42 thoughts on “Grieves – Bloody Poetry (Acoustic Remix ft. Jonathan Olivares)

  1. The freshman list brought me here I need to hear real fucking music. 2019

  2. Grieves, please marry me. If not marriage, let's collab bruh. You wished me happy birthday like 10 years ago on Myspace so when we gonna hang?? haha

  3. Seen you a few times live. Been listening to you for about 5 years. Somehow. You keep growing. Getting better. I guess we're growing with you.

  4. Great track. One of a kind. luv the acoustic version, it's just an amazing work of art.

  5. Grieves, you're my inspiration to rap. I've written music for years, but your words cut deep in my brain , you're so emotion driven and your story is truly inspiring. My dream is to feature with you, my dude. Keep on, keep on.

  6. I don't really get it. Really. I mean, great voice, cool song, ok attitude, and than at the end: "Sucker". What the f… is up with that? That should have sounded cool? gangsta cool? gangsta rap, why?Why would you ruin a whole thing with a stupid single word?!

  7. I thought it said autistic remix at first xD I guess i'm the only autistic here 🙁

  8. I don't know which version I like better but either way this will always be my favorite song

  9. @Grieves   I have a $200 bet on whether you say " F YA I DO" or  " F YA DUDE.' 
    I've rewatched the clip a couple dozen times and were fairly confident I was correct but we need you to settle this. 
     P.s. Can't wait until you come back to Edmonton. (or most of Canada, I'll make it)

  10. This is what real music, especially hip hop, comes down to. Just a real beat, with pure feeling, soul, and lyrics. 
    Grieves seems to have an incredible jump on the current rap-game.
    Rhymesayers was smart to pick you up!

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