Greeting Card Verses

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Have you ever wanted to write your own greeting card verses? par
I know I did and that’s why I decided to find out more about it.par
I find great satisfaction when writing my own verses and you can too by following my
simple seven step method.par To write a good verse you don’t need to be
a poet or what is considered a professional writer and you don’t need any special qualification.par
You do require some things before you start writing.par
1. A good dictionary.par 2. A good thesaurus.par
3. A good rhyming dictionary.par 4. Some greeting card verses (purchase a collection
of cards).par 5. A computer (you could handwrite if you
wish).par If you have all these you can now start. par
I would suggest using my seven step method which I find works for me.par
Step 1par Look at the verses in the cards you bought.
par Don’t be too critical as your first attempts
may not be much better. par Use these card verses for your inspiration.par
Step 2par As I have already said you don’t have to be
a poet to write a good verse but rather you will be writing everyday speech within the
structure of rhyme.par Step 3par
Keep your language choice nice and simple; if you get complicated it will be less appealing.par
Step 4par Periodically go back to your collection of
greeting card verses that you bought for fresh ideas.par
Step 5par Feel free to paraphrase any card verse that
you like.par Step 6par
Remember to keep it simple (remember Step 3). par
Keep to your subject.par Step 7par
Try to keep your verse as general as possible. par
By doing this your verse will be usable for many different card types.par
That completes the seven steps. par The seven steps that yourquote ve seen came
from searching the internet for advice on writing greeting card verses. par
I like to make my own handmade cards for most occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries,
congratulations to name just a few.par Sending a greeting card with your own personally
written verse will make you feel really good. par
You could start writing verses for Christmas, birthday and anniversary cards as well as
many other types. par I want you to know that I am not a professional
writer but just someone who took an interest in this subject and had a go.par
I hope you found this article helpful and have fun writing card verses for your greeting
cards..par If you want more detailed instructions go
to’a1’a6 pardlang1042kerning0f2par

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