Graphic Novel Hunting at Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Haul!

hey everybody today on this special episode of near-mint condition Omar Omar and I are going to be doing some comic book hunting at Ali's bargain outlets so stay tuned okay so here's our first up here so let's look and see oh yeah that's the Matt Fraction room not what I have you have some young outsider have you've not been always this is organized first of all you see some infinite Wow they've got roto onslaught books which are these oh my gosh that's for the lazy folks that have three bat books want to not read them all and get them all out at the same time camelot 40,000 yes please i can't believe i don't own this what's that it's one of my favorite artists Brian Bolland and one of my favorite writers I'm taking that Thor god of thunder look over here I'll make you some suggestions here in a minute let me see what's over here they had some card coverage too maybe we'll get lucky at the next one this one it just looks like they have trades not DVDs awesome so I've got more books here I saw something I liked there Larry hammers name oh this is the novel adapted from the graphic novel and the 12 1 through 12 I'll be picking that up cuz I think that's a complete series 15 bucks yeah those were here this is all they had where they have axes some of the DC superhero girls like katana and actually I like that some guardians of the galaxy toys from the Marvel line maybe the other place that was a man his first experience at anomaly she's gonna go broke now I'd well because he says we're gonna read it let's calm down Avengers disassembled so get ready for that this is very exciting so we're moving on to the next place so we got to make a quick pit stop because Amanda can't hold her pee you interrupting our road trip dollies and she needs another diet coke because that makes sense right you pee and then you drink some more yes more than you get another drink no we're not doing that so stop number two see how we do in this one yeah this is what most Ollie's look like just kind of a little bit of everything you have to find your own things yeah this place this window so there's Trigon for two bucks man what was this place I think that's the miniseries fungi and mockingbirds isn't it I think you should tell you what it collects on back yeah the reunion which is the yeah that was after she came back after well that'd be fun oh it's got all the Hawkeye mini-series that's uh that's cool pretty good deal for eight bucks good I got some Superboy – hardcover though it's me dollars but I may pick this up well this one brings back memories asked Guardian wars I love this storyline oh really our price $5.99 that's pretty good this stuff has Arthur Adams our poem Smith it's a crossover with alpha slide and then the annuals when you mutants awesome and then this ice guardians storm which I always like to toss them hopefully this will be an analogous and we did find one hardcover or Amanda did you have teen books from $75 this is the original sin hardcover awesome Jason Aaron oh they have Robinson up Batman yeah do they have Volume one yeah this we're gonna keep searching well yeah where did all these I have to take advantage of this found some transformers actually or that cosmos we're different there's mystery me no there's more mystery minis and here is stop number three oh this seems to be a fancy Ollie's this here's not fancy all these cuz they're books are actually organized definitely not like that one Lexi than that is like baby probably not this is the kind of stuff I used to seeing when I come to Ali's Japan's most wanted Jason Aaron October see what they got done here really gonna get a ward of the Kings back there yeah pick that up would you yeah so a man that you've been to a couple of Ollie stuff what what what is your thoughts what is your feelings on all these in the find so far they have some really good deals we were able to find a lot of trade paperbacks it's been it's been awesome so far we had a couple more to go – yeah we've couple more and there we go very good lunch numero Quatro in the state of Kentucky oh wow they have some showcases that's good Superboy that's a great series I really enjoyed that even though Jim shooter never got to finish his run coming commies right classic nutty Shadowhawk Oh x-factor solid all right let's look through here okay so this is pretty cool there's an omnibus in back here and this is Scotty young laws omnibus find out how much that is aha here is just the Society of America this place has cleaning country – that's comic don't nice one of the best manga ever oh and they got some Scott Pilgrim books over here to have sentence hey man do you like the sentence right no never heard of it okay we're on our last always Amanda this is a fun eight-hour trip more like five but whatever it's it's kind of draining walking around so much but also really no it's not at all we are thriving on their address adrenaline we got a lot of good finds already yes we got one more we're gonna check it out see how well we do here so which is like you don't have to do this let's look around here if that's Stephen Colbert book we got some DC caucus some daredevil but Mark Waid they do have different things they vibe nobody's excited about my okay well if you watch the flash if you read Infinite Crisis you would know what nobody's excited about flash yeah this is uh will come actually missing its Justice League year one by Mark Waid Brian Augustine $9.99 what I feel like I'm still being ripped off after a 50 I don't know you are countin there's war down here so what okay let's look through here let's see what we can find there's up to not if you're shopping in stock trades only one to seven soldiers walking back to the car with Amanda we are done for the day it's been a long day but it's been a lot of fun and I guess we'll check out our whole next if you want to yeah don't forget to Like and subscribe right that's right we'll put the halt at the end of the video alright we're back from Ollie's and now we're going to show you our halls yeah why don't you go first amanda says you bought half the story I pretty much did so basically when Omar we're going through the stores we kind decided to look at things any things I need to have my collection and also things and also things that I want to read or think I might want to read things and things that we might be doing on older to new reader so you might be seeing some of this stuff coming up ah let's see the first thing we have is uh JSA yeah these are all by James Robinson and Jeff Jones the original room the pre Infinite Crisis stuff yeah so she got like a few volumes one ninety six seven twelve eleven yes what was the last one right before in finding places and then they reboot it and just call it Justice Society of America yeah if John's are still writing it so I got quite a few volumes already so I just