Gravity || Spoken Word about Atheism || Harley Neville

So.. If God really cares but belief is a prerequisite then why doesn’t he appear, take my doubt and sequester it? With a public miracle or a television appearance LIVE at six I’d be a faithful adherent. This might offend believers and I’m sorry about that… but I’m going to carry on heedless if faith
is paramount and science needless then hell must be full… of overachievers you see it seems to me that if belief is key
then hell must be one hell of a party the great minds are there, I’ve no doubt
about it I’ll take this time though to discuss the devout. They might seem fine.. but it can’t be denied they talk to an omnipotent man in their mind
I sit back politely witnessing the absurd as decisions are being made based on voices …unheard I’m going to clarify now so you don’t
misconstrue what I’m saying ask any proud believer,
this is essentially what they’re stating. They want to get to heaven
which is reliant on them behaving but the laws of their lord
are not open to debating so when push comes to shove
the law or our land is a plaything they play by their own rules
and we’re expected to placate them there’s a voice in their head
and they follow it’s Will and that’s fine when it says give to charity but sometimes it says kill and if its will
is to kill then they are willing and able, they literally invented murder just read Cain and Abel. This ideology is frighteningly unstable, we
need to educate people beyond this dangerous fable. Now I know what’s coming next.. “Well yeah but if you’d seen what I’ve seen
you wouldn’t be making such a scene.. ..I’ve experienced miracles man, God moved through me” Well that’s great.. but with just a little read you’d see your miracles can be explained by basic psychology. You see.. When you avoid proof and keep your distance there’s a reason for that, they call it cognitive dissonance and when you decry facts
to justify what you believe in there’s a name for that too, it’s called illogical reasoning, these are defence mechanisms to avoid an emotional upheaving
your mind will do almost anything to keep you believing…. Now while I’m on the topic I’ll address the agnostics sitting on the fence wondering
why I’m caustic, they say: “Bro…. ..stop being such a dick.. doesn’t affect us man.. …just let people think what they think” Well yeah but… it does affect us. Consider the time and lives wasted if it weren’t for religion we mightn’t have had the dark ages we could’ve conquered poverty and be flying around in spaceships instead we’re earthbound
bickering about gay relations. I’ll finish soon.. and I won’t go on but I know an author more enlightening than John, his name is Dawkins he uses logic you can’t refute I recommend his books, they helped free my mind from recluse. It’s time we face facts. The universe is cold and uncaring which implies that.. we’re alone and it’s scary I can’t deny that but if you like it or not.. it’s still the truth. Deny gravity.. but you’ll still fall off the roof.

95 thoughts on “Gravity || Spoken Word about Atheism || Harley Neville

  1. This is GREAT! Very high production value! It added so much impact to an already strong message! Look forward ot the next! 🙂

  2. Nice! Powerful words and great delivery. Well done, from a Canuck to a Kiwi! 🙂

  3. It makes it all the more intimidating that it's delivered in that peaceful Aussie accent.👍

  4. Good work chief, and well polished vid to boot. Impressive view count already too. Keep it up Harley!

  5. Fantastic… although i'm sure we're not alone.. there has to be some friends out there for us somewhere in the universe given the sheer size and space of it all… Like you said, if we weren't held back by religion, we might already have a real answer to that 🙂 keep it up!!

  6. Thank you for having the courage to say what most people are afraid to say.

  7. Very nice and consice, but I was a little let down there wasn't a humanist "the universe is cold but we can still grow old, and work together to make living on earth better." message

  8. This is an amazingly well articulated argument. Well done. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  9. I enjoyed your video very much. You have talent.

    Now I'm not religious but it's fair to point out that some of the greatest minds out there like Descartes or Einstein actually believed in something, maybe not in a "by the book God" kind of way but still. Even for them, it was difficult, borderline impossible to understand what existed before the Big bang for instance (particle singularity is only a theory at this point) or beyond the limits of our spatial understanding. They could not keep everything within the realm of science themselves. To this day there are still so many things we do not understand.

    I dislike the holy books, I dislike organized religion and brainwashing as well as people who use faith to contradict science, which is impossible by the way, because science is not a belief system, science just "is".

    I dislike (do not want to use "hate" here, too strong of a word) everything that religion has become, what people made of it. It has become way too strong of a tool, a weapon even.

    But I cannot think for one second that I know everything, that I know for facts things that simply aren't. That would make me like them, like the ones who pretend they just know it's there, that "he" exists. I'm not like them. I welcome doubt and questioning. I'm not like them. Often I just answer "I don't know". I don't believe in the fairy tails, but if I become the atheist who just rejects what he is not without accepting that "I just don't know", then I become part of the problem.

