Gun Fight Footage + Instructor Commentary

all right hey folks special treat for you today we're gonna be looking at a bunch of raw footage from gunfights all this footage was taken from a recent course I taught in Tennessee and you'll see students navigating a bunch of scenarios moving through a shoot house as they're killing and being killed a lot its grand old time and as we watch this I'm gonna provide you with an overlay voice instruction for some coaching so it'll be edifying for you and have some indication of kind of the do's and don'ts so without further ado let's roll some action cool guy b-roll and we'll jump right in here we go and yay for that now Before we jump into this very eye-opening and fun video we got to give a shout out to our channel sponsors sportsmen guide your okay in our book and we're going to celebrate you with a moment of silence I'm gonna hit you with their lower third and then I'm gonna go ahead and give you a glimpse of their website now silence em Thank You sportsmen god fantastic guys I'm getting cheesier by the day but in the words of nacho libre let's get down to the nitty gritty so it's the shoot house where all the silly gunfighter kada and ranged theatrics falls by the wayside crashes and burns and what you're left with is the real nitty gritty and raw chaotic and oftentimes very confusing thing that fighting really is it it's sloppy in many senses guys who are super slick and smooth on the range all of a sudden for the very first time experienced not stress but fear stress fear does such terrible weird and confused things to you and so if you want to get good at fighting you're gonna have to fight that's the only way you're gonna fight and that's what these students are doing and so a lot of these guys really really good shooters just kind of fell to pieces and lost their heads in the shoot house what I want to do now is jump into the footage I'll give you a voice overlay as I said before and hey while I've got you here hi I'll go ahead and hit like subscribe comment below all that stuff is super groovy so here you go let's jump in those shots were from the other side of the shoot house you saw him quickly look you thought he was under attack couldn't figure out where it was coming from he's working around to the left side tying the angle slowly now he's getting way too close to this he should be backed up off of this he's camped out here too long and then he pops out for it now you played that really really really close you should have backed up and made space guns your violence of the distance Roger hanging out in this hallway too long come on let's go all right slow it down smooth it out I'd want to make a quick peek over my shoulder see if anyone was behind me and start pieing start pieing make space now he's just he's not making progress it's kind of crap or get off the pot go lit him up but he stayed right there he didn't rabbit into the room and he just did a double tap and waited to get shot so yeah he shot the dude but he also got shot and he deserved it all right you got to retake the ground here he's probably flagged not he was all flagged out he got greedy on that angle and he should have taken it as a hallway moving down nice and smooth heel to toe heel to toe yikes sorry so when he peeked right he was totally exposed left so he pointed gun right and then hung out to look left we went over some solutions to solve that which he did not do any of the solutions we gave him he just hung out there took a 50-50 gamble and hope no one was to the left there's a dude he was way late on the gun way late on the gun and our role player died very slowly come on get into it well Cynthia at reality all right here's scene two moving through good that last deep corner I would have liked to see him take it like it was an ambush pie pie pie now take it into it shot because of them hard to see into that deep corner to have a light ready to be able to shine through there would have been really good and there's me hey I handed him a magazine or something all right right now his gun was flagged in the hallway so if someone was in the hallway they already saw his gun sticking out flag shot him once in real life you need to be close in distance on that dude you need yeah you got to make a problem you can't just fiddle with your gun finger off the trigger bro took some unnecessary Gamble's there and take down a single and you came in two minutes rather than going oh there I am sometimes I screw with the students because I think it's funny oh hi she's five I see a shadow I see him gum he got he shot the dude and he got shot I still see him and as soon as he peeks out at canoeist had not me deserved to die there and he retreated rather than keeping the ground so we had about three or four fails right there he did some stuff good bud he could have done a lot about her there he is he took a 50-50 gamble oh you deserve to die he just took a 50/50 that is not he didn't do the things that we talked of killer scenario so time is of the essence people are dying as he's making their hits represent dead people alrighty put one dot dude down so good job the longer he waits the more people die but the faster he goes goes greater the likelihood he does he's a bad guy playing peekaboo he should have already presented to take around a non yo-yo silly dear now you notice when the good guy keeps popping out in fact that is the sweetest bad guy keep your rifle bad guy now if the good guy had thought to take his rifle that would have been really cool assuming it worked he keeps peeking out ground just hold ground and in the fight and so that's why he's playing this all right bad guy says he is there's no penetration problem good guy moved fully into the room and he had three different foods to fight at the same time so yeah he killed a couple of dudes but he also deserves to die and he's doing his reload in the yoke that's me with hoax faces over my crotch I was using it as a pretend it in the shoot house and I thought oh good guys alright that's me in the car heart jacket over there with Hulk's face over my crotch guarding my jewels here's good guy he is peeking right and now he's gonna peek left and see us if you noticed there's a gun to my head I represents the good guys wife and the home invaders holding me at hostage he's he's flagged flagged put the gun down or I will kill her drop the gun alright so in this scenario why he did the good guy way obviously the bad guy was threatening the wife not him and the best time to shoot is when you have that shot interrupt the sentence if you need to but he waited and then waiting it could have cost the missus her life or he could have shot while taking better cover behind her using her as a meat shield really really bad so if ya had the opportunity to canoe his face it would make good tactical sense to go ahead and take advantage of that alright this I remember this fight this one goes on and on as that it is really cat-and-mouse back and forth we skip that out the dude just spent too much time in that back room so one dude on the rights hiding behind this pillar and just holding ground while the other guy is walking clearing into his ambush I told the students that I wanted constant motion so it was room clearing rather so that both of the good guys wouldn't just hunker down and wait in an ambush so the rule is is continued continued mobility for the exercise of room clearing not just waiting in opposite corners for half an hour where no one moves that's not fun taking that hallway it is really cat and mouse look at this uh the other guy high up on a couch that's a big gamble and he's realizing as he looks over his shoulder if the guy doesn't come out around there just shoot him in the back of nice toe straight shots working the other side of every house i said literally they're just chasing each other around in circles this is hilarious terrible shoulder transition there and he keeps peeking out with his head and his rifle isn't really in the fight alright he's letting the fear get to him all right here we go lit up he shot back some now if I was one of them might want to immediately change location and counter ambush from a different location got some background yeah he just toasted him and guy in the pink shed you don't call in death row here instructive in these classes you alright beautiful shot got him down he immediately dropped looks like you got a hug up there on his knees made some Gamble's they're never cleared that deep under straight behind him immediately put the do do a great job not closing or I mean not giving up Brown you should be backing up making faces crowded near the fatal funnel not a good thing goes in and he went right and there's those dark corners there it probably would have been better to go left dude on the right barely one and you better good yeah go down is the same turn fire mayor Gotham wants me it clipped them I'm not giving you all the exactly this is the right thing it's just just general observations and ideas oh but you gave up ground you just lost your best opportunity to taste them and popping out in the same places of tactical violation as you're using the same piece of cover the same way twice you could have lowered your level that now is down or an administrative rule as if the guy makes any gestures around that's me I shot him and I didn't go down because he didn't shoot me I'm clearly presenting half of my body as a target I did shoot him now he's coming back for more he still hadn't shoot me so I didn't go down I just yelled at him for hey stop running away in the fight right there man this is like the fifth time he's had to pop out and research that ground he still didn't hit me now he hit me and I died in an epic fashion now it'd be a good time for a shoulder transition if you chose to do it you want to do it back a little bit alright guys so there's some good food for thought now just a caveat emptor if you have any formal training in room clearing stuff CQB whether it's from the military or from law enforcement a lot of this stuff looks really weird the same tactical principles are being underscored however the techniques and the timing of it all is radically different if you clear rooms as a solo element one man as if you had people with you but they're not with you it's a recipe for disaster you can't clear rooms alone the same way you would is if you had a team if you don't believe me try it you'll immediately get shot a lot so anyway the the tactics are a good bit different and I know how it is with tactics once you mentioned tactics it's so qualitative that everyone's opinion seems to be equally valid guys I've got a lot of force on force reps watching this for years and years testing this system doesn't mean I've arrived but just know that I have thought it through with a whole bunch of different variables factoring in both my real world experience before back from Hutton across the pond and my old Army Ranger days and also from a lot of looking at all the different SWAT teams around the country who have come and visited me I'm done training with me and also all this stuff doing solo room clearing for quite a few years now anyways guys if y'all are more interested in solo room clearing recognize hey if you ever get in a fight it's going to be in or around structure so civilian knowing how to clear their way out of a workplace that's in violence or whiteknight going toward somebody or hey you come home and your home your your doors been kicked in and the strangers vehicle is in the driveway you may need to clear your house to find your spouse who may or may not to be a hostage in there anyway there's different context if this civilian ever gets in a fight in and around structures you're gonna have to think through these problems and it'd be nice to have done so in advance and also like to go ahead and say the majority of rooms in the United States that are cleared are cleared by lone patrol cops it's not the SWAT team dude it's the lone patrol cop but they're doing it without really having any real formal training and solo CQB anyway guys feel are interested in further education I've done some videos on solo room-clearing I'd love for you to check them out hear what you have to say so guys hope you learn something and then enjoyed if nothing else train hard train smart I'll see you next time