have to fill in the blanks and I'll be good on this run right here yep um next thing I got is let's go with some Greg Rucka volumes 1 & 2 of Queen and country I've heard a lot of good things and so I figured I'd get the first two volumes who says four volumes there's a total for blight so there we go I've got some Greg Rucka each one of these were 399 490 most yeah the hard covers were a little bit more there were eleven ninety nine twelve ninety nine and fourteen nineteen oh yeah but even some of these were even like $2.99 so we got some pretty good deals um these are my miscellaneous ones over here like I have the first volume of miss Marvel so when I get the second one yes I think we will read it at some point Captain Marvel vol 1 yeah Kelly sued the Connick Taconic run yeah I'm got Hawkeye avenging Avenger this is a cool run why this one has like the New Avengers the reunion and it's got like three other miniseries I didn't even know this book existed I was kind of jealous that you found it and it was the only one it was that price this was eight bucks for a book that's probably like three hundred and seven pages long it's really cool um got this what wonder one anthology so after talking to Omar but I thought I don't haven't read any Wonder Woman yet so this might be good and normally like normally I stay away from books like this but this kind of gives you an introduction to the new 52 because it's got Justice League and it's got Wonder Woman the first six issues of each one of those in the new 52 so it's azarello Wonder Woman and then Jeff Jones Justice League yeah and then I got Superboy which this is the only one I think we found of this one yeah yes let me know I wanted that one – that's the Jeff Lemire run right before Infinite Crisis yes and then no I'm sorry this is after Infinite Crisis your flashpoint and he got renewed but yes this I've been wanting to read that for a while so I'm excited to read that and then outsiders checkmate yeah that's the I think outsiders and if I'm not just thinking it's a check me a check check out crossover we got because of the annihilation cosmic Marvel we have some realm of the kings and War of the Kings correct yes so what you're missing is annihilation conquest and then the guardians of the galaxy and you know about I'm not sure how the trade paperbacks are covered but you know for six bucks yeah yeah that's a really good deal it was really is a good deal yeah so I can help you filling in those yes we also got some Marvel Avengers vol tall Tron mm-hmm and Avengers disassembled a lot of Bendis but Omar says we'll be reading this eventually we're gonna have to read us so we'll be doing that in that original sin so yeah yeah that's the Jason I think this is probably one you man in most for this is like $15 yes it is a $75 book which is crazy but not the craziest bargain we found yes we'll get to those in a second last but not least I got the first two volumes of soldiers of victory by Grant Morrison yeah these are the smaller trades and yes I think there's four of these yeah they lead to more we have Wolverine enemy of the state yeah this is the Mark Millar run which John Romita Jr believed this collects all 12 issues I think this is this this is one that we'll have to read on old reader new readers that's why we went for that one and then Whedon's astonishing x-men run yeah those were only four trades or Winona Bazaar to hood covers so we got 1 & 4 2 & 3 that's what conventions are for which will be going up some conventions and won't find you'll find some of that coverage here exactly and then last but not least we have some countdowns to the Infinite Crisis stuff we have Oh Mac project the RAM Feniger yeah we ran thanagar War and the Green Lantern which kind of leads up to those yeah this happens after rebirths us after the stuff that you've read yeah and and what's the last book that I'd like to go get a price check on a heart fan which is amazing is the Oz and it was how much I think you paid $5.99 $5.99 plus tax what static so 638 or something I was really really upset because the QI I brag about how the cheapest omnibus as I've ever found were the ones from the Barnes & Noble and Amazon village from 2010 and that is of course Inferno and I think I gave eight dollars and eighty-eight cents for that and then things like the Wolverine omnibus for $10 but this is the cheapest omnibus that I've ever seen so obviously was I don't know as a prize mistake man they want to bother looking it up it's still a great deal I ended up with the crappy x-force book $4.99 is still too much money I'm not a big fan of this run this is this is this goes with the cable and x-force books this is after colin jost run and uncanny x-force it just can't recapture that magic and I picked up the Avengers Quicksilver this is during curfew six run and I wanted to read this it's the 12 issue a maxi series I can't believe I didn't find that or have that before it I can't believe I didn't have this I used to have the tree pair Rebecca I sold it a while back but I found this for 10 bucks is your one by Mark Waid and Brian Auger Steen drew drew it oh sorry Wolverine ordered and he's still my dude and I know this story kind of sucks but it's a little oversized hardcover for five bucks fast enough can't believe I did not have business is the twelve this book and the next book I think were fourteen dollars yeah oh this this collects issues one through twelve and then I think the special number one but this is a complete stuff this is the stuff that Jay Jay mez did Straczynski and he's the guy the road amazing spider-man and some issues for Fantastic Four and I'm sorry this was $6.99 and that is the Camelot B Lux Edition it's got new colors I believe this is the stuff by Brian Bolland and written by Mike W bar who wrote some of my favorite Batman stories and that is our home yeah I think we made out pretty well I think so too because I mean honestly mine were about like 30 bucks or at all of this yeah I think you're supposed robably I don't know in the range of like 45 – no I'm sorry about those probably bout seventy bucks but still even at conventions you can't be falling right in those prices so yeah don't forget to comment down below if you do have an Ollie's or what kind of things you found out in the wall that have been pretty cheap yeah and of course thanks for watching and remember if it's classy and cool it must be near-mint see you guys later oh my Oh Maura and I are going dope dope had to mention they have some pretty great where are you parking it's over there me and over are a way to do some bargain story Kentucky education Omar and I oh it was actually Pennsylvania education not even Kentucky English is my second language I'm still tight they're nice and tight hey everyone and good morning nope bye baby we'll make it home on time all right that's where the bloopers this is how Amanda normally talks that's a real boys total