    I don't believe in God, the way they want me to think of God. I don't believe in one guy, one thing, one fairy tail, one child born out of thin air, etc. But there might be something. Having some sort of spiritual thinking is not wrong. Religion is dangerous. But spirituality is fine in my book. Keep an open mind.

  10. Want to read comments from the religious ; do they really understand it?

  11. the universe is a dead cold place? thats what you are implying? you have never witnessed a small miracle that could not have happened? something completely impossible if it werent for an intelligent universe? an electric universe.. atoms & molicules make up 99.99 empty space.. this may well be a holographic universe.. reflections that mirror the smoke & mirrors of this illusion.. from the microcosm to macrocosm.. alpha to omega.. point to point.. polygon & tetrahedron.
    fractal catacombs.. i call this the dreamatrix.

    we are forever.

  12. I am beginning to realize that a LOT people Just don't want the truth. They would rather stay ignorant and happy. No logical examples or analogies will shake them out of their fantasy world. I however enjoyed this very much, thanks.

  13. We have different beliefs.. Its that simple but i don't think Christianity should be singled out this way…
    There is a difference between Religion and Christianity.. Many Christians practice "religion" not "Christianity"…
    Nice video.

  14. "if it weren’t for religion we mightn’t have had the dark ages" lolwut
    Do you even history bro? You've got talent and rhythm man I'll give you that, but it doesn't sound to me like you know very much about Christianity, especially since you think getting into heaven is based on good behaviour….
    I'm not gonna dislike this video just because I disagree, I wish you the best with your career man but please don't reiterate things you hear from others but actually look into it yourself 🙂 Best of luck!

  15. well done, but I must say I disagree. You see believing isn't thinking you'll get to Heaven based on good behavior or even bickering about gay relations. It's so much more; it's knowing that God is better.

  16. Hello, I can't sit back and just listen, I hear what your saying. And you may be right to say that what we may feel is some sort of philological symptom, but I can tell you, It is not that simple. My question to you is, would you die for a lie? Because I certainly wouldn't, stupid I would say, but 11 disciples died any way, this must have been one heck of a lie. Can you explain that to me, gee this Jesus must be some guy, that 11 people and thousands of others who witnessed him day by day would die for his name. Why would Peter die upside down, nailed to a cross if this was some sort of hoax. Actually, why would Jesus die if he were not the real son of God, why would he let himself be brutally beaten and mocked without saying a word. Or why would you kill someone who heals the sick, who teaches goodness? Unless you are convicted. When you see a painting you do not say, wow that's beautiful it must have self created with a boom, no you would ask who is the artist behind the painting. The truth is, we have turned away from God. You can tell me if I don't like the message then why listen, because to me your soul is so much more important, and my God deserves all the glory. I have to have more faith to believe something came from nothing, then that an all powerful eternal God set things into existence. What will you believe, because like you said I don't have to believe in gravity, but I will still fall off the roof. Likewise, you don't have to believe in God, but that doesn't make him any less true. One last thing, he did come and preformed many miracles, and people still did not believe him, you think that would be any different today then you are fooling yourself, people don't want to believe. Why because we are not good, we are corrupt who wants to be condemned? And furthermore who wants to be told how to live, we want to be our own gods, doing whatever pleases me at that time.

  17. unfortunately as well put together as this piece is, it runs against the grain upon which it is founded. as if logic amd reason has a reason for being absolute in world thats ever changing. im sorry, but i am a christian thinker and this piece undermines its own logic.

  18. If God isn't real, why did you capitalize his name in the description?

  19. I love your delivery and lyrics. But very poor logic and reasoning. I've heard better arguments from atheists on a random online forum. I think you should read more, man.

    Thanks for sharing your heart though!

  20. I just want to ask, you claim that religion breeds hate, that it is the cause of most things evil in this world. While yes I agree that in the name of a God many atrocities have been committed, but has this not also been the case for science? Hitler, or Stalin, a soviet state who murdered more people then the holocaust. You also claim Dawkins is a very logical man. I can not refute this, however this same man breeds hate and contempt, especially towards religion or any one who opposes his views. Many scientist have distanced them selves from Dawkins as he often incites hate.

    You ask as to educate our selves above the Cain and Abel fable (also I really don't think that is what the Cain and Able story is trying to say), however if you are asking us to educate our selves with more hate then this is contrary to what you saying(ie. Dawkins). And also I don't really agree with your statement about the dark ages.

    Thank you for this though,
    It creates a platform for people to engage.

  21. Hey guys! Anyone looking for more Spoken Word ? Check out my Spoken Word 'Religion Is Like A selfie' and others .. 'Broken Hearts' and 'Pretty Imperfect'

  22. I've seriously watched this like 20 times, Harley..
    Fucking love this so much

  23. Lol only stupid actually believe that they can see with their own eyes the creator. Asking the creator to appear while they can't even see the sun with their own eyes. The sun is only one of the gizzilion tiny creation and you think you can see the creator? Asking the creator to appear dude your just a tiny tiny tiny creation.