28 thoughts on “Gun Fight Footage + Instructor Commentary

  1. I'm surprised there wasn't any two man stuff in here. Stuff where you have two shooters on the same side going around the same course without being told to see if they could manage to identify eachother in an active shooter situation

  2. Fear/stress makes the brain forget training and 'common sense'
    Love it!

    Videogames have taught me to LOOT THE BODIES, at your own risk (never know what he has or how he took care of it, but something is better than nothing).

  3. Nice vid Tacticool comments would like to seen the war-poet go a couple times…

  4. "That is the sweetest bad guy, keep your rifle bad guy." 😂😂😂

  5. Your talking away during the splash and we can't understand a word your saying at some times. Do you listen to the finished product, because if you did you could edit and make the same statements over the top of or between bursts of loud noise when we can't hear your narration.

  6. This was an good video but I miss the book reviews and war stories.

  7. Dear lord this was frustrating. People practically make the damn doorways their new home. Now, I'm not gonna claim to know everything, even with serving in the corps, but that part is clear and obvious. You do not hang out in the fatal funnels, you get through them. Now, the thing I didn't learn was those options for room clearing solo and you have that 50/50 scenario. All the room clearing we did was dynamic room clearing. It's far easier when you have another guy to take that other direction.

  8. Pity I can't give two thumbs up – following the good guy and your voiceover was very informative.

  9. I’ve been in that shoot house before. Good times. Still need a lot more force on force action.

  10. This would be so awesome if you ladies used live rounds

  11. When slicing the pie always remember distance is your friend. Door ways are the funnel of death.

  12. The more I learn about CQB, the more I realize how much I don't know and how difficult this stuff really is.

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