Grief Poetry: Chanel Brenner’s Grief Poetry Published Widely

Before using Writer’s Relief I’d only been
published 1 time for me the whole process of sending my work out for publication was
very overwhelming the cover letter researching the various journals and then just sending
all the submissions out since I started working with Writer’s Relief about a year ago I have
had 16 poems accepted for publication I am just I’m thrilled for what they’ve done for
me Writer’s Relief has helped me because I’ve been able to continue to write and get my
work published my 6 and a half year old son died 2 years ago and basically writing poems
about him has helped save my life I’ve written a collection of essays and poems called THE
CHRISTMAS BOY WILL NOT DISAPPEAR that I’m trying to get published my hope is that I
can connect to other people that have had similar losses and let them know that they’re
not alone in their pain experiencing loss can be very isolating and my hope is that
I can kind of connect with other people that have gone through loss and let them know they
are not alone in their pain you I know I have a 4-year-old son and I would never have enough
time to send out all the submissions that Writer’s Relief does and I’m just so grateful
for their elite service

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I just lost my mom 2 months ago but it still feels like 2 seconds ago. Thank you for your feelings they are not without notice.

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