    And will you believe someone who claim that he is GOD just because he can appear and fly in the sky, bring the death back to live or split the earth in half and then put it back as before? That is just stupid you think that our sense can't be fooled. Use your mind reflect on all the sign that correlates to a creator. Btw can you see your mind? No, but you know you have it right. What you can't see doesn't means that it does not exist.

    Start using your mind it's already a proof of the existence of a creator.

  24. Excellent video. You refer to the "unintended" (or maybe intended) consequences of religions zealotry, and explain how it held us back advancing in knowledge and science. Most religions arrive at the edge of rationality, by proclaiming that they are the only custodians of the "truth" and all others are wrong. And than the unreasonable and evil happens. They "get orders" from their deity to "convert" the rest of us to this so called "truth". And some will try to legislate their "truth" (prayers in school, teaching creationism, blue laws, anti gay laws, etc.) and then the ultimate atrocity, when they try intimidation and eventually bloodshed.

  25. "This ideology is frighteningly unstable, we need to educate people beyond this dangerous fable." Eeeexactly!!!

  26. kind of poor poetry but this is good video, and the last line was stong

  27. Hi everyone it's Harley here, I have started a second channel exclusively for my poetry, if you enjoyed my poem Gravity then come subscribe!

    ~ Harley

  28. Nice poem 🙂 Well researched thought with well executed poetic skills to top it off.
    This is of course just the tip of the iceberg of an infinitely deep discussion though.

    Here's a thought to add to the mix… (watch this clip)…

    A belief and pursuit of "God" or "the divine" doesn't necessarily equal religion. Food for thought 😉

  29. i love spoken word but most of the ones i find are talking about how god is great and i can never really enjoy because i don't agree. you did a great job and i loved it you just gained a new sub keep them coming.

  30. Can't even begin to express how much I like what you've created.Keep up the good work!

  31. I'd love to chat about this topic with you sometime Bro. I've said all you've said once and all it was, was reverberations of shit i heard from people as lost and confused as I was – i used their words to comfort me, but really all it did was make me more confused. It wasn't my own logical reasoning mind saying that shit, it was someone elses mind and that is whats refereed to as 'blind faith.' 😛

    Take the last part for example; "The universe is cold and uncaring which implies that we’re alone and it’s scary I can’t deny that but if you like it or not it’s still the truth." just look at Earth. A perfect climate for life to develop, fruit and veges grow for us to eat, we can live just off this earth, man has made it cold and uncaring, so you could say it was designed just to care for life itself! – not so cold and uncaring after all. The "Deny gravity but you’ll still fall off the roof" part, its kind of contradicting your whole argument because you can't see gravity, but you sure as F know its there 😉 so how can you say God isnt there just because you "can't see proof" – there is so much natural law and order to the universe which if you actually think about it can't be due to random events the probability is way to high! I could do this with everything you said!

    Another example; "I’ll finish soon and I won’t go on but I know an author more enlightening than John, his name is Dawkins he uses logic you can’t refute I recommend his books, they helped free my mind from recluse." Everything Dawkins believes is largely based off of evolution and the problem with evolution is that its just another theory! its definitely not factual and proven and a quick question that will disprove evolution is the simple question; What mechanism has science discovered that gives evidence of an increase of genetic information seen in any genetic mutation or evolutionary process. Matter cannot and has not produced one bit of information. DNA is riddled with trillions of bits of information so evolution cannot be true. Duplication's are the result of duplicating existing genetic information, and mutations alter existing genetic information (whether original or duplicated). Neither of them adds new information. Think about it this way: if I give someone a copy of a book they already own, then they don’t have any new information, just a copy of information they already had. If I subsequently take a marker and mark out some of the letters or words in the copy of the book I gave them, they still don’t have any new information—just a messed up copy of one of the books.

    I don't mean to be cynical, rather i want to help you to see that theories aren't factual and need to be seen just as that. When writing an essay on evolution it would be far more accurate to say "the theory of evolution states…..(followed by the argument)" than to write as if it was fact. its just merely a theory! no-one knows for sure!

    I hope you find the love and peace you're searching for Bro 🙂 God bless you! 🙂

  32. while i agree, i still hate this sort of video. the music, the self righteousness of it it pisses me off. though i admit it will reach probably reach more people this way.

  33. Ahahahahaha, DAWKINS? Selfish Gene isn't science, Memetic Theory is debunked, and he's nothing but a glorified Zoologist. You're a well-indoctrinated, brainwashed cultist, sir.