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  1. The prices at this place are great! I looked it up and found a couple near me, I'll have to check it out!

  2. Bait and switch scam, Ollie's 79.99 air conditioner never existed.

  3. Important question: have you guys figured out how to remove the industrial quality orange price stickers? I have tried everything, and nothing seems to do a good job without ruining the covers of TPB's. Luckily, the hardcovers are usually shrinkwrappd.

  4. Could you please just put the camera on a shelf or something. Would have loved to watch, but I felt like I was going to be sick after 15 seconds.

  5. I need your expertise:

    Is there a best way to describe the strange graphic novels or comics, less apt to be called superhero? Do they divide and subdivide down to sci-fi, suspense, horror, crime noir, etc? Is there a good resource for breaking it categorically, to realluy pick through the best non-superhero stuff? I have even run across a european english language and english translation genre, spanning from political to fantasy to biographical… please help.

  6. After watching this, I went to the closest Ollie's near me. Some great finds! Including a "New" Amory Wars TPB for $1.99 that is out of print.
    Thank you 😁

  7. Do they ship abroad??😋😋(as if)..also..i love your far the best about comic buying. And i NEVER say that..cheers from Greece!!👋👋👋🇬🇷
    Also,JUST purchased the war of kings and realm of kings books today from Amazon,right before seeing this video!😂
    I have annihilation and thanos imperative and i am missing annihilation:conquest too from that sweet cosmic run..

