Gumball ROASTS Deviantart & Fanfiction Writers

the amazing world of gumball hilariously makes fun of deviantART fanfic writers and more in the new episode called the ship inning time and time again we see how this show can perfectly parody real-life things acting is a more kid-friendly South Park let's take a look at the shipping and how amazing it really is Sarah finds a notebook from the awesome store which magically makes what she draws happens unfortunately she draws bizarre love stories throughout Elmore basically this plot is like Death Note but with love so let's call it love note Sarah is like many of the people you see online who love shows and start shipping characters non-stop she begins to write things in this journal that come to life whether it be two characters kissing or even getting married things begin to rapidly escalate as the episode goes on and everything about it is just so great what's even better is the fact that the cover of this love note has a cartoon arrack logo on it basically breaking the fourth wall entirely by showing that this character could represent anyone in the real world Sarah is acting as someone who's looking into the amazing world of gumball and shipping characters herself much like a ton of people on deviantART if you are someone who does this then you probably can relate to Sarah a lot which isn't necessarily a bad thing it just means you love the world of the show enough to turn it into a new fantasy or something I don't really understand most of the reasons behind it but if you're a fan of a cartoon then you can draw whatever you want featuring the characters we get a lot of really funny scenes of various characters in Elmore pair up without knowing why but it's all because of this love note the funny thing is that literally anything can be written in here and it would come to life but because it fell into the hands of this fanfic writer you know the exact direction it's headed in there are some really nice parts of the shipping that feature characters coming straight from deviantART look at this poorly drawn gumball and Darwin and tell me this isn't something you would see online not only that but they talk about their names and comprehensive backgrounds which is making fun of all the people who create original characters gumball and Darwin are obviously creeped out about this because they're the only real guys in the show and these fake o'seas shouldn't exist we also see something that really feels like it came straight out of deviantART it's an older version of gumball who has a wife and a kid which is so accurate I see this kind of art all the time and the gumball crew knew exactly what goes on in the fandom if you thought things could not get any better you'd be very wrong we see a human version of gumball marrying a human version of Darwin and they both come from an alternate universe not only is the fact that they're being shipped hilarious and accurate to the internet but also the fact that they're human you see so much on deviantART that features human versions of cartoon characters and seeing it in an official episode is just great also one awesome part about this episode is Sarah's identity she wears a shirt with Japanese letters and even says that light could kill her because she's an otaku very well played gumball crew I love anime and manga but there's no denying that that was a quality Roast and I'll accept it also being that this episode feels sort of like Death Note and the main character that show is Light Yagami is she referring to that like killing her maybe maybe not but that's an incredible reference if it was on purpose overall the shipping was gumball at some of its best it was undoubtedly one of the episodes that stand out from the rest of the show because it parodies so much at the same time whether it be deviantART users or fanfic writers who want their dreams to become a reality in their favorite cartoons there are so many good jokes in this episode that prove how gumball is one of if not the funniest cartoon Erik show right now they managed to take such relatable topics and turn them into episodes while at the same time not being too mean about it if you do draw in deviantART and you love shipping characters and making o'seas please don't be offended by the shipping yes it's you but it's all in good fun like a gumball should be anyway that's all for this video subscribe for more awesome coaching videos give a thumbs up income upload let me know what you think thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time

23 thoughts on “Gumball ROASTS Deviantart & Fanfiction Writers

  1. Gumball can handle these topics better than almost any other cartoon I've seen

  2. I dont know i draw and ship gumball and darwin but for some reason imnot offended

  3. Well my profile on fb was gumball and darwin kissing and DEVIANT ART created it(wait😳did i just tell what my profile is)

  4. I should feel roast, but even I find it funny.

    Not that I'm gonna stop MUAHAHAHA

  5. it's supposed to be carwin not carball I died at this part 😂🤣

  6. Im glad a cartoon finally did something about the cringe.

  7. Cartoon network logo on this notebook represent what will happen when cn try to countinue mess

  8. Kid friendly South Park
    I thought it was a kid version of family guy

  9. Well, you know the old saying" sometimes you need to learn to laugh at yourself."

  10. That particular episode raised an unbearable disgust to everything ship-fanfic-related in me and that's why it's my favorite.

  11. Sarah tried to make Gumwin happend, but I don't want any of that crap! I want a proper Gumwin fanfic of humans!

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