Guante – "Small Talk"

so like when my girlfriend's parents ask me what I do for a living oh I pulled it straight raised out of my back pocket and I don't tell them I'm a poet I sure as hell don't tell them I'm an emcee but I pull this tray trays out of my back pocket and like I could lie right I could say that I'm a pilot or a teacher or a handsome man or the change that I want to see in the world or a pipe smoking grad student I could go on and on about all the locked doors I can open or the exact locales I'd have crawled up my nose or the blinding glossiness of my resume paper I could give them joyful heart attacks I could Santa Clause their systems but I don't I pull the straight razor out of my back pocket and maybe this is overly dramatic but I've never been very good at small talk right I'm always too busy wondering were interesting scars come from too busy wondering how many poorly aimed arrows casual brushes of skin drowning means or split seconds of eye contact over the past 10,000 years have constructed this moment too busy imagining the soundtrack to my life dominated by smiling adult contemporary alternative rockers and saying no give me give me hip hop dressed in leather knuckles cracking because yours we could talk about the weather right easy we could we could dead in our colors and around our jagged corners that we may fit more precisely and I won't carry-on luggage I could I could rattle off a string of pop-culture references or rap really really fast and we'd all have a good laugh but I don't I pulled a straight razor out of my back pocket and just as her father begins to say okay so so you're a barber and they jump back instantly like characters and a poorly edited student film the lines caught between their teeth their eyes staring directly into the camera levitating with pain I pick my discarded digit up from off the Olive Garden floor with the black sharpie also put my other back pocket I write my name on it and I say give me ten dollars and I will let you keep this not the finger the moment you'd be ten dollars as tribute to the truth that we once stood here that I did something worth remembering that you on this day when there's something larger than traffic or storm clouds or time passing for the price of a fancy breakfast press your fingertips to the wet cement of my tombstone stand in the background of my iconography it's only ten dollars on my bones they're doing a good job keeping me upright tell yourself this day this day did not blur by that this journal entry would be more than an absent-minded doodle for ten dollars I will carve my initials into your brainstem what do I do for a living I'm an artist right I am a turtle without a shell and I have the scars to prove it I am pulling myself from the magician's hat night after night and I have the scars to prove it I am leaving fragments of my body and every dusty the corner of this country and I have the scars to prove it give me ten dollars I was so here everything you

42 thoughts on “Guante – "Small Talk"

  1. He’s got a voice like broken, melted glass. Certain sharp peaks, with smooth melted valleys.

  2. I have goosebumps all over my body. What an amazing poet! You feel his words and emotions.

  3. talking about the weather isn't 'small talk'. in actual fact, it's big talk. and it contexts us as small and pretty insignificant.

  4. I absolutely love the way he ends the poem and his stage presence

  5. "I am pulling myself out of the magician's hat, night after night." <3 <3 <3

  6. I keep returning to this poem. Motivating to see someone so passionate about the work they. He's well articulate and a good speaker.

  7. I re watch this poem every time I’m feeling misunderstood or just in a bad mood. It always makes me feel better. I love his work

  8. Finally a TRUE poet. Too many wannabes online. Some people are just born poets and artistic. This is one of them.

  9. am I the only one thinking about how many people gave him 10 dollars?

  10. First time watching you. I love the way you phrase things, the pauses, the tone. Amazing work. I used to write poetry when I was sad and now that I'm not so sad I don't write much anymore. "My bones have done a good job keeping me up" I fell in love with that one phrase. Beautiful

  11. "Scars to prove it", "Give me 10 dollars I will show you everything" 😣😭

  12. What a guy to bring home to your parents that's all I can say

  13. I bought his book and I absolutely do not regret it. I highly recommend buying it.

  14. You are, without a doubt, one of my favorite poets I've come across

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