphic novel and I've never read a graphic novel like this where it's a bunch of different short stories so if you guys have any more recommendations that are similar to this hit me up with your ex because you guys have some amazing recommendations and then my friend kat from katytastic got me book one and the fables series and oh mylanta you got me at the deluxe edition hardcover and is so gorgeous like just look at it it's so stunning and I love the spine Thank You Kat so much for those of you who don't know what fables is about it follows these characters who have been kicked out of fairy tales they find their way to modern New York and they create a community of their own called fable town this just sounds really cool it sounds like such an interesting story concept and so I'm really looking forward to seeing what it's all about it looks kind of action-packed and brutal I've been looking through some of the images there were some bloody gory images so really looking forward to seeing what that's all about and then Picador books sent me the gigantic beard that was evil by Stephen Collins the second I saw the title of this book I was intrigued like what the heck is this book about why is there a beard that is evil tell me more I must read this this book is about a guy named Dave who lives on the island called here and on this island here everything is perfect all the laws are nice and neat everybody is clean shaven and then one day Dave grows a beard and it's evil as you can tell so that just sounds awesome the artwork in this book is stunning it's in full black and white and I am just excited to devour this graphic novel any last graphic novel I got is actually technically a comic book series and that is the wicked and the divided this is the bind up of the first five issues in the Wiccan and the divine series I was instantly drawn to this one when I saw all the vibrant and stunning images inside it if you have a graphic novel with bright popping images I'm gonna be drawn to it I'm gonna want to pick it up so that's kind of why I picked up this graphic novel but if you don't know what this graphic novel is about it's about every 90 years twelve gods returned and they are young and they are beautiful and they are loved but they were also hated and after two years they all die that just sounds fascinating to me I'm really interested to see how this series goes and how it all unfolds sounds like it's gonna be an interesting one that's for sure so those are all the graphic novels like God I didn't get too many but enough to show you guys and I wanted to do another graphic novel haul because I have a dog one in quite some time and I definitely want 2015 to be more of a year where I focus more on graphic novels and reading graphic novels because I love graphic novels so I want to discover more so definitely keep recommending graphic novels I love your guys's recommendations they are so helpful and I found so many amazing graphic novels because of you guys thanks for watching guys and I will see you soon with a new video later yes

34 thoughts on “GRAPHIC NOVEL HAUL

  1. i have got some cool ones for you: blue pils, fun home, maus, persépolis (and all the other graphic novels from Marjane Satrapy), black hole (i think its a comic), Scott Pilgrim, blue is the warmest color, boulevard of broken dreams, Jimmy Corrigan, 5000 kilometers per second and Asterios Polyp

  2. Jesse, you should give the Flight series a chance, if you like stuff edited by Kibuishi!

  3. Through The woods-Emily Carroll
    A lot like explorer as its short stories. You must read it.

  4. seriously u need to get on the Fairy Tail and Bleach wagon while u can.  The manga is getting hella intense #MangaNerdigans  

  5. My FAVOURITE graphic novel of all times is The Lost Boy by Greg something I don't know is last name but it is so creepy and dark and the pages are black and white and the detail is so captavating. It's about this boy who moves into this house and in this house he finds a tape recorder and solving the mysteries in the town and going on an adventure I think you would really enjoy it.

  6. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a fantastic graphic novel. I also love Uzumaki by Junji Ito. (Yes, that's a manga. But it's massive, so I consider it a graphic novel.) Just be aware that all of Junji Ito's work is very graphic in every sense of the word.

  7. Dude, fables is like… amazing. You are definitely going to enjoy it.

  8. Fables sounds like Once Upon A Time a little bit.
    The Wicked + The Divine looks stunning and sounds awesome! Adding that on goodreads right now!
    I want to read more graphic novels this year as well!

  9. not sure if u have read the manga death note.. BUT JESSE U GOTTA READ IT I MEAN YOU HAFTO IT'S SO GOOD AND THE ART IS FANTASTIC!!!
    that is all

  10. I recently bought Seconds by Bryan Lee Omalley. Not read it yet, but it's my first graphic novel that I've ever bought and read (once I've read it). It sounds really good. I just recently ordered blankets as well. I liked the sound of it. So excited. I've got a whole new love for graphic novels now haha.

  11. Check out "The Mice Templar" It has great art and an amazing story. It's a comic book series but is available in bind-ups. Seriously, it is my favorite.

  12. I feel like I remember a video where you talked about Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley and I just have to ask if you've ever read any of his other work? I just recently got Seconds and Lost at Sea and both were phenomenal. I also got the first volume in the Scott Pilgrim series and it was pretty great as well. Basically anything by Bryan Lee O'Malley is gold.

  13. You absolutely have to get the hard copies of the webcomic "The Abominable Charles Christopher". You can read all of the panels for free at but seriously, you need to get the paperbacks/hardbacks. One of the best stories I have ever experienced. And it isn't over yet! It's by Karl Kerschl who is drawing the new Gotham Academy book for DC that is fantastic as well! Check out Ms. Marvel, Black Science, Alex + Ada, Bone, and Daredevil by Mark Waid.

  14. I want to read the graphic novel of A Wrinkle In Time, but I can't find it anywhere! BookOutlet had it but it sold out so fast.

  15. Have you read Preacher? That's easily one of the best comic series ever written. I would also say the same for Y:The Last Man and The Walking Dead. It's all collected in volumes now. 

  16. Loved the video! will definitely check out the books you mentioned, and Blankets looks gorgeous, thought it's freaking expensive o.o

  17. You need to read Heartless. Its a manga about a boy who's brother is murdered. This boy falls in love with a pedophile and together they go and try to solve his brothers murder. I know it sounds strange and creepy but its so good.

  18. Sword art online 1 Aincrad. This graphic novel have an anime 😀

  19. Oh, graphics novels. Still have not read Scott Pilgrim.
    But now one more book in the my TBR – famous "Blankets"

  20. You should take a look at the flight comic-books it's pretty much short stories in one big book

  21. Lol i read geronimo stilton graphic novel bcs it has such a wonderful colours

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