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(upbeat music) – [Man] You look taller! – I see him. (group laughing) – Alright! Do you see grandma? Grandma’s here! – [Jacob] Hey grandma! – [Grandma] How ya doing? – [Mom] How’s Italy? How’s Italy? – It’s a different country. (group laughing) – [Mom] A lot a pasta? – I actually have a surprise for you. I’m gonna go get it right now, if I like, lose connection, I’ll just call you right back, okay? – Okay!
– Okay, okay. – We’re not going anywhere. They have no idea that
he’s about to walk in, and they’re not going to
see him on the TV this time, they’re going to see him in person. And gonna be able to
embrace him with a hug. You have all you can do to go there with the expectation that, “If I can at least just see him on TV, “I will be okay with that.” And everybody came just for that. And, here they come. And they don’t even realize that there is something so much greater on the other side of that door. And it’s about to walk in. – [Man] Oh my God, Jacob’s
coming towards in the driveway. – [Woman] Oh! (all laughing) – [Man] Truly? Oh, shut up!
– Oh my gosh. – Oh, my goodness!
– Oh, yay! – Yes, how, how?
– He’s really here! – How?
– Boy, he’s really here! – [Billy] How, how did you even be here? – Oh my God! My son, welcome home! Hello, Jacob! You actually made it.
– Oh my God. – [Billy] Yay, Jacob, yay! – [Man] Oh Billy, come over here. (all laughing) – [Billy] Yay, Jacob! – Oh my gosh,
– Oh wow, – I had no idea!
– I’m really excited, man, – I missed you so much. – Wow
– I am! – [Billy] Hi Jacob! – [Man In Orange] You
know I’m proud of you? – [Jacob] Oh yeah. – Wow! (upbeat music) – So, my grandmother, who is 81 years old, she is now in hospice. She is an avid follower of him. And so, we told her that
you have a chance to see him over the phone or through the TV. And so, she got up, she had her husband help
her get up out of the bed, get in the car, come all the
way over to my brother’s house, just to see him, sick as she was. This was a good thing. Good timing for everybody.

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  1. Welcome home all miltary ladies and gentlemen πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ ! Thank you very much for your service ! Prayers for you and your family members ! Be safe !

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