  34. This shit is juvenile

    Response video:

  35. LMFAO deflating atheist absolutely destroyed you on their recent video. How embarrassing for you!

  36. I absolutely love this spoken word. I am a young atheist, and try to encourage my friends and family to think outside of the story they live after.

    I showed them your video and thought they would actually understand were we're coming from, but instead they just walked away saying "Some people". I don't understand how people can just live their life around a book. A story. Written by humans, then re-written by humans again and again. To me it's like saying, "Yeah, I just read The Hunger Games now im going to pretend like im katniss for the rest of my like because it says that we'll go into The Games again in the future"…

    Your video is very encouraging and I hope you can make more like it soon. <3

  37. There are things you said that seem to be true and are wrong. Let me ask you this: have you ever simply looked at Christ for who he was? You see there have been people like Paul, Cain and Able, and many others who murdered but are great men of Christ's plan and needed forgiveness and grace, but what did Christ teach and do? You see there's something wrong with what you're saying, because Christ taught that even having a hateful thought was murder and He condemned it. He said use your talents to bring glory to God, Issac Newton, a scientist we all know about, sure had that goal in mind—just look it up. And guess what the wisdom of man is worthless, but that statement shouldn't matter to you after all you're an atheist who ought to believe you are just stardust who has chemical reactions causing you to think, so I guess this argument means nothing to you. Why argue for one thing if your existence is worthless after all you're just a glorified ape, and once you start arguing for a particular view on the world and humanity that's a contradiction to your beliefs. How about arguing to abolish humanity and our scientific pursuits because that's what's raping the earth of its health and resources.

    I'm a Christian and I know there are flaws from the past, but guess what my beliefs are only rooted in what Christ is and taught. Learn solely about Him and then you'll see what true Christianity is. oh and FYI, He came to demolish religion. religion is mere man-made practice, and what he was about was relationship with Christ alone and that is not earned by your deeds but grace alone. pick up a Bible and read the gospels and you'll know.

    For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.
    1 Corinthians 1:19‭-‬25 NIV

  38. What is the name of the song in the background? I went onto the site in the description box but I couldn't find the name of the song. Thanks!

  39. I can't understand how people don't believe in god I mean you could not to fallow any religion but in your heart you still believe in one god

  40. I'm in the middle I don't really believe in anything or disbelieve in anything

  41. This was great! I like poetry… lemme give the existence of "God" a shot…

    From this spot, I will lean into thought. I will engage all of the senses I possess. I will measure and weigh. I will sing and dance. I will prance like a faggot, fucking flicker like a diode 00101 and I’m done. I’m telling you. No meaning exists… meaning I’ma be mean. The average religious nut. I’ma rap away… away everything we believe… I mean away from all that dumb shit. I will stand on my teapot that I launched into space. I will know love and grace. I mean “know” in the biblical sense… that is, I will fuck them like an animal, in a herd, on a spinning ball of star shit, adrift in a sea of pointlessness. The disease is stagnant, dogmatic, absolute… The cure is movement. First you have to want to move. That is to say that you must be moved. Then, when you choose. When you stir from your spot. The dots whirl round your head. It must be different than you thought! You grow! They aren’t dots… but more like lines! Lines defined by some… amazing… design? How far can art explode your heart? I mean expand it like a universe. What horizons limit your senses? What lack of senses limit them? The evidence is stacked. Stacked like weights on my chest. Breaking my back. Yet still I will sit. I give us the chance to move or to groove. Deeper than before will you dance, your primitive needs satisfied, indeed. What if in darkness he sat. Suspended. For eternities he was the darkness… the dark was all. Realization. Dawns. He is distinct from the dark… The dark is 1… He is 2… The combination is 3… The idea is 4… The words are 5… the words the birds the bloom the boom BLAST like a super fuckin nova he explodes! Suddenly the nothing… the darkness… no longer surrounds him… he surrounds it! He is all life. He is all that matters… matter and energy: splatters on a canvass his blood drips across the cosmos forming stars. In this moment he is lost. He created everything and is utterly impotent to change it. It's simply what he is. He exists. He is consciousness. He sees time in its entirety. He sees where the sperm from his cock collided with a rock. He sees cavemen scratch pictures of him on walls. He sees scientists chuckle as they scrawl papers about his probability. He sees the apes… murder and rape… art and design. He is all consciousness every moment in time. He feels all ecstasy. All terror. He is all good and all evil. Like we are. Rejoice. The whispers of his voice… empirical miracles: lyrical choice.

  42. Spirituality is the way forward, embrace who you are, for we are whole and one, are eyes rise with the moon and the sun, the stars were made to guide. And I love you all x

  43. It's been years, but this is still one of my favorite atheist videos.

  44. I as a Christian, love this, you aren't a plane Atheist who just boringly just insults religion and all, you give a good reason. Thank you.

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