Grim Fandango Part 11: The Pearl

Today everyone and welcome due to Grim Fandango
on MikeLike and in this one while closet loud will need to do is get gauze out of this far
the establishment but problem is is part owner of our love man of the Cal vera Café I keep
want to call the minute vera Café of argument. This way think and as long is we will the
club basically he still has credit so I can get picked out the most to the economy gambling
addict and the class and welcome all to when I got an idea since he has credit because
his prior owner called what if we do something to sabotage the club was the easiest way to
sabotage the club we only run fix roulette tables soulless get Bogan mad I hate the screen
so much for this it’s a walk on the run across their go to get stuck in the corner is run
run run I’m sorry my voice is a little strange I have a cold so I will be a little bit the
puzzle but no was a little rougher and I do some involuntary coughing sneezing that guy
think that I grocery out I’ll muted if I can but at the same mobile the roughness and some
nasal congestion and recording unfortunately I hate that use the mouse that causing one
haven’t and if you’re fall on last day I will problem where I couldn’t click on total with
my controller Orme you had to get an exact right spot to click on so I thought I had
the wrong answer when I had right want game went I tried for the half-hour and then I
had to go look up a walk through and I had read throw on why do is use the mouse to go
upstairs soulless kick him Bogan it was uses way do this hee hee a bunk pay so these guys
are French, I will be but it there we go out of really good older games really stand up
for me because I’m used to the graphics and I think was great yeah and I talking to you
also Dr. show the though the glottis be a I’m Capt. all she it man the man is really
frigging capable I Esca achievement year three you for your 300 and get too close to the
and even there at the money back at the Department of death he was tops until those that occur
guys came in and then he got demoted to the janitors closet and we went through, and he
took over January job again as he built that the prophetic where do I had to go over to
get off your like I said he turned automat into a casino in the choice To the ship is
to regenerate the janitor but walking back all you assholes you ask evidence going well
is pretty definitely’s voice is matter a while the engine that this also was a but I was
okay so what can I do okay go get the window and looks like I acre control rate there.
Acre control on the side I do this okay move the ship can going that way over moved all
I know what we had do already is is a simple puzzle all you do is drop the figure and now
those anchors are tangled up down below so that is move for back to back actually need
to move her back I think are tangled up already and now no go that goal the controls this
this Mistress is bring to do and glottis was flames and everything only have this right
okay I don’t really want to gander the scientist comes in and the into law. In fact take it
out pretty back to go but back this this story this gave go down later you while you don’t
use it my the big dork that’s right looked at in there perfect and now all you do is
tears the ship was under I can imagine what know what is the sales like nails on chalkboard
times for millions all the house get out of here oh yeah could buy motherfuckers them
butterfly tattoos Lola all in name the ship Lola this pretty sweet actually do you watch
the last day Lola was shot by a this jackass Larga already old man was suck when I really
look up at the light, but the heck may end was you attached to it okay so is a glowing
thing over there Mr. smarty-pants as Mr. walking around in circles on long posts between boats
come into port only. It so you see is just bass through things we go on their buttons
him personally the generated EU be die in the boat wreck more not a problem your boat
from wait a second your dad ever write years and years and you didn’t have the light before
that streetwalker in the dark on the me I mean click and I get to a safe old missionary
arsenal cake with a lot but INR achievements game as the quite a few achievements as lot
of steam cars to a you buy from steam and less 15 the most I’ve ever seen was the eight
or 10 three like eight from this plane a game is no way that I think about psychoanalysis
and a underwater chapter to this game is somebody somewhere is a game game is a real fun to
so is again and then do do well first one came out some Schaefer does level I walk to
the Neville I Walker and the time spent, I hurry off to do something got to other states
or shut up that commitment do it do it give it to give it I’ll know that away from the
come back was will to talk got off the whole dammit they look as stuff all you want with
us will me some use the mouse now this little time easier to figure out what is actually
look at the blue yet so I think I suppose the pool him into the circle farther all those
scary monsters world on the mean click in the Pearl the big dork slowly ripped like
as he did kind of break will it hurt to she said she had thing for the ripped Lola the
ship into is a good luck in Lola’s other go all the how many are so starkly in this area
is a out a scream a lot everything and the talking probably find in water was following
us is tracking stupid of the thing on them in a little when the glottis graduated what
was will do this is great come on run over here is a rate over there are all the stuff
I am’s okay now him him the whole were to go on okay click on him want what can I click
on oh those pure luck your stark knitting dinner so I just that the crash so we had
do this section will section over again on of other people talk about the game crashing
quite a few times with this first one I’ve had so was of the cut scene runs this time
yeah the real this can mean and a bit that the enzymatic all the things also is a stearyl
is is this world who my coral mind interesting interesting and so will get a move as I froze
up again for second now stuck I get back to her was sorry oh only good to was able look
see around story locked so we finally found Meche forward for your there three years later
can’t quite remember and that wall is but I was if I Meche what okay okay by the way
manic a smoke and water the just the wireless that I didn’t why was the playing through
the second our government save it even smoke the way underwater notice that what I wanted
I thought or something else there will get the you would be a jerk about it is in there
nope with their children books this game is confusing at the way I came out of this one
is one of the there go out at you jerk ass out how we how of great so he give children
a cage were’s awful but this was that the at all that this is the
it is of the frigging gambling place taxes
he felt why that voice sounded very familiar I can’t quite place it is yeah Chiva sniff
sniff you suck the Dragon but it would be up I can’t plays it but never doubles before
will God that I think about the other dead children is only didn’t get here is is the
worse all it having a maritime you we can do factory work Boehm all you little gritty
to Jews all see you had your do bad little children I’m glad you’re in a cage was a that
you know I really do want to help you fall asleep made cry again and also those things
are so back in the start of year to you see one of the Raven things but that can now repeat and stuff that seemed like
of lot of dialogue options the same thing over again. My hammer is mind mind I tell you was get good when see
the rest of his base of midges are not a desire to prevent know I did not mean to say you were sleeping with
the warned more than what a tonne but I don’t have it got dark guns you want me to come
back would have a got that seems fair but the times run short it looks like we had in
that here so next time will spend a little bit more time to look around this place and
I going to side with didn’t look around at all inside and
will start piecing together this little puzzle
while she smokes like it took while the where she has asked her an extra desk anyway thank you for watching
I hope you enjoyed this and hope you catch me
in the next one See you later

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  1. I hope you get a gun. I think Manny would make a great James Bond 😀 

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