  8. Seen videos of the place having comic trades and all. the only place compared to it around me is biglots. hope they open one here soon close by reading or hearing they try expand out more. just gotta wait and see.

  9. We just got an Ollie's "near" us and picked up 7 graphic novels for $33. Going to go back later when it's died down a little.

  10. Omg I go to the Ollie's near my house all the time! I've gotten so many great comics for close to nothing!

  11. And this is why I love Ollies when ever i see a stock of Graphic novels i tend to clean house.

  12. 5.99 for the Oz omnibus! I got it at Ollie's for 20 bucks, dang! They have about ten copies at my local store.

  13. I was looking for Ollie's graphic novel hauls, found your channel and subbed. I only have one near me and am totally jealous. The first store you went to had some books I would like to buy. I heard you say Kentucky which is where I live (eastern ky) and was curious where that store was located. 👍

  14. The fact that a franchise of stores like this exist and that i'm so far away from them makes me very sad. Obviously with the lack of organization in the stores tells us that they are not designed with mail order or online shopping in mind. My heart and my wallet are bleeding.

  15. The Oz Omnibus price is crazy. I've never seen anyone actually review it but absolutely love it. Good stuff.

  16. I woulda gotten the Seven Soldiers Trade for its artwork. Actually, that's a Grant Morrison book, ain't it?

  17. MY Ollie's DOESN'T HAVE ALOT of what you've found at yours? BULLSHIT! Yeah, mine DEFINITELY DOESN'T have War of Kings, Guardians of Galaxy…HELL! Mine don't even have that Green Lantern Preview? It's like mine gets what YOURS DOESN'T SELL?!

  18. Whoo, I made a trip there recently but picked up Birds of Prey 1 & 3 and Batman Zero Year. I wanna try to look harder for Secret Six vol 4. though. I saw some videos have them and that is the only one I'm missing.

  19. Awesome guys! That Oz was $19.99 @ my ollie's. Great score

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  21. Man, I gotta travel 3 hours to get to my closest Ollies, you lucky bastard! Great haul, thanks for taking us on the ride.

    I used to have the JLA:Year One trade too. That hardcover looks awesome. Barry Kitson was the artist though, Augustyn is the co-writer. Waid and Kitson make a great team; they did quite a few L.E.G.I.O.N. stories together as well as Empire.

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  23. Dude browse them more gently youre throwing them all over the place and pulling them and by doing all of that destroying the condition of the books

  24. There's no reason why stores like this shouldn't be offering delivery. What kind of genius plan is it to not expand your potential clientele countrywide while not having to open more stores to do so? What a bunch of shit businessmen.

  25. That queen & country is a good read it was a mix of the movie shooter & bourne identity. I love does types of story's in movies & i liked this as a comic but i think i would love this as a movie or tv series kus music helps build the tension & bring out the feel of certain situations

  26. Comic hunting?
    New favorite series.
    And I haven't even seen the video yet!!


  28. Sorry, I'm late in getting to watch this video. Of course, it's another great NMC video with the new Dynamic Duo of Omar & Amanda. Omar, if you weren't my boy before I watched this you would be now with you proclaiming your love for Brian Bolland and Camelot 3000. Bolland's stuff just blows me away and I've read Camelot 3000 at least 5 times. It's just great stuff. I do have an Ollie's near me and I have bought some great stuff there dirt cheap. For me, my favorite thing I got there was TPB's of Denny O'Neil's Question run from the '80s. I was shocked to find them there. Once again, Omar is making me pry open my wallet because now I need to go back to Ollie's and take a look for myself. I should just have my paycheck deposited into Omar's checking account and have him buy me my Omni's, hardcovers and TPB's. I love the channel and always enjoy the vids with Omar and Amanda. #OmarRules #AmazingAmanda

  29. I don't have OCD – I think – but if I set foot in any of these stores, I wouldn't be able to leave without organising the shelves. I could well die of starvation before I'm done…

  30. I picked up the Camelot 3000 for 8 bucks. Worth every penny for the art alone.

  31. There are a lot of nice books at Ollie’s. When my wife drags me there for the boring stuff, I always drift to the book section. Great deals if you are looking for reading copies. Occasionally I get sad when I find something for $5 that I already paid full price for though!

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